February 8th, 2015

The Comfort Campaign: Making Miracle-Based Comfort Possible for All Beings

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The Source has launched The Comfort Campaign to enable all beings to have an opportunity to experience Miracle-Based Comfort.  Miracle-Based Comfort is Integrated Comfort that brings comfort to both the Spiritual Suit and the Physical Suit. This kind of comfort is the real comfort that beings have been trying to achieve.


Ordinary Comfort only brings comfort to the Physical Suit, leaving the Spiritual Suit in a state of distress that presses in on the Physical Suit, catalyzing distress that detracts from any physical comfort that can be achieved.


The Path to Integrated Comfort is a path of Miracle-Based Adventures that enable you to experience Integrated Comfort.  To begin experiencing a Guided Miracle-Based Comfort Adventure, you can watch the new Next Step Video:




NOTE: If you are not yet a member of Connecting that gives you access to Next Step Videos and other Gifted Miracle-Based Training Materials, you can Sign Up through accessing the link provided below.




You can read about how to embark on your Journey to Integrated Comfort at:





The Source Call to Action

Beings have been crying out for relief from their distress and for a Source Solution to their need for real comfort.


The Source has responded by creating, through the series of Vibrational Shifts, the high vibrational conditions in which Miracle-Based Comfort can manifest.  The Source has then created the Spiritual Genetic Code that manifests the Miracle-Based Adventures that enable beings to travel The Path to Integrated Comfort.


Integrated Comfort is the foundation for Perfect Health and for a Love-Based Community.  When beings are free of distress they can heal and love and build a peaceful life for themselves and others.


Establishing the conditions in which Integrated Comfort can be experienced by every member of the Universal Community is our Next Step on the Path to True Happiness.


Support The Work of the Source
in The Comfort Campaign. 

It is your chance to heal yourself and others,
building a foundation for a Love-Based Community.


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