The Basic Plan


The Spiritual Equipment

The Heaven Experience Disc

The Heaven Experience Disc beams in The Heaven Experience Code that provides your Suit with the structure of an ongoing Heaven Experience that enables it to flow with the Heaven that the Source is creating rather than trying to invent its own self-made version of Heaven to structure the events of its life.


The Field of Consciousness Equipment

The Resonating Field of Consciousness

The Resonating Field of Consciousness receives the beam in from The Heaven Experience Disc, processes it, sends it back to the Perfected Universal  Field of Consciousness which then activates it and sends it out to materialize a Heaven Happening. 


Once the Individual Field of Consciousness has been cleared, it becomes a receiving and sending station for Heaven Experiences that are being sent to help others in the Universal Community. 


It is the piece of equipment that enables a Heaven Agent to launch Heaven Happenings in the world that both help to orchestrate the Heaven that they experience in the Community of those Living The Heaven Experience and which provide Heaven Happening Opportunities to those living in The Hell Experience so they can discover another alternative to driving forward to fulfill their Personal Stories. 


The Auxiliary Field of Consciousness

The Auxiliary Field of Consciousness gives the Heaven Agent the ability to operate from a Perfected Field of Consciousness and Perfected Heaven Agent Identity until their original Field of Consciousness can be cleared up from the Hell Consciousness that it has been running and they can develop a Heaven Agent Identity in this Field. 


Once the Individual Field of Consciousness has been cleared, the Auxiliary Field takes over the task of receiving the Heaven Experience Opportunity download from the Heaven Experience Disc instead of having this download go to the Resonating Field.  It then amplifies the signal of The Heaven Experience to assist the Individual Field in processing it with maximum power.


The Heaven Experience System

Setting up The Resonating Field and the Auxiliary Field, coordinating them with the Perfected Universal Field of Consciousness, The Heaven Experience Disc, the Miracle Ring, and with the Miracle Landing Zone that is created by the Miracle Ring for the Heaven Happenings requires creating a Heaven Experience System


Generic Code & Code Activation

Generic Code gives a Heaven Agent the Spiritual Genetic Code to run a basic level of The Heaven Experience. Without this Code the incoming Code from The Heaven Experience Disc can’t be registered on any of the Field of Consciousness Equipment. It requires a matching code on these Fields that can process the incoming Code and manifest The Heaven Experience.


Generic Code requires activation which is included in the Correct Exchange for the Code.


The Miracle Ring

This is the powerful Manifestation Ring manned by a Perfected Heaven Agent who ensures that every Heaven Happening that is needed can be manifested because he creates the Miracle-Friendly Field in which the miracles can land. He is also there to back up the work of the Heaven Agent to manifest Total Abundance and can provide additional Material Energy in times of difficulty such as in sickness and in the time of crossing over into another life.


He is also the essential worker that makes Heaven Economy Miracles possible that enable a Heaven Agent to build the unique aspect of Heaven that they incarnated to build. From these Heaven Economy Miracles comes income that can be used to build financial abundance for the Heaven Agent and a contribution to the financial support needed for The Work of the Source.


The Miracle Ring is required to manifest a Heaven Happening. In the Basic Plan, I include only two months of the Miracle Ring in the initial amount needed to get started. Heaven Agents will need to exchange for the Miracle Ring on a monthly or yearly basis in order to continue to have the equipment needed to manifest Heaven Happenings.


Miracle Ring Teams can be created when a Heaven Agent exchanges for one year at a time or for multiple years. Ring Teams increase the power of the Miracle Ring exponentially, making it possible, with a Six Ring Team, to establish an Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center.


The Heaven Experience Meter

The Heaven Experience Meter helps Heaven Agents both assess their skill level in working with Heaven Experiences in general and also see what percentage of any given Heaven Experience they are registering and working with effectively. With the help of The Heaven Experience Meter it will be possible for them to learn how to pick up on the full range of each Heaven Experience Opportunity so they don’t miss out on the Heaven that each Heaven Experience brings.


