November 1st, 2011

The Advent of The Build Heaven Era

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In late October I successfully launched The Build Heaven Era.  While we have been Building Heaven for many years, we have been building it without the full power that is now available to us in The Build Heaven Era.  This power was supplied by the Fourth Universal Power Surge and is now available to help us move forward rapidly to build Lives that Work and a World that Works.  


In the Build Heaven Era miracles that could not come through in previous eras come through easily and frequently, whenever they are needed.  The bottom line in The Build Heaven Era is success backed up by the Source for the building of the Heaven of the Source Perfected Universe.  Since The Build Heaven Era began I have seen miracles beyond the scope of any miracles that were possible before.  This is only the beginning.


With the advent of miracles of this magnitude, it is now possible for us to move forward in our work to build a Love-Based Universal Community that nurtures all of its own and to build the Prototypes of individual Lives that Work that form the backbone of a World that Works.


The Build Heaven Era was not launched, however, without fierce opposition from the Negativity – the Criminal Element that operates on the Inner Plane.  During the course of the last attempts of the Negativity to thwart the advent of this new Era, a serious loss occurred.  The Lifeline to the Source through which beings receive their Life Energies that sustain their Suits had to be terminated because the Negativity had found a way to corrupt the Lifeline Connection, endangering my Manifestation and the manifestations of all beings.  Since the Individual Source Connection Channels which had been created as a makeshift Spiritual Habitat for beings after the crash of the Universal Source Connection Channel were dependent on the Lifeline Connection, these Channels were also lost.


What this meant was that even if Heaven Agents were doing their utmost to balance the exchange with the Source, there was no Lifeline through which the Source could send them the Life Energies for which they had correctly exchanged.


Fortunately I had just completed an upgraded version of The Construction Site of Heaven on the Inner Plane and I was able to set up a way in which Heaven Agents could dock at The Construction Site and exchange Material Energies for Life Energies much as they would have done through the Lifeline.  When they dock at The Construction Site, they are given Source Guidance and power to sustain their lives and to work on Building Heaven.  As they work they earn the Life Energies that sustain them and they build the Heaven that they need in order to survive in the Source Perfected Universe. 


When the Lifelines went down, most beings took heed of the Source Guidance I gave them on the Inner Plane to dock at The Construction Site and sustain their Source Connection.  They began working in their Extended Range which is generally outside of their conscious awareness.  


Now for the first time since the beginning of the Creation, almost all beings, including most of the members of the Negativity, are working in a coordinated manner to Build Heaven in their lives and in the world.  The Negativity docked because they realized that they too would lose their lives if they didn’t receive the Life Energies that their Suits required.  Beings who docked were protected from those who didn’t dock and so the age old Black Market in stolen Life Energies dried up, leaving the Criminal Element without another source of Life Energies upon which to rely.  This is why they made the decision to dock and earn the Life Energies they formerly were stealing from other beings.


While work at The Construction Site through the Extended Range can sustain life at present, only those who work also in their Conscious Range will survive in the time ahead as the Source Perfected Universe accelerates toward its full manifestation.  In order to provide beings with Source Support for learning how to work effectively in the Conscious Range, I have established a Spiritual Gateway through which all beings can work with me in their Conscious Range.  Those working on the Earth Plane access this Gateway through an online access point.  Those in our Universal Community outside of the Earth Plane have been given an auxiliary energy access point.


When a Heaven Agent enters through this Spiritual Gateway into The Construction Site, they gain far more power and support from me and from the Heaven Agents of the Universal Community than is possible when they are working only in their Extended Range.  


Specifically, when you access the Construction Site through this Gateway, you can:

  • access more than double the amount of Spiritual Power available to Heaven Agents working only in their Extended Range 
  • are given a variety of Miracle Tools and Miracle Technologies that can only be given to those who have entered The Construction Site through this Gateway and train to build Heaven in their Conscious Range.  
  • are given Direct Source Support through my work with you in online Project Workstations and throughTeleconferences that enable you to receive individualized supervision for the work that you are doing at The Construction Site.  
  • are able to receive peer support from your fellow Heaven Agents who are also working on The Construction Site in their Conscious Range.  Many of these Heaven Agents are submitting their input through the Universal Language of Soul Talk from other parts of our Universal Community.  Through the insights, skills, and loving support of Heaven Agents throughout the Creation, individual and Community advancement can more readily occur.
  • gain access to The Work of The Heaven Project universally. As you track the Heaven that is being built you can contribute as Source-Guided.  The Gateway to The Construction Site takes you to locations on the web site that provide information on the work that has been accomplished and is being accomplished.  Access to these Project Workstations is access to a wealth of information that is only available to trusted Heaven Agents who are working on the forefront of The Universal Heaven Project.  Much of this knowledge will never be published and will remain available only to those working most closely with me on the Projects.
  • become a part of the Core Group of Heaven Agents – The Heaven Agent Network – and begin to build Community as a part of your ongoing work of building a love-based Community on the Earth and in the Creation as a whole.
  • have the opportunity to perfect your Suit at the Conscious Range Level so that you will retain your ability to survive the rapid acceleration of the vibrational rate in the Source Perfected Universe in the years ahead.  As you work alongside me at The Construction Site, you perfect your understanding of how to Become the Heaven you were created to be and Build the Heaven your life and world was meant to be.
  • obtain faster results 
  • have success with tasks that can’t be accomplished without work at the Conscious Range 
  • experience the joy of building a Universal Love-Based Community that nurtures all of its own – where you help others to build Lives that Work and they help you on a very personal level and all of you work together to build a World that Works
  • have the opportunity to build The Love Connection with the Source in a very real and personal way through your work with me on the Outer Plane.  Without working alongside the Source tackling the real issues of your life and your world, it is hard to form an understandable relationship with the Source.  The Source remains too abstract and theoretical.  But once you have worked alongside me day-by-day, bringing through the miracles that make life Heaven, you will feel the joy of the Source Connection and will become solid in The Love Connection from which comes the quintessential experience of Heaven –The Heaven Experience.
  • have the chance to earn the Life Energies and Source Support through your good Heaven Agent Work that could never be earned if you only contributed at a minimal level through your Extended Range.
  • benefit from the opportunity to become a part of Heaven Economy Projects that can help you to generate financial income that is an important part of the Total Abundance that is an integral part of the Heaven that you build in your personal life.
  • have a chance to be the one who changes the course of history – building Heaven in the world for your own sake and for the sake of all beings in this generation and for generations to come.


