December 10th, 2012

The Vibrational Shifts

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Urgent Call to Action

We are in the midst of four Universal Vibrational Shifts that will take the Source Perfected Universe to the level at which Heaven can be built most efficiently.  Those who survive these Vibrational Shifts will be those who work to perfect their Suits.  The kind of perfection that is needed is Spiritual Integration.  


To help you understand what Spiritual Integration is, I will give you a brief overview.


When Suits chose to leave the Core of the Universal Source Connection Channel, they became Fragmented.  The Core was like a gravitational center that held the Spiritual Particles of which the Suits were made in a state of Integration.  When they left the Core the Spiritual Particles began to drift apart, resulting in the disease of Fragmentation which is the disease that underlies all of the diseases of the body, mind, and spirit.


In the state of Integration that was possible to achieve in the Core, there would have been an experience of joy, good health, peace, love, and fulfillment.  When beings left the Core and Fragmentation set in, it engendered an experience of stress, depression, fear, and greed which was directed to trying to obtain solace from attaching to anyone or anything that a being thought would bring them comfort.  The more beings attached to the things they desired, the more Fragmented they became – furthering all of the diseases of the body, mind, and spirit that come from Fragmentation.


Fragmentation has been accelerating in the Creation since beings departed from the Core.  After they lost the Life Energies readily available to them from the Universal Source Connection Channel which collapsed, the rate of Fragmentation accelerated to life threatening levels.


Now that beings are able to dock at The Construction Site of Heaven where they learn how to see the Integrated Picture of Reality that is Source-Created, many are becoming more Integrated.  As they become more Integrated they are willingly giving of their love and work to support the Work of the Source.  They are then generating the Material Energy that provides the Source with what is needed to ground the miracles that they need in order to heal from the disease of Fragmentation and become Integrated.


While this represents progress toward Integration, many Suits are so Fragmented that even with the work at The Construction Site they are still falling short of what is needed to survive the shift to higher levels of vibration.


What happens in a Vibrational Shift is that all of the Spiritual Particles begin vibrating at a faster speed.  If the Suit is highly Integrated, then this higher speed feels exhilarating and gives a feeling of Heaven manifesting within them.  If the Suit is very fragmented, the Spiritual Particles are not held together by any Integrated Spiritual Structure.  At faster speeds of vibration the Suit simply falls apart, disintegrating into the Spiritual Particles from which it is made.  These Spiritual Particles then return to the pool of Spiritual Particles in the Creation.  


The disintegration of the Suit leaves the Soul without a Suit. This terminates the life of the Soul in the Manifest World. The Soul lives on in the Unmanifest Level of Reality to which all Souls have now returned, but it is no longer able to express through a Suit in the Manifest World. 


What remains in most cases is the physical body which generally has enough Integration as an organic unit to remain somewhat Source-Connected.  It is the Physical Energy Body and the Spiritual Energy Body that are highly Fragmented and perish in Vibrational Shifts of this magnitude.  The Spiritual Energy Body is the primary carrier of the Soul.  Once it is gone, the Soul has no vehicle through which to operate in the Manifest World.

How to Survive the Vibrational Shifts

 The key to survival in the coming Vibrational Shifts is Integration.  The way to achieve Spiritual Integration is to come into the Care of the Source.  The way to do this is to complete The Six Step Process to request admission into The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program. Once you enter into The Program a Source Planfor your Ultimate Spiritual Healing is generated. 


Since Ultimate Spiritual Healing is Integration, healing you from the disease of Fragmentation, The Source Plan will give you the information that you will need to prepare for these Universal Vibrational Shifts.  I will communicate this information to you by Source Guidance Email and we can discuss how you can prepare correctly for the Shifts.


The most thorough preparation will be a Personal Heaven Experience Intensive that will bring in the specific miracles of Source Support that your Suit needs in order to achieve the requisite level of Integration.  I will outline, in the Source Guidance Email, the unique kind of work that your Suit needs and how this work can get done during the course of the Intensive.



