In The Owner’s Manual I have provided you with the basics about what a Suit is, what has happened historically to Suits, and what you need to survive in a Suit in the new Source Perfected Universe.  


I have also provided you with information on the Source Support that is available to you and how you can work with me to receive it.


Key to your success is your ability to follow the Next Step Process generated by The Plan that is created for you when you enter into The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program.  The Plan helps you to see what is Next for you individually and enables you to prepare for the work that is needed to perfect your Suit as you travel your Path to Perfection.  


Through following The Plan you will be able to perfect your Suit and stay abreast of the rising vibrational levels of the Source Perfected Universe as The Picture of Perfection manifests.  Through perfecting your Suit in the right time frame, you will remain in The Picture. In this way you will be there to enjoy the Heaven of a Source Perfected Universe when it reaches its full level of manifestation.


Time is of the essence.  Take Action.


Follow the Six Steps outlined in “The Source Solution” to enter into The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program. Then seek Source Guidance on the Inner and the Outer Plane to chart your course on your Path to Perfection.