How to Provide Your Suit with What It Needs


The first task “you” – the Heaven Agent Identity has – is to sidestep the opposition of the Story Character in the Suit and to work only with the Source to provide your Suit with what it needs.


If the Story Character is allowed to take the stage, it will find all sorts of reasons why equipping your Suit with what it needs is too expensive and not needed because it knows that when the Suit is properly equipped, particularly with the proper Code to express the Soul, than it will be no longer able to commandeer the Suit and present as the resident identity in the place of the Soul.


If you consult with other Story Characters running the Suits of people you know for their opinion about whether Ultimate Spiritual Healing is a good idea or not or worth your time or effort, they will also side with your Story Character to discourage your work. They have a vested interest in keeping you tap dancing on the stage of their Story Lives in the customary roles that you have played in the past.


If you consult your left brain logic about what is possible and what is appropriate to spend on your Suit, it will compare your expenses to provide for your Suit with other expenses that are validated in the Story and that it thinks are imminently of more value and more urgently needed.   Your left brain logic is Story Logic that has been recorded in your left brain as the result of your Suit being socialized in the Story World.  It is run off of the Pseudo Codes that have led your Suit to make choices that have led it to Disconnect from the Source and follow its own Self-Centered Logic. 


Consulting your left brain Story Logic is like asking the Negativity who shaped the Story World and fabricated Story Logic if they approve of you leaving their regime and building an alternate way of life that has no room in it for their criminal behavior. 


You have to follow Source Logic and understand that if your Suit can’t grasp, at certain levels of its consciousness, why it needs new Code, then you, as the representative of the Soul, need to step in and make the Executive Level Decision to provide it with what the Source recommends.  You need to follow the lead of the Source and not the lead of your Suit which has led itself into a ditch from which it can’t get out without Source Support.


Once you have understood this dynamic, then you need to turn to the Source and ask what is in The Plan for your Ultimate Spiritual Healing for providing for the things that your Suit needs.  You can then either read The Plan yourself or ask for help through a Next Step Consultation.  


In The Plan is information on what resources are available to you to balance the exchange for what your Suit needs.


You can also consult the Miracle Intelligence that operates your Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a Life that Works with regard to the specifics of how much Material Energy you will need and what the timing on it is.  This will help to bring into focus what you need to do to meet these developmental deadlines for your Suit.


The key concept that you need to have is that the right amount of Material Energy is needed in order for the right amount of Source Power to be delivered to your Suit’s Workstation.  When this Source Power is delivered, the aspect of my Source Function that mans the Workstation can use the Source Power to ground the miracles that you need for your Suit – miracles such as Code, a Code Processor, Miracle-Based Training, etc.


This Material Energy can be provided through:

  • Non-Financial Exchange through work on Prototype Projects. 
  • Financial Exchange


The work on Prototype Projects requires that the Heaven Agent implement the Standards of Heaven in their daily life, working on the Inner and Outer Plane to build the Prototype to the full extent and then sharing their experiences concerning it so that the Secondary Code that they have built can be used to help others traveling in their footsteps.  This kind of work takes time and requires the production of Level 14 Material Energy to fully balance the exchange.


In the Prototype Communities, their work on Prototype Projects for building Heaven in the world generates all of the Material Energy that is needed for their Correct Exchange for the Miracle-Based Way of Life that the Source provides for them.


Eventually, Heaven Agents on the Earth will achieve this level of Correct Exchange as well and will be able to balance the exchange with me through Prototype Work.


Until that time, however, financial exchange will be needed in order to generate the more materialized energies that I need to deliver the miracles.  Financial exchange is more immediately accessible to most Heaven Agents who would have to wait years to generate equivalent amounts of Material Energy through a Non-Financial Exchange.  


The issue then, is how to generate the Financial Exchange that is needed.  For some Heaven Agents this is not a problem because they already have the funds to provide what is needed.  For other Heaven Agents, their “budget” is only big enough for a small extension of their expenses outside the range of their basic expenses.  In cases of this kind, the Heaven Agent can opt to work with me on Heaven Economy Options that give them economic opportunities to generate more income than would be possible in their ordinary life.  For instance, in working in The Truth Campaign, they can spread the word of the Work of the Source, and receive a percentage of the Source Support that incoming Heaven Agents procure for their Suits.  In this way, through working to help the Source, they also work to help themselves prosper enough to provide their Suits with what they need.


They can also engage in a Joint Venture with me where a new kind of Miracle Tool, Source Intervention, or service is provided that requires work on their part and on mine to make it possible. Through Joint Ventures, Heaven Agents can "become what is needed to support the Work of the Source" through making the miracles of Heaven more readily available to others who might never know of them without the help of the Joint Venture. 


