August 10th, 2013

The Source News Report on the August 8th Vibrational Shift

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Lift Off

At precisely 5:59 pm PDT, the Universal Support Field, upon which all of life in the Creation rests, prepared for lift off.  At 6:00 pm, a massive Tidal Wave of Source Power materialized and within milliseconds transitioned the Support Field from a Level 3 Vibration to a Level 6 Vibration. Within a few minutes, the Support Field had stabilized itself.  It was a smoothly executed transition without any mishaps.


The Negativity had had numerous plots in place to crack the Support Field when it started to lift off, or to block its ascent. All of these tactics had been foreseen and aborted by The Universal Heaven Agent Network and by Direct Source Work prior to the time of lift off.


Within the first 5 minutes after the Shift, 6.2% of the human population, who had not prepared sufficiently for the Shift, fragmented to the point of Spiritual Death.  This took the Spiritual Death Toll on the Earth from 40% to 46.2%.  


In other parts of the Creation, the Spiritual Death Rate went from 27% to 29%, and most of those who died have been successfully resuscitated by The Emergency Anti-Fragmentation Intervention that had just come into being the night before the Shift.  Beings outside of the Earth Plane are working together to generate the Material Energy to ground the miracle of this Intervention for all who are in need.


The high Spiritual Death Rate on the Earth prior to the Shift was the result of the 21% who died in the November 28, 2012 Shift, the 6% who died in the July 2nd Shift in the Source Resource Grid, and the 13% who died when the Negativity launched a series of massive shock waves in mid-July designed to wipe out the population of spiritually advanced beings on the Earth.  I had made the Spiritual Structures, of which the Suits are made, more elastic in those who were Source-Aligned and they survived the shock waves.  


The Negativity ended up destroying their own supporters who were more Fragmented and had more rigid Spiritual Structures that snapped rather than bent with the shock waves.  The shock wave was then sent back on the stronghold of the Negativity outside of the Earth Plane that had launched it, and it totaled out their own operation.  


Beings outside of the Earth Plane did not suffer any fatalities during these shock waves. This shock wave attack on the Earth is why the Spiritual Death Rate prior to the August 8th Shift went up to 40% on the Earth Plane and remained at 27% outside of the Earth Plane.


Due to the Material Energy supplied by The Universal Heaven Agent Network, I was able to send in Emergency Anti-Fragmentation Interventions to many who had died on the Earth, and I was able to get the Spiritual Death Toll down to 45% by 11:00 pm.  This Intervention is capable of resuscitating the Suit so the Soul can be re-linked to the Suit, restoring the life.  

While the Spiritual Death Rates are exceedingly high on the Earth, they could have been worse.  Without the Heaven Happenings that were launched by members of The Universal Heaven Agent Network both on the Earth and outside of the Earth, the willingness of humans to at last respond to Source Support and get themselves to safety in the Source Reality, and the advent of The Total Abundance Intervention and The Emergency Anti-Fragmentation Intervention, the Spiritual Death Tolls could have been as high as 20% from this Shift, rather than 6%. This would have destroyed life on the Earth and toppled life in the Creation.


With the diligent support of The Universal Heaven Agent Network outside of the Earth Plane sending in Material Energy for my Direct Source Work to administer The Total Abundance Intervention and The Emergency Anti-Fragmentation Intervention to those most in need, miracles of healing and recovery have been possible.

Clean Up of Toxic Fragmentation Energies 

I used new technologies to gather up the Spiritual Death Energies and the Fragmentation Energies released by those either dying or fragmenting severely, and move them into a new Recycling Center that hovers over the Earth.  This is the equivalent of the Recycling Chakra that hovers over a person’s head, taking the toxic energy that they send up through their head and recycling it back into pure white light so it can return to the Cycle of Life without becoming a toxic waste in the environment.   While this method of toxic energy removal is helping, the Earth is still struggling to survive the fragmenting energies of so many beings on her surface that are experiencing Fragmentation to one degree or another.  

