December 13th, 2015

Urgent Need to Counter Global Hell Fields with a Global Source Connection Field

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To date, 769 Heaven Agents worldwide have contributed the Material Energy through either an Energy Exchange or a Financial Exchange for Source Connection Shoes.  With the Source Connection Fields that have been generated by this Miracle Tool, I have built a Global Source Connection Network that has created a Level 2 Global Source Connection Field.


A Level 2 Global Source Connection Field provides some supportive energies to those struggling to build momentum in preparation for the December 15th Turning Point but it is not strong enough to ward off the Hell Fields that the Negativity is using to press in on the population to slow down the work to build momentum. 

At present we are at risk of a high death toll in
this Turning Point if Heaven Agents do not rally to
build a stronger Global Source Connection Field
to counteract the Hell Field attacks of the Negativity.


If a total of 2600 Heaven Agents were to have Source Connection Shoes, I can build a Global Source Connection Network that will produce a Level 3.1 Global Source Connection Field.  At this level of power, the Source Connection Field will have enough strength to ward off attempts to invade its structure to implant Hell Fields.  It can also push up on the Hell Fields that are currently being used to crush down on the spiritual space where beings reside. This will give beings on the planet enough Spiritual Space to build momentum for the Turning Point.  

At present those living in war torn parts of the world, in high crime areas, or in areas beset by plagues or natural disasters are the most at risk. They are living in the Regional Hell Fields that the Negativity has linked to their trauma.  Those engulfed in Personal Hell Fields that have caused mental illness and physical disease are also at high risk.

A Level 3.1 Global Source Connection Field will give more Spiritual Space to all beings caught in Hell Fields so that they can power up for the Lift Off to Level 4.0 in the December 15th Turning Point.



The Source Call to Action

It is of urgent importance that all Heaven Agents rally to contribute Material Energy to The World that Works Fund through either an Energy Exchange or a Financial Exchange.  With this Material Energy, I can ground the miracle of a Global Source Connection Network that will generate a Level 3.1 Global Source Connection Field.


To contribute an Energy Exchange, you can go to The Universal Heaven Project Workstation and work with the Graphic to direct your energies to produce more Material Energy for this Cause.  You can access the Workstation at:



To contribute a Financial Exchange, you can access the link below for The World that Works form.



We have very little time to defeat the efforts of the
Negativity to cause massive loss of life
in this Turning Point.  

Your help is critical.  

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