July 18th, 2013

The Total Abundance Flowstream Arrived July 16th

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On July 16, 2013 at 5:00 pm PDT, The Total Abundance Flowstream arrived in from the Unmanifest Level of Reality.  It took some time to get up to a maintenance level of momentum and then took off, accelerating to keep up with the developmental stages of its own evolution.


Great opposition from the Negativity surrounded the advent of the Flowstream and it was only with additional Source Support that the Flowstream was able to arrive safely.  


The Heaven Agents who worked with me in the Webinar on the 16th have Prototyped how to enter into the Flowstream and work with it effectively. The Secondary Code generated from their understanding will help others to follow in their footsteps.


More work to Prototype how to materialize Total Abundance lies ahead and will be the focus of the upcoming Love Connection Webinars on July 18th and 26th.  In the July 26th Webinar, Heaven Agents will be able to receive The Total Abundance Template which enables them to live an abundant life.


Those wishing to participate in the remaining Love Connection Webinars of the series need to follow the steps given below to enter into the Flowstream.  Only those who are already in the Flowstream will be able to Prototype the remaining steps of this part of The Journey to Total Abundance.


How to Enter into The Total Abundance Flowstream 

Step One

You need to ask the Source to admit you into The Correct Exchange System. You can do this by asking your Inner Intelligence, which is the part of your Spiritual Intelligence that knows how to make a direct connection to the Source, to ask the Source on your behalf.  In this way you do not make the mistake of asking a concept that you have of the Source – which yields no result – or talking to some other spiritual intelligence that you think is the Source who might then lead you astray.  If you ask your Inner Intelligence to connect you to the Source and only to the Source, then you get around any technical mishap that might occur in your efforts to make a real connection.  


Once in The Correct Exchange System you give 100% of what is yours to give and the Source gives you 100% of what the Source is to give.  In this way a sustainable system of Correct Exchange is established that yields Total Abundance. This is addressed in depth in The Owner’s Manual for Your Suit – an eBook available online and in the Next Step Video entitled: The Source Plan for Transitioning into The Source Perfected World.


Step Two

In order to enter into The Correct Exchange System, you have to have The Abundance Mindset.  When you ask to enter into The Correct Exchange System, you generate enough Material Energy to ground the miracle of The Abundance Mindset.  Once you have The Abundance Mindset you are admitted into The Correct Exchange System.


Step Three

Now you are ready to ask the Source for entry into The Total Abundance Flowstream.  At this point you will need to draw upon The Abundance Mindset to free your Suit of anything that it is attached to or anything from the Negativity that it is networked to which might be attempting to block it from entering into the Flowstream.  Only when you have released from all attachments can you enter into the Flowstream.

The way to call upon the help of The Abundance Mindset is to ask your Inner Intelligence to work with it on your behalf.  Your Inner Intelligence will know how to do the technical part that is needed.  The Abundance Mindset will also help you at a conscious level to release the attachments that your Suit hangs onto out of fear of loss – a fear that rises out of a fear of scarcity.

Step Four

Once you are in The Total Abundance Flowstream, you will need to continue to release any additional attachments to the people and things of the world so that you can get up to speed in the Flowstream and rise to the highest level within the Flowstream.  


At Level One there are 7 Steps.  Most people enter at Step 7 of Level One and then make their way to Step 1 of Level One.  This is the highest level.  To reach this level you have to be unattached to anyone or anything in the world, and willing to just go with the flow of the Flowstream and experience whatever the Source gives you to experience without trying to control what happens or slow things down to hold onto what you have.  You allow yourself to be in the midst of the Total Abundance that the Source provides for you and allow it to manifest around you when the time is right.  In this way you experience The Heaven Experience even while you are still in the process of manifesting the Total Abundance that you need materially in your human life.

If you have not developed your Spiritual Senses to discern whether you are in the Flowstream or not, then you can ask your Inner Intelligence to help you to understand if you have successfully made it in.

Step Five

There are six currents within the Flowstream that you will need to allow to run through your Suit.  These currents give you the Rhythm that matches the miracles that will come into your life to manifest:

  • Total Abundance
  • Perfect Health
  • Life Purpose Fulfillment 
  • Love-Based Relationships 
  • The Love Connection with the Source
  • The Heaven Experience 


If you have a Rhythm that matches the Rhythm of a miracle that you need, then it can manifest in your life. If you don’t have the Rhythm then the miracle can’t manifest for you.


To receive the six currents, just ask your Inner Intelligence to communicate to the Source your desire to receive these currents.  If you are ready to receive them, you will begin to run the currents.


Upcoming Love Connection Webinars

In the upcoming Webinars of the Love Connection Series Heaven Agents will Prototype how to work with the Flowstream to manifest Total Abundance.


I welcome all who wish to have Total Abundance in their lives and to manifest Total Abundance in their world, to join us in this work.  


Prepare for the work by following the instructions above. If you have already requested admission into an upcoming Love Connection Webinar, then I will send you a link if you made it into the Flowstream. If you are uncertain about whether you have made it into The Total Abundance Flowstream and would like to attend a Love Connection Webinar, then request admission online and I will send you a link if you have successfully entered into the Flowstream. 


Due to security issues surrounding the work of July 16th, no Replay will be made available.  Heaven Agents wishing to enter into the Flowstream can follow the directions given above and receive Source Support for freeing themselves from their attachments so they can enter into the Flowstream.


To request admission into a Love Connection Webinar you can go to:




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