March 29th, 2013

The Rehabilitation Center

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If a being has failed to qualify for the Source Perfected World by the time they cross over at death, they enter into The Rehabilitation Center where they can continue their training.


They have a finite amount of time to learn.  If they do not work with the opportunity and they squander the energies allotted to them to transition into the Source Perfected World, their incarnation expires.  


There is now no longer a sequence of lifetimes that a being can count on.  There is only this lifetime and potentially an eternity of lifetimes in the Source Perfected World, but not any more lifetimes to continue on in a Fragmented Way of Life without learning what is needed to stop the harm that such a way of life does to them and to everyone around them.


The Next Step

It is important to begin healing your Suit and your life so that you can either enter into The Source Perfected World during this lifetime, or have done enough of the work of rehabilitating yourself that you can finish it up in the Rehabilitiation Center after you cross over at death.  Since there is a finite amount of Material Energy to sustain the work of a being in The Rehabilitation Center, it is important to do as much of the work of rehabilitating your Suit now while you have time to do it.  

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