August 3rd, 2013

The Total Abundance Intervention

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This Intervention provides the Suit with a Perfected Intelligence that knows how to Hold the Line for Heaven so the conditions for materializing Total Abundance can be maintained.  


In the work of preparing for the Vibrational Shift of August 8th, it has become more than apparent that the Suits are so beset with the Negativity and so linked into the destructive patterns of the Fragmented Way of Life that without an onboard Perfected Intelligence helping to hold them on track with living an Integrated Way of Life, their resolve to transition into an Integrated Way of Life is not going to be enough to enable them to make this transition.


As I describe in The Source News Report of August 3rd, as each new level of Integration was achieved, the Negativity entrenched in the Suits only intensified its resolve to try to destroy the Source Connection and re-establish its control over the Suits.  


In order to provide protection from the tactics of the Negativity, an upgraded version of The Total Abundance Intervention that was developed in the Prototype Communities was brought through and prototyped with the most Negativity riddled Suits on the Earth.  The Intervention has been very successful in Holding the Line for Heaven and is now available to beings throughout the Universal Community.


The Intervention is capable of Holding the Line for Heaven so that an individual can materialize Total Abundance in their personal life and build a Total Abundance Community that can materialize Total Abundance on local, global, and universal levels.


Building Total Abundance for the Individual

  • The Intervention clears out the Suits of the Hell Pathways along which consciousness runs to materialize scarcity and suffering. 
  • It builds a Total Abundance Pathway System that enable the consciousness running through these Pathways to contribute the catalyst spark that ignites materializations of Total Abundance. Without the technical support of the Intervention, the Suits have demonstrated that they lack the focus, staying power, and technical expertise to perform this necessary part of the Materialization Process.


Building Total Abundance Communities

  • When a person exchanges for the Intervention, The Perfected Intelligence of the Intervention reproduces itself so that other people can receive the Intervention without having to provide additional Material Energy. As others receive the Intervention this frees them from the Negativity and helps them contribute to manifesting Total Abundance in their lives and in the world.
  • The Perfected Intelligences of the Interventions work together to build a Total Abundance Energy Field that provides others without the Intervention with access to The Total Abundance Pathway System in the Field. As their consciousness travels along these Pathways, they begin to generate the Material Energy that enables them to provide the Correct Exchange that grounds the miracle of the Total Abundance Intervention they need for themselves.
  • Because one full power Intervention can help 51 people, it is possible for individuals to build Total Abundance Communities around themselves. They can also gift the Intervention to others in the Global Community so that Total Abundance Communities can be built around the world. Through working through the Intervention it is possible to build a Global Total Abundance Community that can unite to nurture every life, working cooperatively to build Total Abundance for all.


With the advent of this Intervention, The Total Abundance Movement can now get underway with all those participating capable of contributing to building Total Abundance in their lives and in the world.


Gift from The Universal Heaven Agent Network 

The Universal Heaven Agent Network has offered to provide Material Energy for those wishing to have the Intervention who genuinely can’t provide either an Energy Exchange or a Financial Exchange in order to ground the miracle of the Intervention.


To find out more about The Total Abundance Intervention, you can access the link provided below.




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