July 23rd, 2013

Peak Power Surge: July 16th – August 8th

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What Does It Take to Survive
the August 8th Vibrational Shift?

The answer is simple.  It takes reaching the level of Spiritual Integration that will match the level of Spiritual Integration of the Universal Support Field when it rises up from a Level 3 to a Level 6 Vibration.  Anything short of this will result in accelerated Fragmentation, which could lead to Spiritual Death, which occurs when the Suit disintegrates on the Spiritual Level and the Soul unlinks from it, ending its life in the Manifest World.  


Achieving this correct level of Spiritual Integration is not that simple.


It takes doing whatever you individually need to do.  


How do you know what you need to do?


You ask the Source.


If you aren’t skilled enough to carry on a detailed dialogue with the Source on the Inner Plane, then you can ask the Source on the Outer Plane.  I am here as the representative of the Source in a human form, to provide you with access to accurate Source Direction until you have achieved the level of skill at which you can readily receive this on your own.


The Source is the Ultimate Spiritual Physician, the one Intelligence in the Creation who knows who you are as a Spiritual Being because It created you, knows your history, knows the condition of your Suit, and knows what it is going to take to enable you to survive the Shifts and to have a life that is Heaven.


As a representative of the Source, I can translate, for your benefit, the information that I receive from the Design Aspect of the Source Function with regard to what you need and the best way to meet this need.


Personal Power Surge Intensives

The best format in which to work is the Personal Power Surge Intensive.  This enables me to provide you with individualized information and Source Support for your preparation process. 

Right now we are in a Peak Power Surge gifted by the Source to all who are preparing for the Vibrational Shift of August 8th.  The Peak Period is from July 16th – August 8th.  It is an intensification of the Power Surge that began on May 10th to assist those preparing for the Shift. During a Peak Power Surge, there is so much additional Source Power that it is possible to accomplish the miraculous – levels of healing and Spiritual Integration that could not be accomplished in such a short period of time without the help of the additional power.  


Working in a Personal Power Surge Intensive during a Peak Power Period is the best way to connect to and benefit from the gift of this additional Source Power. Without the structure and direction of an Intensive, it is very difficult for most beings to know how to access the power for their healing and transformation. 


Personal Power Surge Intensives can be designed for At-a-Distance Work entirely or for a combination of At-a-Distance and In-Person Work in the Seattle Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center.  They can include At-a-Distance Source Interventions, Miracle Tools, Station Work in Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center Stations online or in Seattle, and Consultations.  The work is set up through an initial Assessment Email that outlines the nature of the Intensive and the Correct Exchange and then includes follow-up emails as needed to keep the work on track.  


Those coming to the Seattle Ultimate Spiritual Healing to work with me in person receive personal consultation time as well as access to all of the Miracle Tools in the Center and the miracle of the Center itself, which is a place in which they can experience Perfect Integration.  Through being immersed in the Source Energies that emanate from my form and from the Center and being in the presence of Perfect Integration, their Suits move much more quickly toward the level of Spiritual Integration that is needed to survive the Shifts.


During a Power Surge, work can be accomplished in a shorter period of time and for a greatly reduced financial exchange.  It is, therefore, an optimal time to work on preparing for the Shift and for making progress on your Path to Ultimate Spiritual Healing.


To obtain information on what a Personal Power Surge Intensive would be like for you, you can contact me through the link provided below. I will respond by email and we can discuss the best way for you to meet your need to prepare and also provide the Material Energy to ground the miracles that will be needed for your preparation.


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