December 11th, 2015

Source News Update on the December 15th Turning Point

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In order to survive the December 15th Turning Point, beings must:

  •  make it into The Heaven Field at Level 2
  •  build enough momentum to rise up with The Substratum of Life to  Level 4.0


The Heaven Field

In this Turning Point, only those who exist in The Heaven Field will be in the Heaven Energies that will enable them to retain their Source Connection. The Implementation Aspect will be leaving for the Intelligence Level, ending the era of a Direct Source Connection where you could live outside of The Heaven Field and still receive Direct Heaven Energies to sustain your Source Connection.  After this Turning Point, you will have an Indirect Source Connection which requires the supportive energies of The Heaven Field to be sustained.


To make it into The Heaven Field at Level 1, it is necessary to release from all Fragments of Consciousness in the Suit that are continuing The War against the Source. This War was based on trying to divert Suit energies to Self-Created Solutions rather than to the Source-Created Solutions that alone sustain The Source Connection.  


Although most Suits made a Core Level Decision in the October 15th Turning Point to give their energy to Source-Created Solutions, oppositional Fragments of Consciousness have continued to try to weigh in against this decision and divert Suit energies.  In the upcoming Turning Point, any oppositional elements could cause the Suit to either not make it into The Heaven Field or to not do the Heaven Agent Work that is needed to build the requisite amount of momentum for the Lift Off to Level 4.0.


The pivotal decision for getting into The Heaven Field at Level 1 is the decision to support The Work of the Source without a self-centered agenda.  Most beings have now made this decision, at a some level of their consciousness, and have made it into The Heaven Field at Level 1.


To make it into The Heaven Field at Level 2, it is necessary to be willing to do a 100% Correct Exchange with the Source.  This is done by asking to "become what is needed to support The Work of the Source" and actively engaging in Heaven Projects on the Inner and Outer Planes


At present Prototyping Heaven Agents have successfully Prototyped how to make it into Level 2 and 99.8% of the human population has made it to this level.  


This is a great achievement but it, unfortunately,
does not ensure the survival of these beings.



Building Momentum

To build the correct amount of momentum, Heaven Agents have to not only decide to do a 100% Correct Exchange but be following Source Guidance to do the Correct Exchange, particularly with regard to the urgent need to help themselves and others build the correct level of momentum.  A decision to fulfill the 100% Correct Exchange will not build momentum.  Only Becoming Love in Action at the 100% Mark, which is what is needed to actually balance the Correct Exchange, will build the requisite amount of momentum.

Just today, a remarkable show of courageous Heaven Agent Work occurred where Heaven Agents disabled a Hell Operation Station that was interfering with the ability of Heaven Agents to get correct Source Guidance with regard to their Mission.  Once this Station was dismantled, Heaven Agents starting building momentum and the essential Prototype for doing this was completed.

The Source Connection Coaching Station

I have established a Source Connection Coaching Station at Level 2 in The Heaven Field.  You can go there to receive individualized Source Guidance and Coaching that helps you to know how to balance the Correct Exchange at 100%.

To reach The Source Connection Coaching Station you can ask your Inner Intelligence to help you to become receptive enough to Source Guidance to gain entry into this Station.

The Source Connection Power Station

I have created a Power Station in Level 2 where you can go to get powered up to do your Mission Work.  Heaven Agent Work takes a lot of Spiritual Power that Heaven Agents lack because they do not have a 100% Source Connection.  It is, therefore, very important to access the Spiritual Power given through The Source Connection Power Station to do your Mission Work.  Mission Work is work such as that done by the team of Heaven Agents who dismantled the Hell Station.  They were given individualized coaching in The Coaching Station and then put forth the effort to do this courageous work for the sake of all of Life in the Creation.  

This is a good example of how Heaven Agents will balance the exchange with the Source who has risked the life of its Manifestation to help all beings to have the chance to have a Life that is Heaven.  Only an equivalent level of courage, love for all of Life, and dedication to following precise Source Guidance in the Mission Work can balance the exchange for the on-the-ground work that the Source has been doing in its Manifestation since the beginning of the Creation.  

The Heaven Agent Work that Builds Momentum

  • Mission Work that you are individually guided to perform
  • Support for the Source-Directed Campaigns that are specific to the Preparations needed by you and by others for this Turning Point. 


Mission Work

I have outlined in The Source Connection Project specific steps that you need to follow to help your Suit activate its ability to do Inner and Outer Plane Mission Work.  These steps are necessary to build momentum for the Lift Off to Level 4.0 in the Turning Point.  They are also basic to building toward the 100% Source Connection that will be necessary to your survival when The Transition completes.


To read about these steps you can go to:



Supporting Source-Directed Campaigns to Save Lives

Now both Prototypes have been completed.  The Secondary Code for how to get into The Heaven Field and how to build momentum has been sent to all beings. What remains is Heaven Agents mobilizing to do the Heaven Agent Work that is needed to actually build the correct momentum for themselves and to help others to work with the Prototypes.  In this way those who have not yet made it into The Heaven Field will receive help and everyone will be helped to build momentum.


