October 23rd, 2015

How to Prepare for The Transition

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The Implementation Aspect of the Source has begun a 12 Stage Transition back to the Unmanifest Level to its Source Heaven.


Since your Link to Life is your Source Connection, which is an Energy Link between your onboard Source Intelligence and the Implementation Aspect of the Source, you have to travel with the Implementation Aspect through the 12 Levels of the Transition if you are to retain your Source Connection during the stages of The Transition.  If you fail to ascend with the Implementation Aspect, you will fall out of The Substratum of Life and will lose your Source Connection and with it your life.


When the Implementation Aspect leaves for the Unmanifest Level, you will need to be positioned at Level 12 with a:

  •  100% Source Connection which can only be achieved when you have established a 
  • 100% Source-Connected Way of Life which can only be achieved when you transition into a lifestyle that helps you to strengthen and sustain your Source Connection. 


This requires changes both in your Inner Life and in your Outer Life.


The Transition has a series of Turning Points that are particularly challenging points when you could lose your Source Connection if you do not prepare correctly in advance.  While these major Turning Points affect most beings, there may be other points in The Transition that pose a high risk for your particular kind of Source Connection.


The only way to survive The Transition is to attune to Source Guidance with regard to what you need to do individually to prepare for each stage of The Transition.  Since the Implementation Aspect is on the move between sublevels of the 12 major levels, only the ability to follow detailed Source Guidance on a day-to-day basis will ensure your survival during all of these shifts between levels.



Source Support

The Source Connection Project

I offer you my support through gifted information and training materials about The Transition and its Turning Points and what forms of Source Support have been created to help you to survive.  These materials can be accessed in The Source Connection Project.  This includes two videos:

  • a short overview video 
  • a 5 hour Video Book Training that gives you the basics that you need to know to achieve a 100% Source Connection.  



You can access this Source Support at: 



Next Step Communications from the Source

I will begin posting more information on how to establish a 100% Source Connection here in Written Communications from the Source and through other Next Step videos and training materials that I will develop as The Transition progresses.  


You can access audio and video materials at:



The Source Solution Hub

I have also created The Source Connection Support System which is providing you resources in The Source Solution Hub for transitioning into Source-Created Solutions for every aspect of your life.  Since it is only through working with Source-Created Solutions that you can develop the 100% Source-Connected Way of Life that is needed to survive The Transition, the support that is given in the Hub is critical to your ability to prepare adequately for the stages of The Transition that lie ahead.


In The Source Solution Hub you will find out how to work with Miracle-Based Source Solutions that either have been created or which can be created for your unique situation. 

You can access the resources of  The Source Solution Hub at: 



The Source Connection Coaching Program

I am also providing the more in-depth training that is needed through The Source Connection Coaching Program which you can learn about at:





The Source Call to Action

The Transition is a natural return of the Implementation Aspect back to its Heaven in the Unmanifest Level.  It was designed to occur when beings had worked to achieve the 100% Source Connection that is needed for them to retain their Source Connection after the Implementation Aspect is no longer in the Manifest World with them.


Since most beings have not achieved a 100% Source Connection and have been, in contrast, becoming more Source-Disconnected throughout the billions of lifetimes they have had since the beginning of the Creation, the vast majority of beings throughout the Creation could lose their individual Source Connection and could be unprepared to shoulder the responsibilities for sustaining The Miracle of Life in the Creation. This could result in the end of Life in the Original Creation.


The Implementation Aspect can no longer extend its stay in the Manifest World.  Being must, therefore, work intensively to get prepared to transition into a Source Connected Way of Life and develop the Universal Team Work that will enable them to sustain The Miracle of Life when the Implementation Aspect is no longer present in the Manifest World to sustain it for them.


Source Support is available to help with this task, but every being must step forward to do what is theirs to do to get prepared and to help as many others as they can.  Through Becoming Love in Action, Life can be preserved in the Creation and the Creation can enter into a new era in which the suffering and degeneration can finally be eliminated for all eternity and all beings can enjoy the Heaven of True Happiness which results from a 100% Source Connection and a 100% Source-Connected Way of Life.


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