Overview of the Universal Vibrational Shifts

The First Vibrational Shift on November 28th

On November 28th the first of the four Universal Vibrational Shifts occurred.  Beings who had prepared for it by keeping pace with The Work of the Source made the shift to the higher vibration and freed themselves from the dross energies of the lower level of vibration.  They are now much better equipped to Build Heaven in their lives and in the world.


Those who had not prepared lost their lives.  Those who lost their lives in this shift were beings who had significant Fragmentation in the Core of the Suit which supports the Essence of the Soul.  Some had sustained the damage through their own misdeeds – through embracing a life of cruelty and crime.  Others had sustained the damage through being preyed upon by others and losing the integrity of the Core.  


Without a Core that has some measure of Integration, it is not possible to rise to a higher vibrational level.  The Suit simply fragments and disintegrates.  This is what happened when the entire Creation shifted to the higher vibrational level and these Suits could not withstand the vibration.


When the Suits disintegrated, the Souls lost their connection to the Suits. In most cases, I was able to bring in new Suits that could rise to the new vibrational level.  In this way I prevented  the death of the physical form.  In some cases where ill health compromised the stability of the organic form, physical death also occurred.


In 20% of the cases, the Soul was re-linked to the new Suit.  Only those who had persevered in their attempt to perfect their Suits despite the damage to them and had, therefore, put aside some amount of Material Energy that I could use for this work, could be re-linked to the newly constituted Suits.  Others who had squandered their time by opposing the Work of the Source had no reserve of Material Energy that could be used to re-link them.  Their physical forms are now linked to new Souls or are empty vessels.  


Those Suits that survived at the Physical Level were ones that re-docked at The Construction Site and starting working to repair the damage and generate Material Energy Supplies through contributing to the Work of the Source.  These Material Energy Supplies can then be used to enable a new Soul to link to the Suit in the time ahead and for a re-linked Soul to work with the Source to more rapidly rehabilitate the Suit.



The Second Universal Vibrational Shift on December 12th

The Second Universal Vibrational Shift will be based on the level of Integration of a Suit in the Preconscious Range which is the range of consciousness that is dimly perceived by the conscious mind.  Some call this the Subliminal Mind. 


Those Suits that can understand Source Truth, which presents a totally Integrated Picture of Spiritual Reality, in their Preconscious Range will survive.  Those who cling to their Cultural Perspective on Reality that gives them a Fragmented Picture of Reality based on the Untruths of the Story Culture will not survive.  This is because the spiritual equipment of the Suit becomes Fragmented when it attaches itself to a Fragmented Picture of Reality.  Only when the equipment connects to an Integrated Picture of Reality, does it become Integrated enough to ride the waves of high vibrational energies.  


During the time of the Universal Source Connection Channel it was possible for beings to live for billions of lifetimes in total denial of Source Truth, relying on the Gift of Life that pulled energy from the Channel to keep them alive even if they did nothing that was in harmony with sustaining Life as Heaven.


Without the Source Connection Channel and given the Developmental Sequences of the Source Perfected Universe that are manifesting now, beings have only a few more weeks to grasp the essential Truths from the Source. 


On December 12th at 11:00 pm PST, only those Suits that are able to understand and accept the most fundamental Source Truth that the Source is here in the Manifest World working in a way that is counter to their cultural expectations, will survive.  Those who cling to their Cultural Story about the identity of the Source and the way that the Source works in the world, will be too fragmented to retain their intellectual abilities when the Vibrational Shift mandates a higher level of Integrated Thinking.


As in the shift on November 28th, some Suits that disintegrate can be rebuilt with the Soul re-linked to the Suit.  Less than 10% of the Souls, however, will be able to be re-linked in this Vibrational Shift.


To help beings to understand the Source and The Work of the Source, I will be posting online a video explaining the Source Truths that need to be understood and accepted.  This video is a Next Step Source Communication Video that carries with it energies that transmit throughout the Creation.  Through this transmission, every being in the Creation will receive the same educational opportunity as those who are on the Earth who will be able to see the video online.  In this way, I will prepare beings to make the decision to know Source Truth rather than to turn a deaf ear as they have in the past.