The Monitoring Station

The Monitoring Station amplifies Source Signals coming in to provide ongoing Guided Heaven Experiences as needed and it also radios back to my Extended Range to let me know if the Heaven Agent is experiencing interference from the Negativity that I might need to troubleshoot on their behalf.


The Correct Exchange is determined on the basis of what it takes for me to set up an individual Monitoring Station. The ongoing work I provide to send in the Guided Heaven Experience and do the troubleshooting is balanced by the work the Heaven Agent provides in working with the Heaven Experience Opportunities in a diligent manner.


The Spiritual Intent Intervention

The Spiritual Intent Intervention is a primary Intervention that corrects for the loss and misuse of Spiritual Intent Energy which is very important to the manifestation process. If this energy is being misdirected, it can seriously impair the work of Living The Heaven Experience. It, therefore, needs to be set on the right course in the very beginning of the work.



The Basic Miracle-Based Training

Personal Source Connection Intensive 

You receive basic training in how to work with your Total Abundance Equipment in a Personal Source Connection Intensive.  This Intensive guides you to your Next Steps on your Path to the Total Abundance of a 100% Source Connection.




The First Step

The first step that makes it possible for you to receive this Spiritual Equipment and Training is entering into Source Care at Level 1. This is when you receive the protection of The Source Care Transformer that enables you to travel your Journey to Total Abundance. To enter into Source Care you need to prepare yourself by requesting admission into The Source Connection Coaching Program.  Once admitted into the Program, you gain access to The Place of Ultimate Spiritual Healing that provides the Miracle-Friendly Field of Energy within which you can work with the Source to achieve Total Abundance. 



The Correct Exchange

What It Means to Balance the Exchange

Why Material Energy Is Needed to Balance the Exchange

The Creation operates according to The Principle of Correct Exchange.  The Source creates the miracles that make Life Heaven and beings provide a Correct Exchange by generating the Material Energy that enables the Source to bring the miracles to the level of Spiritual Materiality where they are needed.


No Material Energy is needed to create the miracle, which is freely given by the Source.  The Material Energy is needed to ground the miracle so that it can come into your life or into the life of a loved one or into the life of the community.


The amount of Material Energy needed to ground a miracle varies according to the type of miracle that is to be grounded.  The Design Aspect of the Source, who creates the miracles, determines the amount of Material Energy that will be needed for any particular miracle to be delivered to the being(s) for whom it is intended.


Beings were created to generate the Material Energy that is needed to ground all of the miracles that they need from the Source.  Because beings have forgotten how to generate this Material Energy naturally and have sustained spiritual damage to their Suits – body/mind – that impairs their ability to produce Material Energy, the Source has created a miracle that enables them to provide Material Energy through a Financial Exchange.  The Financial Exchange carries the Material Energy from the work that was done to earn the funds for the exchange. While a Financial Exchange provides only a low level of Material Energy, it is a blessing to those who have not yet learned how to generate the Material Energy for an Energy Exchange.


Why the Love Connection Is Needed to Bring in High Quality Material Energy

The Correct Exchange to receive the opportunity to Live The Heaven Experience is a love exchange with the Source that acknowledges the love that the Source has given in making this opportunity possible and responds with true love for the Source by becoming equipped and trained to support The Work of the Source.


The Correct Exchange is also providing the Source with the amount of Material Energy that is needed to ground the miracles that enable the Total Abundance Equipment and Training to be delivered.


It has taken lifetimes for me to develop this equipment and is a commitment on my part, as the aspect of the Source that works with you to operate the equipment, that is eternal. This is equipment that will go with you life to life and always enable you to have what you need to Live The Heaven Experience. This means that for all eternity my commitment is to send to you the ongoing, moment-to-moment Heaven Experiences that you run on your equipment.


This eternal Source Support is a gift that can’t be balanced with a financial exchange. The only way that the exchange can be balanced is if you respond with love for the Source and commit to using your equipment to help in The Work of the Source to bring about the Heaven that you and others need in order to sustain your existence in the Manifest World.  If you do not use this equipment wisely, in the little time that is remaining before the end of The Transition, it will not be useful to you for all eternity because you may not survive The Transition or the Creation itself may not survive The Transition.


