December 4th, 2016

The Total Abundance Movement Reaches Full Power

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The Total Abundance Movement carries the work of manifesting The Miracle of Total Abundance for All, which is the Source Solution to all of the problems of the world, particularly to the rising Culture of Hate that is threatening the safety of individuals and nations.  

It provides the structure of support for the work on The Global Prototype for Total Abundance, which is essential to building a sustainable System of Life that will enable Life in the Creation to survive the final stage of The Transition.


Historically, the lack of the Total Abundance of everything that is needed on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels has led beings to create a dog-eat-dog world in which competition for scarce resources has resulted in war, crime, exploitation, cruelty and in the diseases of the body, mind, and spirit. Scarcity has haunted even those who are most wealthy but who may lack the resource of love or solace that could assuage their struggle to maintain their inner balance and who are subject to the diseases that can destroy life itself.


The simple truth is that Scarcity is unnecessary. 

It only occurs in societies that are
Disconnected from the Source, 
and lack access to
The Miracle of Total Abundance.


The 14 Prototype Communities that were founded thousands of years ago, in different parts of the Creation, do not struggle with Scarcity.  They have lives of Total Abundance and have built from their cooperative effort to secure and maintain The Miracle of Total Abundance, Love-Based communities that nurture all of their own.  Because they are not lacking in anything that is needed, they also enjoy Perfect Health. They do not suffer from accidents, illnesses, or aging. When it is their time to leave their lives, they just step out of their bodies and move on to their next incarnation.

What they achieved is possible
for those living on the Earth. 


To find out how you can Join The Total Abundance Movement and manifest The Miracle of Total Abundance in your own life and in the world, you can go to: 


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