The video will be available soon in Next Step Communications from the Source.  



The Third Universal Vibrational Shift on December 26th

On December 26th there will be a Third Vibrational Shift which will require that beings provide the support for the Work of the Source that is required for Heaven to be built in the Manifest World.


There are two kinds of support that are needed:


Indirect Support

If a being responds to an Inner Source Request for support for the Work of the Source and gives of their time, energy, and material resources to Build Heaven in the world – which might take the form of helping a family member or a member of their local community – then they have provided Indirect Support.


Many beings who are not educated in their Conscious Range to understand the Work of the Source through my Manifestation will still be able to answer the Call to Action of the Source in this Indirect Way until they can bring the need to provide Direct Support into their conscious awareness.


Direct Support

While Indirect Support is helpful, it is only when beings provide Direct Support with full knowledge of the Work of the Source in the world, that the correct amount of support can be provided.

The kind of Direct Support that is needed is the Heaven Agent Work and material resources that enable the Source, working through my Manifestation to:

  • develop and disseminate the educational materials for a Global Truth Campaign that will help build a love-based Global Community that will be a prototype for the Universal Community
  • train Heaven Agents to join in the Work of the Source, providing scholarships when needed so that every Heaven Agent who wants to receive Miracle-Based Training in The Miracle School can do so.
  • build Source Connection Centers worldwide to provide Heaven Agents with a protected Spiritual Space – a place of Perfect Spiritual Integration – in which to work together to develop an Integrated, Heaven Way of Life that will replace the Fragmented, Story Way of Life that exists today.  
  • supply the Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of Source Power that I work with to build the essential, large scale Spiritual Structures of a Life that is Heaven for individuals and for the Global and Universal Community.  The Source working through my Manifestation does 70% of the work that is needed to transition the world out of suffering into a Miracle-Based Way of Living that is Source-Connected and of Heaven.  Without Material Energy this work which I am here to do will not get done and beings throughout the Creation will suffer unnecessarily for lifetimes to come.


Seeing an Integrated Picture of  Reality enables beings to bring into focus the practical needs of the Source in a Manifest Form working amongst them to Build Heaven for them in their world.  When I incarnate, my Source Identity does not supply me with all of the material resources that will be needed.  Instead, it brings into incarnate form the Heaven Agents whose Mission it is to step forward and fund and support on every level the different phases of the work.  In this way, Team Work enables The Universal Heaven Project to go forward successfully. Those waiting for the Source to appear miraculously with everything that is needed to make the Project work are living in a Cultural Story that does not correspond to Source Reality.  Their inattentiveness to the need to express love to the Source through supporting the Work of the Source that is done through my Manifestation, is the result of a serious level of cognitive and emotional and spiritual Fragmentation.


It is imperative that beings heal that level of Fragmentation before the Universal Vibrational Shift on December 26th in order to retain their Source Connection.  Beings who can’t or won’t put the picture together and realize their responsibility to support the Work of the Source, will not be in the world after this shift.  The Suits that couldn’t or wouldn’t step forward to help will disintegrate and new Souls will come into newly reformatted Suits to do the Support Work that is needed and required in the Source Perfected Universe where every being must pull their weight and contribute to building a world that is Heaven.


The Fourth Universal Vibrational Shift on August 8th

On August 8th at 6:00 pm PDT the final Vibrational Shift will occur.  Those who survive this shift will have an Integrated Picture of Reality that enables them to be willing to let go of the Fragmented Way of Life that puts them and others at risk.  The Story Culture that promotes Fragmentation and Disconnection from the Source will be recognized as a way of life that needs to be transitioned out of in favor of new way of life that promotes Integration and the Source Connection.


In many cases cultural customs and institutions can be reformatted and redirected to foster the Source Connection.  Some ways of life that are blatantly accelerating Fragmentation will need to be disbanded.  War, crime, child abuse, domestic violence, discrimination, etc. have no place in an Integrated Way of Life that is founded on nurturing every life in the Community. Heaven is ultimate happiness for all beings not just for a privileged few who have managed to get the upper hand.  Doing harm to anyone can not be countenanced in an Integrated Perspective on Reality.