Activities of the Negativity

I have not yet seen the Negativity anywhere in the Creation harvesting the Death Energies from the Empty Suits.  They had planned to draw on their caches of stolen Source Energies to survive the Shift, and start harvesting the energies of those who died and trying to seize control over the Creation during the general tumult and upheaval after the Shift.  Due to my maneuvers prior to the Shift, I had terminated any stored caches of Source Energies in the Creation by moving to a higher level of vibration that did not allow these energies to be sustained. While this limited the ability of Source-Aligned beings to draw on Source Energy Reserves, it dried up the power supply of the Negativity.  Those who are Source-Aligned now have to work harder to stay aligned in order to receive metered Source Energies, but they are free from the attacks of the Negativity who were attacking those with reserves in order to amass stockpiles of this energy to use in their Harvesting Operation.


I noticed a few very high-tech Hell Agents turning on alternate methods of sustaining their Suits to prevent Fragmentation, and also trying new harvesting technologies.  I was able to disable their attempts, whereupon the Negative Spiritual Structures in their Suits began to fragment.


Across the board, the Negative Spiritual Structures in Suits fragmented, leaving the Source-Connected Spiritual Structures if there were any, or else collapsing the spiritual manifestation in its entirety.  For many Suits that had built their essential structure out of Negative Spiritual Structures designed by Pseudo Code, it was the collapse of all of their functioning systems.  Many of their basic life skills were built from Pseudo Code and these also collapsed.  I have been replacing basic Skill Sets that maintain life in many of these Suits when possible. Some died so quickly on every level, even on the organic level, that there was no time for any effort to rebuild the Suit.


The death of these Negative Spiritual Structures will free Suits that are more functional from many of the patterns of negativity that have caused them to live a Fragmented Way of Life.  There is still the need for the kind of rigorous fine-tuning that comes with The Total Abundance Intervention to route out all of the Hell Pathways that had led to Fragmentation in the first place, and to enable the Suit to rebuild in a way that will enable it to live an Integrated Way of Life.


The Threat to the Universal Support Field

At about 12:00 am on August 9th, some beings with major Universal Spiritual Functions lost control of vats of very volatile energy that they had stored in their Suits.  This energy, if released into the world, could have cracked the Support Field and caused the death of all of life.  I interceded with The Emergency Anti-Fragmentation Intervention to calm down their Suits, and then intercepted the volatile energies and stored them outside the planet where they can be used as emergency power but can not be accessed by anyone other than the Source.  When this crisis passed, the Support Field was no longer in danger.


The Death Virus

At 2:00 pm on August 9th another crisis arose.  In the case of a small number of beings of many different species on the planet, the Life Field, which is the energy field that sustains the Suit, began to fragment and was lost partially in some cases and totally in other cases.  If this is lost, the Suit loses all definition even at the organic level.  


Generally when a Spiritual Death occurs, the Soul unlinks from the Suit but leaves the Life Field intact, which is what enables the organic Suit to continue on.  In this crisis, life forms on the Earth started losing parts of their Life Field or all of their Life Field even when the Soul was still linked to the Suit.  This led to a kind of mutant Fragmentation process that transformed the Intelligence System of the Suit into an aberration that could electrically derail and mutate the Intelligence Systems of other Suits.  The Suit became like a Death Virus that could scramble the signals in other Suits, causing the death of their Life Fields and transforming them into Death Viruses.  This kind of Death Virus could cross the border between species and mutate the Intelligence Systems of all contiguous species.  


If enough beings in a species on the Earth had become derailed by the Death Virus and lost their Intelligence System, the Intelligence System of the species could crash.  Without this supportive base, the organic forms of the species could have become derailed, causing the death of the species on an organic level. This could occur because the biological system relies on the signals from the Spiritual Intelligence System of the species to maintain the basic connection to Source Energies that enable the organic Suit to survive.  


The Death Virus could also have crashed the Life Field of the Earth, causing her to experience a loss of control over her Intelligence System as well.  This could have caused the Death Virus to spread to other parts of the Creation.

As beings began to lose their Life Fields, some also experienced Spiritual Death, causing the Spiritual Death Rate to begin to rise once again.  


