The Living The Adventure Coaching Program


In order to learn how to Live Heaven in your everyday life, it is necessary to master the art and science of Living The Adventure that structures the opportunity for Heaven in every moment of your life.


Living The Adventure requires:

  • receiving a Source-Created Adventure for your life that takes you down a Path of Miracles to achieve the Heaven of the highest level of happiness that is possible for you.  This is gifted to you in The Turning Point Miracle when you Sign On to The Adventure of Living Heaven.
  • learning how to work with the Source as your Guide on the Inner and Outer Plane 
  • procuring The Adventure Reader Miracle which enables you to access:
    • The Adventure Message Board where you can go to get:
      • a quick news bulletin on what is happening in the moment on your Adventure
      • information on your Next Step on your Path of Miracles
    • The Adventure Traveler, an Inner Plane vehicle which:
      • takes you into the future where you can see how The Adventure is going to play out
      • takes you into the past so you can understand the role that The Adventure played in the events that have already played out.
    • The Flow which streams in the information and experiences of The Adventure directly into your spiritual right brain, mid-brain, and left brain without going through the usual route which is heart chakra to right brain, right brain to mid-brain, and mid-brain to left brain.  This prevents mid-brain fatigue that often shuts down the flow of spiritual information in the later years of life.
  • getting Source-Directed Individual and Group Coaching that enables you to:
    • master Living The Adventure which includes not only learning how to read the Message Board and travel into the future and the past to explore The Adventure, but to track The Adventure as it is unfolding in every moment of your life, flowing with it and maximizing the experience of Heaven that it makes possible for you. 
    • become an Adventure Coach yourself. Through thoroughly understanding how to Live The Adventure you can help guide others on their Adventures. You can work either professionally or non-professionally to help individuals and groups to Flow with The Adventure that is giving them the best chance to have Heaven in their lives.
    • transform every aspect of your personal and professional life so you are truly Living Heaven and not repeating the patterns that have engendered suffering in your life in the past. The best way to get coached is through committing to two years of indepth one-on-one work that will solidly prepare you to transform every aspect of your personal and professional life so you not only know what it would look like to Live Heaven in your life and what you need to do to transition into Living Heaven but you have Source Support to make the transition and start Living Heaven in your daily life.
    • receive Coaching to know how to get equipped and trained to do your Heaven Agent Work that generates the Material Energy that you provide to the Source to ground the miracles that make your life Heaven.  This is the secret to having a Miracle-Based Way of Life.  
    • learn how to manifest the miracle of who you are. Since there is no other being in the entire Creation that has your unique makeup as a spiritual being, there comes a time in your training when Webinars won’t take you the distance because they don’t answer to your need to understand yourself completely and to develop your unique abilities. This is where one-on-one Adventure Coaching comes in. There is no substitute for the opportunity to work with the Source in person to finally understand what is most important  – which is who you are and what you need to do to experience Heaven in your life.  Understanding general principles that apply to all beings isn’t going to give you the precise, individualized information that only the Source can give you through working with you one-on-one to Live The Adventure of your life with full power and full joy.
    • learning through an apprenticeship model how to work alongside the Source to Build Heaven in your life and in the world.  Through Source-Directed Spiritual Activism you manifest the miracle of who you are and the miracle of a Source-Directed Community that works together to transform life into Heaven.


The first step for gaining entry into The Living The Adventure Coaching Program is to Sign On to The Adventure of Living Heaven in Your Everyday Life.  


The Coaching Program offers:

Group Coaching

This occurs in Group Coaching Webinars such as Materialization Economy Webinars that are offered monthly.  

Individual Coaching

This occurs when you sign up for two years of Individual Coaching.  Individual Coaching is structured for the length of time that it will take for you to make significant progress in learning how to Live The Adventure from which you can learn how to Live Heaven in your life.  An Individual Coaching Session here or there will not achieve the desired result.  What is needed is 24/7 Source Support through The Adventure Coaching Program that is structured on a month-to-month basis with a written Agreement to continue the work for the two year period that is needed.  


In a month the Coaching Program offers:

