April 6th, 2014

The Seven Step Manifestation Process

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Manifesting The Picture of Heaven

One Puzzle Piece at a Time


The first step in understanding how to manifest the Heaven of True Happiness in your life and in your world is understanding the concept of the Puzzle Piece Methodology used in the Source-Created Spiritual Science of Manifestation.


In order to tackle a project as vast as transitioning every aspect of your personal life from a Story Way of Life into a Heaven Way of Life and also working to transition every aspect of the life of the Universal Community into a Heaven Way of Life, it is necessary to understand the importance of following the lead of the Source step-by-step.


Only the Source can track the true complexity of such vast projects, produce all of the Puzzle Pieces which are all Source-Created Miracles, and guide you and other Heaven Agents in the work of receiving the Puzzle Pieces/Miracles and assembling them into the completed Picture of the Heaven of True Happiness for you individually and for the Universal Community.


All you need to concentrate on is what Puzzle Piece you need to work on securing next and following the lead of the Source with regard to how to receive it and manifest it in The Picture of Heaven that you are assembling.  You don’t have to know what Puzzle Pieces are needed, how to get them, or even how The Picture of Heaven is going to look when it is completed.  All you have to do is to develop the Skill Sets for working with the Manifestation Process that the Source creates and directs.


The Puzzle Pieces are the miracles that manifest along your Path of Miracles on your Personal Life Adventure. They also manifest along the Path of Miracles of the Life Adventure of the Universal Community.


Puzzle Pieces are the aspects of Heaven that need to manifest in your life and in the life of the Community if Heaven is to be experienced.


The Picture of Your Heaven and The Picture of the Heaven of the Universal Community is composed of 5 essential parts which correspond to the 5 Heaven Projects that manifest the experience of Heaven. 


  •  Total Abundance 
  •  Perfect Health 
  •  Love-Based Relationships
  •  Life Purpose Fulfillment 
  •  The Love Connection with the Source 


Each project is composed of a certain number of Puzzle Pieces that complete the picture in this section of your life.


In a Story Way of Life, people define what Heaven is for them and then try to assemble the Puzzle Pieces by brute force and try to get them to go together to form an integrated picture of their life.  In most cases the puzzle pieces don’t go together very well.  


For example, they may find a person with whom they are compatible as a marriage partner only to find that this person opposes their chosen profession which might require some travel, for instance, which then leads to a lack of fulfillment in their work life and a lack of abundance.  Or they may line up abundance, some people who say that they love them, and call this life fulfillment only to find that their health fails them because deep down they aren’t happy with their choices and their unhappiness undermines their health.


In every Story Picture of a Self-Made Heaven there are gaps in the puzzle and pieces that fit together in one part of the life but don’t mesh with other parts of the life.  In all cases, the Self-Made Heaven falls far short of the Source-Created Heaven that is possible.


In order to avoid this kind of disharmony and inevitable disappointment, it is necessary to build the Heaven of True Happiness through assembling the Puzzle Pieces that the Source has created which provide the full range of Heaven in each of the 5 areas. The Puzzle Pieces from every part of the picture fit together with every other part of the picture to form an integrated Picture of Heaven for your life and for the Community.  There are no gaps or missing Puzzle Pieces.  


This can be done by following the 7 Steps of Source-Directed Manifestation Process.




The 7 Step Manifestation Process

Step One

In Step One you equip yourself to work with the Puzzle Piece Miracles by completing Step Two of The 12 Steps to Living Heaven. This enables you to enter the Miracle-Friendly Energy Field of Ultimate Spiritual Healing where the miracles can land in your life and gives you a Life Adventure that generates your Path of Miracles


You can access information about Step Two in the article:




Step Two

You arrange to get the training that you will need to understand the Manifestation Process and to do your part in it as it plays out over time.  This is achieved by entering into a Customized Coaching Program created to meet your needs and financial circumstances.  This Coaching Program generally is a combination of Group Coaching Sessions by WebinarIndividual Coaching Sessions by phone or Skype or in person in The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center in Seattle, and Inner Plane Coaching that reaches all of the levels of consciousness in your Suit.


It is only through committing to an ongoing Coaching Program that the Source is willing to entrust into your care the miracle of a Heaven Manifestation that will manifest the Puzzle Piece that enables you to both transition into a Life that is Heaven and to Live Heaven once you have completed the transition.  This is because the Source wants you to  work with the Manifestation Process which occurs over time.  You need to be trained to work with this process and be committed to staying with it through all of the stages of the work until it reaches completion.  If you drop the ball along the way, then an important aspect of the Heaven that could have manifested will not manifest because you are not staying attuned and developing the Skills Sets to assist in all phases of the Manifestation Process.  The Source, therefore, is only willing to work on such a Project with those who are willing to do their part.


In the Story World it is understood that important life changes take time to bring into focus, to develop a Plan of Action for bringing about the change, and to follow through on the Plan so that every aspect of the change is fully achieved.