Some Heaven Agents can expand on a profession that they are already engaged in to transform it into one that carries the energies of the Source.  When this happens, they can increase their level of prosperity through following the lead of the Source.  They will then have more income to provide for the needs of their Suit.


And, it is also possible to follow Source Guidance to embark on a new side venture that is not associated directly with my work which generates the funds that are needed for the Suit Work.  


With Source Guidance and miracles, prosperity can come through many different avenues.  The key is the Heaven Agent taking responsibility for providing for what the Suit needs and following The Plan so that whatever course is taken is backed up by the Source.  In this way the Story Logic of how to balance the exchange never gets a chance to enter into the picture and begin to sully the work of providing for the Suit.  


Source-Directed efforts to provide for the Suit keep the purity of the process in tact.  This is very important because learning how to deal with balancing the exchange without allowing the Suit to go back into old Story coping mechanisms is an important part of the process of Ultimate Spiritual Healing.  


I have provided below the article entitled:  "Balancing the Exchange for Your Work in The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program".  This article contains more detailed information about how to proceed.


Balancing the Exchange for Your Work in The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program


The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program is a Miracle-Based Program. In order for you to receive the miracles from the Source, it is necessary for you to:

  • understand the principles of maintaining a Miracle-Friendly Environment into which the miracles can come
  • provide the Source with the Material Energy so the miracles can reach you at the level of materiality where you reside on the Spiritual Level of Reality.  


The miracles are a Gift from the Source.  There is no financial exchange that could ever balance the exchange for them. They are priceless.


What is needed is a balanced exchange for the amount of Material Energy that is required to deliver the miracles to you. If you provide this energy then the miracles can reach you.  If you don't then they remain at the border of the Material World, awaiting the energy for the Delivery Process.


For further information, I recommend the article entitled: "The Spiritual Science of Correct Exchange".  


Since many Heaven Agents lack the financial means to balance the exchange for the Delivery Process, I have created different options that can enable the Heaven Agent to succeed in balancing the exchange.


These options arise out of the Source-Created Heaven Economy where Heaven Agents work with the Source to generate what is needed even if, in the current Cash Economy, there is scarcity.  Through understanding and working with these Heaven Economy Options, you enter into the Work of the Source to create the Heaven Economy which will generate the Correct Exchange for a Life that is Heaven for all Heaven Agents.


It takes Team Work to build a Heaven Economy but it is the ultimate answer to healing the problems created by financial scarcity and building a foundation for the kind of Total Abundance enjoyed by the Prototype Communities who I speak about in The Journey of Discovery.


To understand these Heaven Economy Options from the Source Perspective, it requires asking for inner Source Guidance to step out of the restrictive logic of the Cash Economy into the Source Logic that takes you on a Step-by-Step Process toward Total Abundance in The Heaven Economy.


If you are meant to do this work with me on the Outer Plane, there will be a way, outlined in the Source Plan, for you to succeed in doing this.


The First Step is the "I can" approach.  You have to start with affirming that with the help of the Source behind you it is possible to succeed.  The "I can't" approach is the Story response to difficult situations.  


The Second Step is "what is the Source Guiding me to do?".  When you follow these steps then you move out of the mindset of the "I can't" approach and into falling back on your old survival skills in the Cash Economy rather than following the lead of the Source.  


The Third Step is to ask to "become what is needed".  When you step out of the Self-Centered Approach that has led to the scarcity and competition of our world today into the "become what is needed" mode of the Prototype Communities, you move into "neutral" – into a place of receptivity to the miracles of the Source that make abundance possible.  When you are willing to "become what is needed" the Source can send you the Code and Power and Miracles that enable you to accomplish what you could never accomplish if you were straining to produce it by your own Self-Directed efforts. 


When I asked the Prototype Community members if they had one piece of advice to share with Heaven Agents on the Earth, they said to always ask to "become what is needed" by the Source for whatever work is at hand.  They said that when they let go and allow the Source to move through them to do whatever is needed, then miracles happen and they don't feel the burden of trying to make things happen by themselves.  They morph into "what is needed" and this miracle itself sets the stage for the cascade of other miracles that make for a Miracle-Based Way of Life.


They say that this is how they got past the initial "sticking point" that came from their sense of the enormity of the task ahead when I told them what it was going to take to heal and transform their Suits and their way of life.  Once they stepped into the "become what is needed" mode, they entered the World of Miracles and nothing was the same after that.  


The struggle and fear and limited vision of their old way of life lifted and they could see the vision of the Heaven that was manifesting around them on a daily basis. This is how in 29 years they transitioned out of scarcity, disease, competition, crime, war, abuse, discrimination, and dysfunctionality on every level into the Heaven of a Miracle-Based Way of Life of abundance, good health, love-based relationships, and life purpose fulfillment.


