March 28th, 2013

The Empowerment Miracle

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A miracle has just come into the world that empowers all who wish to “Hold the Line for Heaven” to be given whatever Spiritual Power and Skills Sets they need in order to always be successful no matter how great the power of the Negativity is that is confronting them on the Inner Plane.  I call it The Empowerment Miracle because it empowers beings of all ages to defend themselves and to do the Heaven Agent Work that is theirs to do.


Even babies can, in their Extended Spiritual Range which is outside of their Conscious Range knowledge and abilities, stand up for themselves, defending their right to retain the purity and purpose of their Suits.


No miracle of this magnitude has ever come through before.  Children until the age of 15 years have generally been unable to defend themselves.  Since most parents don’t understand the dangers that destroy their children on the Inner Plane, most children never make it to age 15 with their Soul still manifesting in their Suit or even with all of the Miracle-Based Abilities and natural levels of Spiritual Intelligence in tact.  Instead, they are highly mutated and the stage on which they are to play out their life is controlled by the entity of their Story Character Persona which they are groomed by the socialization process to create for themselves. (The Story Character Persona is the social identity that presents the person as a character that fits within known roles in the Story of the Cultural Play.) Without the full array of the lights of their Spiritual Intelligence, they forget that this Story Character Persona is a fabrication and not who they really are, and they begin to defend it and believe that this is, for good or for bad, who they really are and all that they are.


The Empowerment Miracle also enables a single Heaven Agent to do what has never been possible before for one being to accomplish standing up against the Negativity.  I have seen Heaven Agents destroying fortresses of negative energy that were encapsulating them – traps built by the Negativity that formerly no one but the Source could break.  Now the entrapped Heaven Agent is demolishing the trap and destroying the negativity in the beings who have entrapped them, freeing their Suits to begin to evolve toward Ultimate Spiritual Healing.


With the advent of this miracle, a Grassroots Uprising against the tyranny of the Negativity has now begun.  I am communicating on the Inner Plane to all beings to “Hold the Line for Heaven” and they are becoming empowered by this miracle to stand up to the Negativity in themselves and on the Inner Plane.


At this point, this miracle doesn’t give a Heaven Agent invincibility on the Outer Plane, but it sets the stage for successful Outer Plane outcomes.  Careful adherence to the Source Plan for dealing with the Negativity on the Outer Plane is needed as well as the preparatory work on the Inner Plane, using The Empowerment Miracle.

The Next Step

To connect to The Empowerment Miracle you need to ask your Inner Intelligence, which is the aspect of your Spiritual Intelligence that knows how to connect to the miracles of the Source, to make it available to you in your Extended and Conscious Ranges. 

If you have developed the Conscious Range of your Heaven Agent Abilities, then you will be able to watch it in action as you see yourself wielding levels of power that were never possible before.  If you have not as yet developed your Conscious Range awareness of Heaven Agent Work, then you can ask to give your energy to supporting your Suit in working with The Empowerment Miracle in your Extended Range.  Since the Extended Range is often outside of your conscious awareness, you may not be able to watch the action, but you should begin to notice the shift in the circumstances of your life as you throw off the oppression of the Negativity that creates scarcity and hardships of all kinds and notice that your Suit is beginning to work much more effectively to build Heaven in your life.

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