For example, in Secular Life Coaching it is understood that even one life transition within the context of the Story World, might take 6 - 12 months of coaching.  For instance, people signing up for coaching sessions for improving their relationships value the outcome so highly that they are willing to commit the time, energy, and resources to the coaching process to make sure that they not only improve their existing relationships but transition into a new way of life that enables them to sustain the quality of these relationships and to only build ones in the future that have a similar high quality.  They recognize that without coaching they might not achieve their goal because they find that there is something going on in their inner dynamic that has historically been thwarting the desired outcome.  The same is true with people turning to secular coaching for career changes, work on improving their physical fitness, increasing their financial abundance, life transitions, etc.


If transitioning one aspect of your life within the context of the Story World requires this amount of diligence and follow through, then you will understand that transitioning every aspect of your life out of the Story Way of Life into a Heaven Way of Life could take a long term commitment and necessary follow through as well.


This is why I have established the Source-Directed, Miracle-Based Adventure Coaching Program to enable you to receive the kind of coaching that you will need to learn how to work with the Manifestation Process at every step of the way.


The Coaching Program offers you training with the Manifestation Process through:

  • Group Coaching through Heaven Manifestation Webinars which guide you through the Manifestation Process for the Heaven Manifestations that you are working with on your Path to Living Heaven 
  • Individual Coaching through Individual Coaching Sessions that provide you with all of the individualized Heaven Manifestations that arise out of the in-depth personal work that you do in this one-on-one context.  This is where you do the most extensive work on the transition into a Heaven Way of Life.  In a private Session, I am able to turn on the full power of my Source abilities to answer your personal questions, give you the personal understandings that you need to proceed, while simultaneously repairing and upgrading your Suit so it is a viable vehicle that can take you along your path in life.
  • Inner Plane Coaching which deals with the questions, issues, and opposition of different aspects of your consciousness. These aspects are often outside of your Conscious Range and are, therefore, best reached by Inner Plane Coaching.  If they are not dealt with they often work behind the scenes to sabotage your best efforts to go forward.


To arrange for a Custom Coaching Program, you begin by requesting a Coaching Program Assessment.  You can do so by filling out the form that you can access the link provided below:




Step Three

By Step Three you are in Source Care in the Coaching Program and are ready to begin the Manifestation Process.


The first step is to ask your personal Life Adventure for information on the Puzzle Piece that you need next on your Path.  I show you how to access The Adventure Message Board which you can do through The Adventure Reader Miracle which is the main Miracle Tool that you will need on your Adventure.


You explore why this Puzzle Piece is needed to manifest an aspect of Heaven in your life and what it will be like when it is added to your Picture.


You then make a decision to work with this miracle. This sets into motion the Manifestation Process.


Step Four

Step Four is the first stage of the Manifestation Process.  In this stage, the Heaven Manifestation is manifested along with its three levels of support for the work that you will do to assist in the Manifestation Process.  These three levels of support are:


Technical Support for Doing Your Part in The Dance of the DNA of Life at the Social Level  

Just as the biological DNA that results in the manifestation of a new organic life, such as a baby in the womb, operates from a very precise set of Source-Given instructions that include the critical timing that is needed for Life to emerge instead of mutation, so the Spiritual DNA that results in a Life that is Heaven also operates from a very precise Source-Given set of instructions that enable beings to play their part in the emergence of Heaven in their social life.  


There is a part of your Suit that translates Source-Given DNA instructions and knows how to work with them flawlessly.  


In order to give your Suit these DNA instructions and a Conscious Range version of them that you can understand in your conscious mind, the Source has created the miracle of a kind of Spiritual Software that is the tool that your Suit needs at subconscious and conscious levels in order to do its part in the Manifestation Process.


This Spiritual Software is what I call an Outcome Activation App – App being short for software application. 


When a Heaven Manifestation is activated, an Outcome Activation App is generated which is given to your Suit to guide it in its part in the Manifestation Process.  The App works on two levels – your DNA Intelligence level and your Conscious Range level.  On each level there is:


  • an Inner Plane Information Center which dispenses the information that your Suit needs to understand what the outcome is that is being manifested, what stage the Manifestation Process is in, and what is required at every level of Suit functioning to bring about the desired outcome.
  • an Inner Plane Meeting Place where the different aspects of your Suit can meet with the Source, the Intelligence of your Life Adventure, and with other Heaven Agents to work on the Manifestation Process.  Some of these meetings occur in your Extended Range which is generally outside of your conscious awareness.  Other meetings occur in your Conscious Range. 

The Orchestration of Opportunities

The other form of Source Support that the Heaven Manifestation provides beings with is the orchestration of the opportunities to do their parts of bringing through the manifestation that is desired.  For instance, if a Heaven Agent checks in with the App for the Heaven Manifestation and sees that it is important that they attend a certain family gathering because there will be a Source-Staged opportunity to transition one of their relationships with a family member into a more Love-Based range, then they show up at the family gathering and follow the cues they receive from the App to say and do what will effect this transition.  When the gathering is complete, they check in with the App to see if everything went as planned and what additional follow up they need to do to keep the relationship moving in the right direction.