When I realized the magnitude of this menace to life, I petitioned the Design Aspect of my Source Function to bring forth a Source Solution to this problem.  The Source Solution that it brought forth was Training Technology.



Training Technology

Training Technology can take any form of Spiritual Intelligence that has lost its Life System and train it to configure itself to perform in a way that is supportive of life.  It provides the information and structure that would have otherwise been provided by the Life System, that transmits to the Suit species-appropriate signals and other basic signals that sustain organic life. This information is transmitted to the Suit through an Inner Plane Training Download.


With Training Technology, I have stopped the Death Virus from overtaking any Suit and from spreading from Suit to Suit.  It is the only technology that could have stopped this level of Fragmentation.  


The Suits that have lost their Life Systems will have to rely on Training Downloads of information throughout their current organic lives.  When they cross over at death, they will require special care in order to survive the transition.  When they reincarnate, they can be issued new Life Systems.  At present there is no technology to rebuild a Life System that has been lost during the lifetime, whether it was partially or totally lost.


Integrated Way of Life Training Downloads

Out of the Training Technology has also arisen the possibility of providing Training Downloads to Suits with functioning Life Systems to impart to them what they need to live an Integrated Life.  These Training Downloads will be the new kind of fast track education that will enable Suits to quickly acquire the basics that they need to sustain themselves at a Level 6 Vibration.  


This will be important because any slipping back into a Fragmented Way of Life could result in rapid Fragmentation, since the person will fall out of alignment with the level of Spiritual Integration of the Support Field and will not be able to sustain themselves by drawing on the supportive energies of the Field.


In order to give beings an opportunity to provide their Suits with the information that the Suit needs in order to understand what is technically required of it to maintain the level of Spiritual Integration that will enable it to survive, Integrated Way of Life Training Downloads will be needed.  Once the Suit knows what will help it to survive and what thoughts and actions will not help it to survive, then it will signal the conscious mind of the being that danger is at hand when an activity is being engaged in which could misalign the Suit with the Support Field and flip it into a crisis of accelerated Fragmentation.  


The Shift coming up on September 16th will require a much higher level of Spiritual Integration and beings must work harder to get to this level than they worked to get to the level of Integration they achieved for the August 8th Shift.


To assist beings in getting there, I will be offering additional educational support for the Suits through Integrated Way of Life Training Downloads and a backup of online asynchronous discussions for those receiving the Training Downloads, so they can bring what they have received into their conscious awareness and talk about what it means to make the changes that will be needed to begin living an Integrated Life.  I will be developing this training program and will post information about it when it is ready to begin providing this very needed level of Source Support.




A Source Call to Action

At present on the Earth, the Spiritual Death Toll, that had been taken down to 45% with the Emergency Anti-Fragmentation Intervention, has risen to 46.8% due to the Fragmentation of the Life Field in many beings.  Some Souls have remained linked to the Suit without the Life Field, and other Souls lost their link partially or completely.


It is urgent that beings avail themselves and supply others with The Emergency Anti-Fragmentation Intervention. This will help to resuscitate those who have died and enable the Souls to be relinked to the Suits.  It will also protect those who have survived from experiencing accelerated Fragmentation through being in the toxic energies of those who have either fragmented severely or died spiritually.  


Although I am working to lift much of this energy off of the Earth, there is still damage being done to integrated Suits by being in the immediate presence of Suits that are emitting the toxic energies of Fragmentation before these energies can be syphoned off and recycled.


It is also of great importance to supply yourself and others with The Total Abundance Intervention, which prevents any remaining aspects of the Negativity from getting into your Suit or into the Suits of others during this massive state of upheaval.

Become Love in Action

Hold the Line for Heaven by supporting the Work of the Source to rehabilitate those most damaged.  Empty Suits without the love orientation of the Soul onboard can devolve into nightmarish dysfunctionality, and worse if there are still aspects of the Negativity that can counterman them.  

Act now to restore life and prevent any further Spiritual Death in those who are teetering on the edge of complete Fragmentation.



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