How to Participate


Written Source Communications offers Heaven Agents an opportunity to respond to the topics raised in the Source Communications with Eyewitness Reports on what they are experiencing as they are working in the Field to Build Heaven in the world in accordance with the Source Plan.


Their reports can be a mix of the Inner Source Guidance they have received through images or verbal Source Communications, what they are personally experiencing on the Inner and Outer Plane, the state of the world as they are perceiving it from their vantage point, and questions and issues that they are guided by the Source to share.


These reports are meant to be constructive communications from dedicated Heaven Agents who truly want to understand the Source Perspective and Build Heaven in accordance with the Source Plan and are contributing what they are Source-Guided to contribute to this effort.  They should come from a place of neutrality with care taken to receive what is given by the Source knowing that the Eyewitness Report of any one individual in the Creation is only one piece of the puzzle of the complete picture of what is happening.  


In cases in which a person receives an image from Inner Source Guidance and is uncertain what it means, it can be presented as received and I will interpret the meaning of the image if it has come from Source Guidance.  If the person has some sense of what they think the interpretation is, this is of great value as well and should be included in the report.


Steps to Take to Receive Source Guidance 

Step One

Ask your Inner Intelligence to help you receive Source Guidance and only Source Guidance with regard to this issue.  Your Inner Intelligence will know how to screen out extraneous input from your own mind and input from Spirit Guides and other Spiritual Teachers with whom you may be aligned.  entities, and others in your life whose thoughts and opinions might come into your consciousness. The goal is to receive Source Guidance since the Source is the one Intelligence that has the whole picture in focus and can send to each individual the part of the picture that they are to bring into focus and share with others working on the project of Building Heaven in the world.

Step Two

Remain quiet and receptive.  Many Heaven Agents imagine a screen in front of them and just wait and see if anything comes onto the screen.  In this way they are not straining to conjure up something but are in a receptive mode, knowing that what might appear on the screen might be something so far afield from anything that they had thought about previously that there is no way for them to fabricate it or push to make it happen.


For those who are not visual in their orientation, they might feel a kinesthetic feeling in their body such as an energy surge or some sensation in their body. This is also information.


Others might receive verbal information or just a kind of knowing without any other visuals or verbal communication to go with it.


Often the images evolve in an Adventure Mode like waking dreaming.  You see yourself flying over a terrain and then note something that you see as you fly by or you see the surface of a lake as if you were at eye level and something was bobbing on the surface.  You then can determine what this is as you bring it into sharper focus.


You should ask everything that you see to "Dream Heaven" so that if you are being given information about something that is negative in the world, you are not accepting the energy of it but are telling it to "Dream Heaven" which will cause it to accept the information, power, and command of the Source to conform to The Standard of Heaven.  If what you are seeing is negative, it will self-destruct.  If it is positive, it will be given support for coming through with more power.


To get an idea of how to go with the flow of receiving Inner Source Guidance, I recommend that you listen to the Heaven Agents in Action Broadcasts which are free training through Connecting.  If you are not a member of Connecting you can sign up to gain access to these materials at: Connecting Sign Up.


For more indepth understanding, I recommend the Webinar Replay: Soul Talk 101.  Since all Source Communications are given in the dream-like language of Soul Talk, it is important to get training in how to speak this language.  It is the most important language training you will ever receive since with it you can converse not only with the Source but with all beings throughout the Creation. Talking with your loved ones on the Earth in Soul Talk enables you to understand a level of their thoughts and feelings that they can't express in their Outer Plane language.  It is a door to understanding life at a level that is essential to developing The Love Connection with the Source and Love-Based Relationships with all beings.


Participation in any Webinar or learning from Webinar Replays in The Build Heaven Series will also provide excellent training in how to receive Source Guidance and contribute your Eyewitness Report since this is the essential structure of all of the work of Building Heaven that is done in the Webinars and Intensives of The Miracle School.


Step Three

Write down as clearly as you can the information that you have received from Inner Source Guidance.  Be detailed in the description of your images. The more detail you provide the easier it will be for me to interpret your information if it has come from Source Guidance.  Details about an image such as your perspective when viewing it – if you were a part of the image or just seeing it on your screen or in a particular part of your screen – or whether it was in color or black and white or if it was an adventure sequence what the sequence was about and your feelings and understandings as a result of participating in this adventure, and finally your understanding of what the Source Communication was about.  Even though you may not understand at first what all of the images or adventures added up to, if you sit quietly and ask to know the essence of what the Source was communicating to you, this will come as an understanding from the same place from which the images came.  You do not have to switch back into a left brain mode and try to analyze it using some stock dream image interpretation protocal from a man-made understanding of dream interpretation.  These images and experiences are Source-Given.  You have to go back to the Source to understand them and stay in the same, neutral and receptive mode that you were in when you first received them.  This is how you get the interpretation of your images.