Entry into The Construction Site 

To enter into The Construction Site through this Gateway you will need to:

  • complete The Six Step Process
  • enroll in an Ongoing Build Heaven Intensive

The Six Step Process

You will need to complete The Six Step Process for requesting admission into The Universal Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program. All beings currently docking at The Construction Site in their Extended Range, have completed this Six Step Process for the Extended Range.  

In order to work in the Conscious Range through the Spiritual Gateway I describe above, it is necessary to complete The Six Step Process in your Conscious Range and with a greater amount of Material Energy given for a more substantial version of The Rhythm of The Love Connection Intervention which enables you to work with me on the Outer Plane.

For a synopsis of the Six Step Process I refer you to the article entitled: The Construction Site of Heaven.  From there you can link to the in-depth description of the Six Steps.


Ongoing Build Heaven Intensives

You will also need to enroll in an Ongoing Build Heaven Intensive which provides the structure and Source Support for the Miracle-Based Training that you will receive while working with me on the online Construction Site where the Project Workstations and Teleconferences provide you with the individualized Source Support that is needed to learn the trade of building a Life that Works and a World that Works.


The Ongoing Build Heaven Intensives have become the core unit of the Miracle-Based Training of The Miracle School – training that is essential for every Heaven Agent working to Build Heaven in their life and in the world.

To enroll in an Ongoing Build Heaven Intensive you can go to the article entitled: Ongoing Build Heaven Intensives.  Once you learn more about them you can email me for information on what this kind of Intensive would look like for you.  Since each Intensive is individually structured according to your Plan in The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program, it is necessary to receive Source Guidance with regard to the specifics.


For a list of the upcoming Build Heaven Teleconferences, you can go to: The Schedule of Upcoming Events.




Getting Equipped to Build Heaven

Because the Ongoing Build Heaven Intensives build on the work of the four previous Heaven Experience Intensives that have provided an essential foundation for building a Life that Works and a World that Works, it is important for Heaven Agents to request enrollment in these Intensives.  Formerly this was possible only during the time of the Universal Power Surges that provided the Spiritual Power for this work to be accomplished.  Now, due to the massive amounts of Source Power that I have stored after the Fourth Universal Power Surge, I can open up these Intensives to Heaven Agents who were not able to complete the work during the initial Universal Power Surges when the work first became available.


While it is not necessary to do the Intensives in the order in which they were initially manifested, The Build Heaven Intensive that provides you with the Spiritual Software for Building Heaven is an important prerequisite for the Ongoing Build Heaven Intensives that are now beginning.  For this reason, I urge any Heaven Agents who have not done the Build Heaven Intensive – that I am now referring to as the Getting Set Up to Build Heaven Intensive to distinguish it from the Ongoing Build Heaven Intensives – email me for information about how to complete this Intensive and begin the work of the Ongoing Build Heaven Intensives that are now starting up.


Each of the Intensives are Building Blocks that every Heaven Agent needs in order to build a solid structure for being able to Build Heaven in their lives and in their world.  I recommend that Heaven Agents take these Intensives as well as avail themselves of other training materials that are listed in the article entitled: The Basic Training.


For information on the Heaven Experience Intensives that have been offered in the past and which have now become available, you can go to the article entitled:  Heaven Experience Intensives and scroll down to the listing of the different Heaven Experience Intensives that are now available.  Or you can access the links provided below:


Becoming Love in Action

Becoming an Embodiment of The Standard of Perfection

Becoming Heaven

Getting Set Up to Build Heaven


The Ongoing Build Heaven Intensives are generally structured on a monthly basis to cover the work that is in your individual Plan for Ultimate Spiritual Healing.  If you are in The Program, I will send you a Source Guidance Email outlining the work that needs to be done and the structure of the Ongoing Build Heaven Intensive that is needed to keep you abreast of the Developmental Sequence outlined in The Plan.


Read more about Ongoing Build Heaven Intensives... 


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