March 31st, 2013

The Gift of Source-Created Consciousness

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As the Heaven Agents who had attained Source-Created Consciousness to varying degrees in other lifetimes, began to receive the Activation Energies that activated this Consciousness, a Spiritual Space was opened up on the Earth for me to bring in Source-Created Consciousness for all beings.


7% of the human population has received this Source-Created Consciousness.  Of this 7%, 5% have worked with me to begin the Activation Process. 2% are ambivalent about what it means to transition into Source-Created Consciousness and are obstructing the Activation Process.


Although all humans have been offered Source-Created Consciousness, many have turned away from it because they are attached to their Self-Made Consciousness and don’t understand that this Consciousness will be their undoing in the time ahead when only those who have Source-Created Consciousness will be able to attain the levels of Spiritual Integration necessary to survive in the Source Perfected Universe.  


The Truth Campaign can help alert people to the Gift of Source-Created Consciousness that is being offered and the need for them to ask for the Activation of it so they can transition quickly out of the Self-Made Consciousness that is inadequate to bridge the gap between the Heaven that is possible for them and their current situation in life.

The Next Step

It is important to receive Source-Created Consciousness in order to remain viable in the Source Perfected Universe.  It is also important to work with the Source to activate this Consciousness so it can replace the Self-Made Consciousness that even at its highest level of Source Attunment, can't take you the full journey to The Ultimate Heaven Experience.

To receive Source-Created Consciousness, you can ask to clear away anything in your Suit that is unwilling to transition into a Life that is Heaven.  If you feel that there is still opposition from some aspects of your Suit, then you can seek Source Guidance to know what is needed to progress.


If you are in The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program, I will be advising you about what you need to do to transition correctly into this Consciousness.


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