If you do not understand the interpretation, I will be able to interpret it as long as you have provided me with enough information from what you have received.


Step Four

If what you are guided to focus on is not Inner Source Guidance but on some event you witnessed in your life or some issue that the Source is guiding you to address, then include this in the Eyewitness Report.  This is also a Source Communication to you to focus on this issue.  It might be something in the news that you feel that you need to bring to my attention so that I and other Heaven Agents can take action with regard to it. It might be a question or concern that you are guided to share. If you are prompted to post this in response to one of the Written Source Communications, then there may be some relevance even if you can't understand it in your conscious mind.  If it is not related, then I can post it in the Eyewitness Report section of the web site if that is appropriate.


Keep in mind that Written Source Communications is not designed to answer personal questions and concerns but to deal with the larger issues of Building Heaven in the world that are addressed in the Source Communications. Personal concerns can be addressed to me in Ask the Source.  



Moderation of Posts 

To ensure that what is posted is a contribution to The Work of the Source, the participation will be moderated. The Source Guidance that I receive will determine whether a report is posted and how it is posted. Some Eyewitness Reports may be entered in as they were written. Others may be paraphrased. Some posts may not be mentioned but will be included in my consideration of the topics to be addressed in upcoming Source Communications.


If Heaven Agents are not clear about whether their Eyewitness Report is Source-Guided, they can submit it and it will be posted if it contributes to the Work.  There are times when a Heaven Agent will post about a topic that references information that needs to be attended to on the Inner Plane and not made public, due to security issues associated with the people or events referenced in the post. In such instances the post may have been Source-Guided and an important contribution to the Work, but because of the security issues, it will not be posted.  


All posts will be considered for their relevance to future Written Source Communications regarding the issues raised by those participating and are of value to the Work even if they are not posted.


It is important that all who participate sign The Heaven Agent Agreement and The Standard of Heaven Agreement. These two agreements establish the Miracle-Friendly Working Relationship with the Source that is needed for the miracle of Secondary Code to be created from the Eyewitness Reports and for the online work to be a prototype of how Heaven Agents can work together with the Source to build a Love-Based, Source-Connected Community.



How Heaven Agent Contributions Help in The Work of the Source 

Because each Heaven Agent has a unique set of Miracle-Based Abilities and a unique Spiritual Mission, the Source gives to him or her unique information that is pertinent to the part this Heaven Agent plays in the project as a whole.  The only way that Heaven Projects work as collaborative efforts is if each Heaven Agent shares with the other Heaven Agents and with me this unique information they are getting from the Inner Plane Source Communications they are receiving. 


Although these Communications originate from my Source Function, my human mind is not attuning to the information that is being sent to Heaven Agents. I am picking up on the information that is sent to me by my Function for the part that I am playing in the implementation of the project at hand.  I rely on the Heaven Agents working on other parts of the project to track the clues they are getting from Source Communications and to share them with me and with other Heaven Agents to facilitate our work together.  While I can obtain this information if the Heaven Agent did not come forward with it and it was essential, this requires a detour from the work that I am doing in my part of the project.  Such a detour slows down the project as a whole and can be detrimental to the critical timing that often makes or breaks a project.  For this reason it is important that Heaven Agents step forward with their Eyewitness Reports and enable the Team Work to progress optimally.


The Eyewitness Reports are a part of the Prototyping that Heaven Agents are doing to pioneer a Miracle-Based Way of Life. Heaven Agents write these reports to communicate to me and to other Heaven Agents already working on The Construction Site of Heaven but also to transfer helpful understandings to other Heaven Agents about the work.  These understandings carry Secondary Code which is transmitted by the Miracle Transmission Technology that I use when I post the reports.  Secondary Code is needed to immediately grasp and be able to implement the understandings that are being shared.

How to Submit an Eyewitness Report

Below each posted Source Communications is an Eyewitness Reports form which you can fill out to post your Eyewitness Report.





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