It is a simple concept but when applied to the task of bringing in the additional income needed for your work in The Ultimate Spiritual Heaing Program, you will find that it will make all the difference.  You will transition into a Source-Directed Path of Discovery of how to make abundance happen in your circumstances.  It will be a lesson in Living Heaven that will open your life up to the Heaven it can be in every other aspect of your life as well.  Dealing with the fear of scarcity and the belief that you "can't" is where transcendence into a Source-Connected and Source-Directed Way of Life has to begin.  If it doesn't happen in the economic sector of your life, it will never happen in the other aspects of your life.



For further information I recommend the articles entitled: "Building The Heaven Economy" and "Funding the Work of Building Heaven in the World".


Requesting Source Guidance for Balancing the Exchange

For help in receiving Source Guidance with regard to financing your work in The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program, contact us and describe your financial circumstances. Include a phone number or Skype address. We will generally respond by email and will schedule a phone or Skype consultation if this is needed.



Heaven Economy Options


Payment Plans without Interest

If a Heaven Agent would like to receive Source Support and can't afford to make a single payment for what they need, I offer Payment Plans without interest that enable them to space out their payments over time.


Since single payments give the maximum amount of Material Energy for the miracles to manifest and, therefore, more power to the work, they are the optimal way to work. Payment Plans can be created based on information from Source Guidance about what is possible in terms of providing the right amount of Material Energy in the right time frame for the miracles to come through correctly.  


For more information on how this works you can read the article entitled: "The Spiritual Alchemy of Correct Exchange" and "The Spiritual Science of Correct Exchange".


Generating the Funds You Need

Heaven Agents can generate the funds that they need and simultaneously participate in developing The Heaven Economy Prototype through:



The Truth Campaign

As Heaven Agents bring others to this work and the incoming Heaven Agents exchange financially for their training and Miracle Tools, etc., the Heaven Agent who brought them in receives a percentage of the financial exchange which they can then use to pay for their own work in The Miracle School or for their livelihood.


Work Study

In some instances a Heaven Agent will have a life skill that is needed by The Miracle School and they can be paid on an hourly basis to provide this kind of support.  This will also generate funds for their work in The Miracle School.


Joint Ventures

Heaven Agents who want to start Source-Directed Businesses that build Heaven in the world can enter into a Joint Venture with me to build this kind of business.  Joint Ventures require careful attention to the Miracle-Friendly Conditions of the business and to The Standards of Heaven that must be maintained if the Source is to work with a Heaven Agent in such a context.


Source-Guided Employment

Some Heaven Agents find it most in keeping with their skill sets to seek the kind of employment that will generate additional income for their work in The Miracle School. Through following Source Guidance on the Inner Plane, they are given Source Support to find this employment and successfully raise the funds for their own tuition.  I am available for Next Step Consultations to map out a way to generate additional income through reading the Source Plan for employment opportunities of this type.



When fellow Heaven Agents contribute to The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a World that Works, funds are raised that can be used to help Heaven Agents who are disabled and can't work to generate funds themselves to receive the Source Support they need for The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program.

Non-Financial Exchange

There are two kinds of Prototype Work that can generate Material Energy for your Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a Life that Works.

Source-Initiated Prototype Projects

A Heaven Agent can work on a Source-Initiated Prototype Project to generate through this work enough Material Energy to contribute to the work of Heaven in the world.  The amount of the Material Energy generated through the work can be translated into "Miracle School Credits" that can be applied like a discount for work in The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program of The Miracle School.  They can also be applied to Source Support to help other Heaven Agents or for the Prototype Projects needed by the Community.  Material Energy for these kinds of Projects goes into The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a World that Works.

These kind of Source-Initiated Prototype Projects are mapped out in advance with the specific amount of Material Energy that is to be generated from them understood. I email the Heaven Agent the information and if they agree to the Project then the work begins.  As long as the work is progressing well  Material Energy is being generated. If a Consultation to keep the work on track is needed, then the Material Energy that has been generated can be used to balance the exchange for the Consultation.  This amount is then deducted from the Credits earned for the Project as a whole.

General Work on Prototype Projects

Another way to generate Material Energy is to work with Prototypes generated from The Heaven on Earth Prototype Project to build Heaven in your personal life. This work is done when you change your life to make it Source-Connected and you work with me to build Heaven in your world.  The work must be both Outer Plane work and Inner Plane work.  Inner Plane work alone will not balance the exchange for the Outer Plane work that I do when I provide you with different kinds of Source Support.

You can consult your Life that Works Fund to see how much Material Energy you have generated from work of this kind.  If enough energy has been generated and there is Source Guidance directing it to be used to exchange for Source Support through The Miracle School, then a Miracle School Credit can be given.


For more information on how to work on a Prototype Project you can read the article entitled: "How to Work with the Source on a Prototype Project".