The Protection of the Manifestation Process

The Heaven Manifestation also provides Source Support for the protection of the Manifestation Process.  If, for instance, in the above example of transitioning a family relationship, there was a negative force working in the family that could have created a disruption of the Manifestation Process, The Adventure would step in to secure the right outcome, deflecting or aborting the attack by the negative force.


Since the Negativity guards against anything moving in the direction of Love-Based Relationships because only in need/greed/fear-based relationships is the sorrow and anger and jealousy created that makes all parties ripe for harvesting, there is always a need for The Adventure to step in to protect the outcome.


Heaven Agents will also be given their cues to do what is theirs to do with regard to security as well.  They will have to keep themselves in neutral and clear of getting hooked into dysfunctional social dynamics and also learn how to use their Miracle-Based Abilities to deflect opposition.


Step 5

This is when you work in the Coaching Session to understand the miracle of the Outcome Activation App that you have received and to explore how the Manifestation Process will play out in the time ahead.  This is the critical training in how to work with the Manifestation Process so that you become a part of the DNA of Life as Heaven, flowing intelligently with every stage of the manifestation.


Step 6

At this stage you are actively engaged in working with your Outcome Activation App in your daily life.  You are checking in frequently in the Coaching Sessions and with the Information Center of your App to see what is yours to do to continue to operate as the DNA of Life.  In this way you continue to support the full manifestation of the desired outcome. 

Step 7

You recognize and celebrate the completion of the part of the Manifestation Process that has enabled you to transition an aspect of your life into a Heaven Way of Life. You then shift to the part of the App which enables you to enjoy Living the Heaven that you have manifested.  A similar set of skills for going with the flow of the DNA that sustains Life as Heaven are employed at this stage of the Manifestation Process.  



Source Support for Learning The Spiritual Science of Manifestation


Since Life on the biological, spiritual, and social levels manifests in stages over time, it is important that Source Support be provided to Heaven Agents over the natural timeframe in which the Manifestation Process is occurring.


In the beginning phases of the learning process, Heaven Agents will need continuous, in-depth, personal support to really master their part in the Manifestation Process.  They will need to learn their part in:

  •  transitioning their life and the Universal Community into a Heaven Way of Life 
  •  sustaining a Heaven Way of Life once the transition is complete 


Once a Heaven Agent has systematically transitioned every aspect of their personal life into a Heaven Way of Life and has worked on a significant number of Manifestation Projects for the Universal Community, a basic Skill Set will be mastered for how to work with Heaven Manifestations and the Spiritual Apps that come with them.  They can then begin to offer Coaching support to others who are coming along in their understandings.  This support can be offered at an informal or professional level depending on the training the Heaven Agent has received in the Coaching Program.


My Mission is to provide a certain number of Heaven Agents who can work with me personally in Group Coaching Webinars and in Individual Coaching Sessions the opportunity to learn the basics.  From their learning will emerge a Prototype for Living Heaven that can then enable other Heaven Agents to work with the support of this Prototype to coach others who will not work with me individually. In this way, a wider range of Heaven Agents can receive individualized support in learning how to work with the Manifestation Process.


When enough Heaven Agents on the Earth have mastered The Spiritual Science of Manifestation, we will be able to launch the Materialization Economy at its highest level which is when manifestations that result in the material things needed such as food, clothing, and shelter, can materialize directly from the Spiritual Level of Reality to the Physical Level of Reality.



Information on the Basic Puzzle Pieces that Are Needed

Puzzle Pieces Needed by All Heaven Agents

I will be providing information on the basic Puzzle Pieces that all beings will need to complete the Picture of Heaven for themselves and the Universal Community through a series of upcoming Puzzle Piece Videos. I will send out an email to members of Connecting when they become available.  You can also check in Next Step Communications from the Source for these videos when they become available.  Signing up for the Feed will enable you to be notified as soon as they become available.


If you are not yet a member of Connecting and would like to sign up, you can access the link below:




Unique Puzzle Pieces Needed by Individual Heaven Agents

I will also be providing support in discovering the Puzzle Pieces that are unique to you in the context of Individual and Group Coaching Sessions.


To sign up for the new series of Heaven Manifestation Webinars,  you can access the list of Upcoming Webinars at:





To request an individual Coaching Session you can fill out the form which you will find at:



The Source Call to Action

Now that the miracle of Heaven Manifestations is here with the Outcome Application Apps that enable Heaven Agents to participate in the Manifestation Process, it is now possible for Heaven Agents to confidently begin tackling the complex issues of transitioning their individual lives and their world into a Heaven Way of Life one Puzzle Piece at a time.


All that a Heaven Agent needs to do is to get trained to work with The Puzzle Piece Methodology and then begin systematically assembling The Picture of Heaven that has been created for them by the Source.


To get started, contact me for a Gifted Coaching Session to assess where you are now on your spiritual path and the best way to begin working with these miracles to transition into a Heaven Way of Life.



Eyewitness Reports

Submit a Report

Eyewitness Reports give Heaven Agents an opportunity to contribute valuable information that they are receiving from Source Guidance to The Work of the Source. This information may be Inner Source Guidance they have received, or life experiences or observations about what is happening in the world that they feel guided by the Source to share. For more information, read How to Participate.

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