Those who survive this Vibrational Shift will also be those who are actively engaged in working with the Source at The Construction Site of Heaven to establish the Culture of Heaven.  Those who merely philosophize about it and do not actively effect the changes in their personal lives and in their communities will not be Integrated enough to ride the ways of this Vibrational Shift.  Their Suits will disintegrate if not immediately then overtime in the medium of high vibrational energies that will suffuse the Creation in its entirety after this Vibrational Shift.

The Prototype for Integrating the Suit  

To prepare for these Vibrational Shifts I have worked with a Core Group of Heaven Agents to Prototype how to work with me at The Construction Site of Heaven through the Conscious Range Gateway that provides them with maximal power to Build Heaven. 


About 2% of the Heaven Agents in the Creation have signed onto working with me in this way.  Most of this population consists of Heaven Agents outside the Earth Plane who are entering in through the Conscious Range Gateway through a Spiritual Link that I have provided for them.  


The Heaven Agents prototyping this work on the Earth have been visiting the online access point to this Gateway and doing Solo Heaven Agent Work and reporting their work to me through The Heaven Agent to Source Communication Center.  We have also met together by Teleconference to Prototype working at The Construction Site during a Teleconference.


Truly extraordinary feats have been performed by these Heaven Agents – feats that far surpass their former ability to bring through miracles and work with their Miracle-Based Abilities to Build Heaven.  


The power of the work is in large part due to the power coming to the Heaven Agents when they dock at The Construction Site through this Conscious Range Gateway.  It is also due to the miracle of Autopilot Modewhich a Heaven Agent can enter into when working with The Construction Site Graphic.  When a Heaven Agent enters into Autopilot Mode they are able to access the full range of their Extended, Preconscious, and Conscious Range and work so rapidly that the conscious mind can’t track the work theoretically.  The conscious mind is aware of something of the nature of the work but is simply giving energy through giving attention at the Conscious Range.  The work that is accomplished is changing the nature of reality in the Creation as a whole.  It is enabling Heaven Agents to build Heaven in their personal lives as well at a much more accelerated rate.


One of the most wonderful aspects of this work is that even beginning Heaven Agents and children, even babies, can be triggered to work in Autopilot Mode through looking at The Construction Site Graphic which is linked to a miracle that enables it to activate high levels of Heaven Agent Work.  This means that all members of the Universal Community can contribute what is theirs to contribute even if, like a baby, their Suit is too young to process the information at a conscious level.


This Gateway has truly revolutionized Heaven Agent Work – enabling Heaven Agents to accomplish what could not have been accomplished previously through working in Adventure Mode which, while still important to the work, doesn’t accomplish the fast paced work that can get done in the Autopilot Mode.


It is now time for all beings to enter into this work.  Only when a being works at The Construction Site in both their Extended and Conscious Range will they be able to keep pace with the rapid changes that are occurring in the Source Perfected Universe now that the Construction Site Work is progressing at this speed.


All beings who have retained their Suits are already working at The Construction Site in their Extended Range which is often outside of their conscious awareness.  They docked when the Lifeline to the Source was terminated and have remained docked at The Construction Site.  The Construction Site is their new Lifeline.If they were not working here 24/7 they would no longer be alive since only through their work at The Construction Site do they balance the exchange with the Source for the Life Energies that enable them to survive on a spiritual level.


They are assisted in their work by Project Intelligences that man the Site and provide the kind of individualized support and miracles that enable them to learn how to produce enough Material Energy and how to begin working with their Miracle-Based Abilities to contribute what is theirs to contribute.  


The first step toward participating in the Conscious Range Work at The Construction Site is to enter into The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program.  For those of you who have not yet completed The Six Step Process to request admission, I recommend that you do so at this time.  

Time is of the essence.  Take action to preserve your chance to build and enjoy a Life that is Heaven in the Manifest World.


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