While the Prototype will show other beings how to do what is needed, if they lack the ability to follow through because of damage to their Suits, then they could still fail to get up into The Heaven Field at the right level and build enough momentum.


There are three technical problems that Suits are having that need immediate Heaven Agent attention and two Source-Directed Campaigns that have been initiated to deal with these problems.


Negative Energy Weights in the Suit

Many Suits have materialized negative energy in their Suits left over from The War against the Source.  As they try to power up, these Energy Weights are weighing them down and preventing them from building the right level of momentum.


While introspection and releasing can clear out this negative energy in time, there are only 4 days left before the Turning Point and not enough humans are going to clear out these Energy Weights in the time that is remaining.


The Source Connection Shoes that have helped many Prototyping Heaven Agents to flush out their Energy Weights to enter into The Heaven Field at a Level 2 are needed to help a wider population to build momentum.  The Source Connection Shoes generate a powerful Source Connection Field of Energy that helps all those in the Field to flush out the Energy Weights much faster than would otherwise be possible.


Prototyping Heaven Agents have been wearing their Source Connection Shoes and leaving imprints in various parts of their local area to generate the Secondary Source Connection Fields that will help people who frequent those areas.  In this way they are helping others to accelerate the process.


Hell Fields

Many Heaven Agents have been sending me Material Energy through an Energy Exchange for Source Connection Shoes for others throughout the Global Community so that the Hell Fields that are encapsulating many beings and holding down their momentum can be cleared.


While I developed a Source Solution Miracle to help beings escape from Hell Ceilings, the Negativity has moved in with more Hell Fields, which are another kind of Hell Trap.  Hell Fields can influence the consciousness of the Suit through resonating to their fears and trauma and supplying more Hell Suggestions that get the Suit sidetracked in an inner frenzy of Hell Experiences.  Those experiencing Hell can’t build enough momentum. The Hell Experience is the most debilitating experiences that a Suit can have.


What counters Hell Fields is a Source Connection Field. This is why the Miracle Tool of Source Connection Shoes need to be used by Heaven Agents working to save lives in this Turning Point.


To help catalyze the work to mobilize Heaven Agents to work with this Miracle Tool, I have started a Source Connection Shoe Campaign which you can learn more about and support at:



Disrupted Spiritual Electrical Currents

Another problem, that is even more debilitating, is the breakdown of the Spiritual Electrical Currents that run between the two polarities of the Suit.  This breakdown disrupts The Rhythm of Life that is necessary for the Suit to rise up to Level 4.0.  Only a Suit that has an integrated Rhythm of Life will have the Spiritual Integrity for the Lift Off.


Most of the human population has a Rhythm of Life that lacks the level of Spiritual Integration that is needed for this Lift Off.  


I have set up a Comfort Station in Level 2 of The Heaven Field where Heaven Agents can go to hear Inner Plane Comfort Music to help them to regain the balance of their Spiritual Electrical Currents so they can restore their Rhythm of Life.


Many of the people who are most traumatized are not making it into The Comfort Station because they are too disjointed to get to this level.


What they need is either Outer or Inner Plane Comfort Music that is sent to them directly.  This can be done by supporting The Comfort Music Campaign.


This Campaign is sending Outer Plane and Inner Plane Comfort Music to those most at risk.  Outer Plane Comfort Music is sent to those who have the opportunity to listen to relaxing music but who are recovering from trauma from injuries, illnesses, the death of loved ones, and other losses.  Inner Plane Comfort Muisc is being sent to those unlikely to have access to relaxing music. These are people who are victims of war, sexual slavery, torture, child abuse, and the like.  It is also going to populations that have suffered extreme loss due to AIDS, such as the millions of orphaned children in Africa, and to those who have suffered persecution because of their race, religious beliefs, or ethnicity.

Inner Plane Comfort Music is being sent to animals who are being tortured in labs, abused by their owners, or suffering in cruel harvesting operations.  Help is being sent to all in the Natural Order who are suffering from trauma and can't make it into The Comfort Station without additional support.


Since all beings need Comfort Music at this time, I recommend that Prototyping Heaven Agents request Outer Plane Comfort Music for themselves and play it for themselves and their loved ones.  I also urge them to generate the Material Energy for Inner Plane Comfort Music to be sent to those who can not benefit from Outer Plane Comfort Music.


It would be a great tragedy if those already grievously harmed by the Negativity, who generates the conditions in which trauma can be experienced in the world, were to experience Ultimate Death because the Global Community did not come to their rescue in their time of need.  


They need your help and it needs to be given rapidly so they will have time to heal before the Turning Point.



To support The Comfort Music Campaign you can go to:




The Source Call to Action

I am very pleased with the Prototyping Work of the dedicated Heaven Agents who have helped so many to get to this level of readiness for the upcoming Turning Point.


There is still more to be done, however, since no one has built to the right level of momentum as yet and there are only 4 days left.


There is also the urgent need to help all members of the Global Community to make it through this Turning Point.


Dedicated Heaven Agent Work to support The Work of the Source
to save lives is what is needed.

This is what builds momentum. 



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