  • two hours of Outer Plane Coaching in person in the Seattle Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center or by phone or Skype
  • Inner Plane Coaching that reaches all of the levels of your Suit, refereeing the opposition to change that Fragments warring with one another create outside of the conscious awareness of the person
  • Miracles that are uniquely created for you along your Path, in accordance with the amount of Material Energy that you are providing to ground these miracles.  Since you will be getting trained to do good Heaven Agent Work, you will be generating through an Energy Exchange some of the Material Energy for the miracles that you will need.  Others can be grounded by the financial exchange for the Coaching Program and/or for a particular Miracle Tool or Intervention itself.  
  • Heaven Manifestations are generated by your Life Adventure in each Session. These Heaven Manifestations are the puzzle pieces that form different aspects of The Picture of the Heaven that your life can be.  When, through your work in successive Coaching Sessions, you assemble all of the puzzle pieces for The Picture of Your Heaven, you will be able to Live Heaven in every aspect of your life.  When a puzzle piece is manifested as an Inner Plane Heaven Manifestation during a Coaching Session, it will manifest the sequence of events in your life that materialize the Heaven that it was created to manifest. Part of the work in the Coaching Session is to provide you with the knowledge and Skill Sets to work with the Heaven Manifestation as it materializes in your life.
  • Source Support 24/7 as you Live Your Adventure.  I work through my Extended Range to provide you with Guidance and to come to your assistance when my help is needed. In my Conscious Range I track your progress and intercede with timely help that requires my conscious awareness.
  • Suit Repairs, Maintenance and Upgrades as needed.  Only the Source can look at your Suit, and edit out on the Spiritual Level what is causing you pain and bring in new, improved Spiritual Equipment so you function optimally.  Only the Source can change the Spiritual Dial Settings in the Suit so that the Hell of suffering is turned off and the Heaven of true happiness is turned on. These Spiritual Editing and Setting Adjustments are done concurrently through my Extended Range as I help you in an Outer Plane Sessions to edit your conscious understandings and reset your dials for the goals that will enable you to Live Heaven.  The most powerful Suit Work is done in our Outer Plane Sessions, but I am able to bring into focus what you need outside of our Session time as well, and send you help as needed.
  • Ongoing email contact where you send me information on how you are doing in your work of implementing in your life the Plan of Action we develop in each Coaching Session.  I track your progress through your emails to me and am able to intercede with more Conscious Range power when I bring your situation into focus.  Over the years, Heaven Agents have understood that one of the best ways to get my help in my Conscious Range, which activates the most powerful miracles, is to keep me notified of what is going on.  I can then take immediate action even if I don’t have the time to write them an email in response.  Through putting energy into expressing their issues in an email, they are contributing to the Prototyping Work for Living Heaven. This generates some Material Energy that I can use to ground whatever immediate miracles they might need. Often people get relief from a problem that they are struggling with within minutes of emailing me even if I haven’t read the email on the Outer Plane.  My Extended Range picks up on their distress and sends immediate assistance.  The speed of the result depends, of course, on the severity of the problem.  

Combination of Group and Individual Coaching Sessions

Group Coaching through Miracle-Based Living Support Group Webinars enables you to work with other Heaven Agents on transitioning your personal Life into a Miracle-Based Way of Life.  This in combination with Individual Coaching which teaches you how to work with your unique set of Miracle-Based Abilities in the unique circumstances of your life, provide you with a rounded picture of how to Live The Adventure in the Universal Community and in your personal life.

A Heaven Agent Shares Her Experience with Adventure Coaching

For further insight into one way in which Adventure Coaching plays out in a Coaching Session, you can read the description provided by Gail.  


In this Session we followed The Adventure through a range of topics that spanned the universal and the personal.  The Adventure materialized Heaven Manifestations which brought through immediate and lasting changes for her Suit that enabled her to not only free herself from impediments from the past but to build a foundation for the Heaven that she is now able to live as a result of these changes.  Each Heaven Manifestation was a piece of the puzzle of her Picture of Heaven.  As more pieces of the puzzle were assembled, she was able to Live Heaven in the parts of her Picture of Heaven that had been assembled.



The Correct Exchange

Group Coaching

The Correct Exchange for a Miracle-Based Living Support Group Webinar is $189/3+ hour Webinar.  This provides the amount of Material Energy to bring in the miracle of a Heaven Manifestation for you individually and to help you to learn how to work with it in your life.  

Individual Coaching

The Correct Exchange for the monthly Coaching Program at a level that is designed to bring about powerful transformational change is $1500.  This includes all of the different forms of Source Support that I have described above that cover the 24/7 Inner Plane Work as well as the Outer Plane Work of reading emails and working with you in Coaching Sessions.


If a Heaven Agent isn’t able to afford this per month, we can adapt the basic format of the Program for less support, but it means that the journey to learning how to Live Heaven will take longer.  Below a certain level of Material Energy, it is not possible to sustain the miracle of The Coaching Program which operates like a powerful transformational unit. Sporadic Individual Coaching Sessions may be all that can be provided below this basic level of Material Energy support.


If a Heaven Agent wants to have more power put behind their effort to transform their life into Heaven, then they can opt to provide additional amounts of Material Energy.  The more Material Energy that is provided, the more power is given to the work and the faster they evolve.  


For instance, someone working at the level of $7500/month is going to be getting Source Support that will take them to heights of their development that far exceed what can be accomplished at a lower level of power.



How to Request Adventure Coaching

Group Coaching

To register for a Miracle-Based Living Support Group Webinar you can check the schedule in Upcoming Events and register there.



Individual Coaching Program

To register for One-on-One Coaching at the basic recommended rate for spiritual empowerment of $1500/month, contact me through accessing the link provided below. 


While it is possible to provide the Financial Exchange on a month-to-month basis, those who provide a financial exchange for 6 months or more in a single payment are able to receive additional power through The Open Door Principle which grounds more miracles than they have exchanged for financially.  I can inform you of the amount of additional Source Support that you will receive when you contact me regarding registration.


If you would like to provide more Material Energy or you have financial concerns and wish for me to create a program for you that works with less power, then you can contact me with information on what you have in mind, and I will structure a program for you individually.


I will also give you a written Agreement that you can sign that establishes the terms of our work and the duration.  In this way we create a Spiritual Space for the transformational work and provide the Material Energy that is needed for its success. This is an important part of materializing the successful outcome of our work together.

To take the Next Step toward registering for The Individual Adventure Coaching Program, you can access the link below and provide in the Comments box any details concerning what level of a Coaching Program you would like and how you would like to exchange for it financially, monthly or with larger increments such as 6 months or 1 year or more. Since substantial savings come to you when provide more initial Material Energy in your initial payment, we will want to set this up before you begin if this is what you would like to do.  Providing more Material Energy in the beginning stages of the work also gives me the ability to ground the work at a more powerful level which translates into more powerful Source Support to you throughout your work in the Coaching Program.





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