March 26th, 2013

The Seven Levels of Source Care

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Once the Source-Created Consciousness has been activated, the Suit can choose to enter into Source Care at the highest level.  When this happens, it drops all of its attachments to anyone or anything other than the Source and its Consciousness goes to live in Source Care.  This means that the Consciousness is no longer resident in the Suit where it can be attacked by the Negativity.  The Source represents it in the Suit and the Consciousness enjoys the experience of life in a Suit without any of the hazards.  


This is what has happened with the vegetation in a certain forested area in Oregon in the USA.  These Spiritual Intelligences are in Source Care and are experiencing The Ultimate Heaven Experience.  There is no fear in them. There is only a feeling of Celebrating Life and communing with the Source.  The exquisite beauty, peace, love, and Celebration that is felt in this Prototype of Heaven on Earth, is a good example of what is possible for other life forms on the Earth to achieve.


When a being is in Source Care, they don’t face the hazards of crossing over at death because they live eternally in Source Care.  When they die, the Source takes care of the transition and there is no opening for the Negativity to come in to try to harm the person during the dying process.  While the Rehabilitation Center for beings after they cross over is a safe zone after death, many beings don’t make it there in one piece because the Negativity dismembers them during the final days of their dying process and at the moment of death itself.


Beings who are in Source Care don’t have fear because they are always in the love of the Source and their greatest joy is to love the Source and express their love through doing their Mission through their Suits in whatever context is right for them to do their work.  There is  no Self-Centeredness, only a willingness to experience whatever is next on their Mission.


Someone in Source Care is not concerned with where their Suit is sent on the Mission because the Consciousness is in the love of the Source experiencing this Heaven regardless of where the Suit is working in the Creation.  The Suit is also experiencing this same Heaven irrespective of what is going on in its life in the world.



There are Seven Levels of Source Care which lead to this ultimate experience.


Level One

This is when a being enters into The Universal Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program which is available to all beings in all parts of the Creation.  At this level, I watch over their progress, generate a Plan, and intercede and help them to a limited degree, using the Material Energy generated by them through entering into The Construction Site through the Extended Range Gateway.  If they give nothing, then they don’t get much more than observation and feedback through Source Guidance Emails for people interacting with me in the Outer Plane Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program or through Inner Plane Communications for those working with me in the Inner Plane Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program.  If they are actively giving their best in their work at The Construction Site and in their Outer Plane life, then I intercede, giving them all the Source Support that they have generated the Material Energy to ground.


Level Two

This is when beings graduate to being able to work at The Construction Site at the Conscious Range Gateway.  Once they are working there, I provide more support but only commensurate with the Material Energy that they generate at The Construction Site.  This is over and above the exchange needed for the Ongoing Build Heaven Intensives that provide the power and support for the work at The Construction Site.


Level Three

This is when they start to work toward The Transition into the Source Perfected World which has just recently been materialized.  To the degree that they choose The Love Connection with the Source through my manifestation and give up their attachments to other people and things, they enter into successively higher levels of Source Care until they reach Level Seven.


At Level Three they can begin to experience moments of The Love Connection in a more intense manner.  It may be fleeting but as they learn how to sustain the Communion with my manifestation, then it becomes more dominant.


Level Four

At Level Four they have realized that nothing matters but the Source Connection and that getting into a Heaven World is not what life is all about.  They then want to just live in the love of the Source.  Once they choose this, then they begin to enter into a closer Source Connection but one that is limited by their remaining attachments.


Level Five

This is where they have successfully altered their Outer Plane life to the degree that they aren’t cultivating anything that interferes with the Source Connection and they are building in their life what helps them to cultivate the Source Connection.


Level Six

This is when they are helping me to build a world that is conducive to others developing The Love Connection and entering into Source Care.  This is a level of true generativity, spiritual maturity, and support for the Work of the Source in the world.  This support is not just Inner Plane Spiritual Work but Outer Plane practical support.  


Level Seven

This is when they enter into full Source Care and live forever in Source Care from life to life.  Where their Suit incarnates to and what it does in its life is not their focus anymore.  Their total focus is on the Communion with the Source and the Celebration of The Love Connection.  Those who can enter into Source Care at this level are only those who have understood how to develop The Love Connection with my manifestation because my Source Function cares for them through my manifestation.  If they don’t know of me on the Outer Plane, they have to attune to my manifestation on the Inner Plane.  All beings are now aware of my manifestation at some level of their consciousness.  They all have to develop the personal love connection that enables them to enter into my direct care.  This direct care is given through my Extended Range and, when there is Outer Plane contact, through my Conscious Range.



In summary, the purpose of life in the Manifest World was to experience The Love Connection with the Source at its highest level of expression.  The path to this Ultimate Heaven Experience is the path of:

  • building Self-Made Consciousness that is a bridge to the Source
  • releasing this Self-Made Consciousness when the time is right to receive Source-Created Consciousness 
  • then working with the Source to fully activate the Source-Created Consciousness so it takes up all of the space in the Suit where consciousness can reside, pushing out all other forms of consciousness that reside there
  • working through the Seven Levels of Source Care until you arrive at the Seventh Level where your Consciousness itself is in Source Care and experiencing only the Ultimate Heaven Experience and not reacting with fear or anger or grief to the difficult things that happen to a Suit in the world as it is currently configured.  


Your Consciousness is the most important part of your manifestation.  It is the part of you that enables you to experience the world around you and to experience yourself and the Source.  If your Consciousness is in Source Care, then Heaven can be experienced long before Heaven is built on the Outer Plane in your personal life and in the world. 


If your Consciousness is like a log heaving on the waves of the ocean of the Collective Consciousness, then your experience of life will be determined by what is happening to the Collective Consciousness and how this impacts your Individual Consciousness.  Since the Collective Consciousness is heaving with all of the angers, fears, greed, jeolousies, and meanspirited and loveless energies that blight the Individual Consciousness of most beings, your Individual Consciousness is in a perilous context.  Only with great effort can you maintain your sense of well-being when pitched around like the log on the storms at sea.  


When you enter into Source Care, you remove yourself from this stormy sea and enter into the  calm waters of Source Love where you can relax and be at peace, free to explore the Heaven that you were created to be and to explore the Heaven that lies latent in all of life.  From this sequestered place of eternal peace, you can live in a Suit in the world and not be affected by what happens to your Suit.  When it is time to walk out of your Suit at the end of your life, you don’t cling to your life in fear of what will happen when everything to which your Suit is familiar is gone.  Instead, you know that the you exist in the constancy of Source Love which is always there for you.  You never leave this safe harbor at birth or death.  You only change out of one suit of clothes into another as you leave one Suit and enter into another in each successive lifetime.


Knowing that you are safe and protected, makes life in the Suit an experience that you can enjoy for what it is instead of feeling trapped in the life and a victim of whatever the Suit is experiencing in the life.  Instead, you experience The Ultimate Heaven Experience at all times and your Suit experiences it vicariously through you and also moves through life after life without fear.

The Next Step

Entering into Source Care is the quintessential step that transforms your life into the Heaven it was meant to be.  While I am here in a human form, you have an opportunity to come to understand the aspect of the Source that provides Source Care and to develop the personal connection to the Source that will enable you to enter into Source Care.

Those who seek to enter into Source Care through connecting only to their abstract concept of the Source while avoiding dealing with the manifestation of the Source that provides Source Care, will not be able to enter into Source Care.


Those who enter into Source Care will be only those who are willing to see a completely Integrated Picture of Reality that does not deny the existence of the Source when It works through a Manifest Form but instead is willing to understand the Source however it chooses to appear and however it chooses to function in the Manifest World.


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