June 1st, 2013

The Universal Heaven Agent Network Summit

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In this Summit, I am calling all of the Heaven Agents together from the Universal Heaven Agent Network to prepare themselves and all others throughout the Universal Community for the drastic shift in Spiritual Vibration that will occur on August 8th.  


The dates of the Summit,  July 16th - August 8th, coincide with a Peak Period in the Personal Power Surge  running from May  10th – August 8th to support the work of all beings seeking to prepare for the Shifts. 


The Peak Period is additional power that is given for the work of The Universal Heaven Agent Network to spearhead an initiative to help prevent the loss of life during the Vibrational Shifts.

During this period Heaven Agents are encouraged to work with me in the Seattle Ultimate Spiritual Healing for parts of this period of time and also to join in the Heaven Experience Webinars that will be scheduled as we get closer to the event.



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