August 8th, 2013

The Emergency Anti-Fragmentation Intervention

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As we near the moment on August 8th at 6:00 pm PDT when the most massive Tidal Wave of Source Power ever to be unleashed will lift the Universal Support Field up three Vibrational Levels, my concern has been to develop some kind of Emergency Care to help Suits weather the volatile energies without undergoing any further Fragmentation.  With this level of a Shift, the Emergency Anti-Fragmentation Facility will not be able to provide enough individualized care to meet this need.


While the Total Abundance Intervention cleared the Negativity out of the Suits so that they could not promote Fragmentation during the Shift, the Suits are in a weakened state and in need of additional support to survive in the toxic energies on the planet created by the Spiritual Death that has already occurred from previous Shifts.


I have been working with the Design Aspect of my Source Function to find a Source Solution to this dilemma.  The Source Solution that has emerged is The Emergency Anti-Fragmentation Intervention.


This Intervention provides not only lifelong Emergency Care during all spiritual transitions, large and small, but it also establishes a Foundation for Regeneration, which is needed to counteract aging and all other diseases which have resulted from The Disease of Fragmentation.


The Intervention provides the Suit with a Perfected Spiritual Intelligence that is like an onboard medic, watching over the Suit and ready to provide whatever support is needed to counter any energies within or outside of the Suit that might threaten to accelerate Fragmentation.


This level of protection is the last piece of the puzzle needed to provide those preparing for the Vibrational Shift with the maximum amount of Source Support that is available at this time.


To read more about the Intervention you can access the link provided below:



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