The Source Plan for Balancing the Financial Part of the Exchange

Individualized Source Guidance is available to all Heaven Agents to read what is in Mission Plan for how they can work with the resources the Source has provided to them to balance the exchange. This Plan covers how to exchange for the equipment and training initially and how to reimburse yourself for your investment through participating in The Heaven Economy that gives you an opportunity to earn income while also helping to build Heaven in the world.


In terms of providing the financial exchange needed to get started, this can be handled in a number of ways:

  • A Heaven Agent can make a full payment which will enable them to draw on two Principles of Correct Exchange that bring in more miracles than they have to exchange for financially. This provides Heaven Agents with more Source Support for less of a financial exchange.
  • They can work with a short term Payment Plan without interest. This reduces the power of the miracles to some extent but is still viable. Only short term Payment Plans are possible because the Material Energy must be drawn in a temporary loan from the World that Works Fund in order to enable the miracles to be delivered immediately prior to the Material Energy coming in from the Payment Plan. World that Works Funds are in high demand for projects needed for the Universal Community so care must be taken to determine if any of these projects will be jeopardized by drawing on the Fund.
  • They can finance their equipment and training through a credit card loan or private loan and repay their loan through working in The Truth Campaign and/or through Heaven Economy Miracles that I discuss below.
  • They can earn income through working in The Truth Campaign and exchange for the equipment when they have the income to do so.
  • They can work with obtaining each piece of equipment and training as they go. I won’t be able to set up the equipment until everything is in place, but this is a long term method for acquiring what is needed.
  • They can take on additional employment to balance the exchange. Many Heaven Agents take on part time internet work that they can do from their computers at home when they have a few hours to spare.  This is a viable means of generating additional income.
  • If there are scholarship funds available – which are generally reserved for Heaven Agents who are on disability and can’t work to earn the Correct Exchange – then they can receive a gift of this equipment from their fellow Heaven Agents.


For additional information on how to work with the Source to generate what is needed, you can read the article entitled: Balancing the Exchange for Your Work in The Miracle School.


Earning Income through Heaven Economy Miracles

Heaven Agents can earn income through entering into a Joint Venture with the Source to create Heaven Economy Miracles that become available to the Global Community.


For instance, if a Heaven Agent has a unique Miracle-Based Ability that can give rise to a kind of Spiritual Intervention that is needed by others, this Intervention can be offered to others for a Correct Exchange that will include the Material Energy needed by the Source to do Its part of the Intervention and by the Heaven Agent working with their equipment to offer their part of the Intervention.


Heaven Economy Miracles are an important part of the Heaven Economy in the Prototype Communities. Beings offer one another priceless miracles that bring forth aspects of Heaven that only can be experienced through these very grounded and materialized miracles brought through by Manifest Beings. It is these miracles that complete the experience of Heaven that the Source is creating for all beings.


The ability to participate in the Heaven Economy in this way enables every Heaven Agent regardless of their professional status in the Story World Economy to be able to earn an income building Heaven in the world.


Earning Income from The Truth Campaign

Those who combine Heaven Economy Miracles with developing an active Truth Campaign that brings in more Heaven Agents to the Work, earn an income from:

  • the percentage they receive through The Truth Campaign from the financial exchanges made by the incoming Heaven Agents
  • the percentage they receive from the Heaven Economy Miracles for which these incoming Heaven Agents may exchange


In this way a Heaven Agent could potentially transition out of a Story World job into a Heaven Economy Profession that is sufficient to provide them with the income that they will need in the current Cash Economy.


Eventually, when the Materialization Economy becomes manifest on the Earth, people will transition out of the Cash Economy, but until that time, working in the Heaven Economy where Correct Exchange is observed enables them to earn money without getting entrapped in the Hell Economy of the Story World.


Heaven Agents using Heaven Happening Technology can also more effectively draw people to the work through The Truth Campaign because the experience of a Heaven Happening can enable people to open more readily to the idea that Heaven is possible.


The Financial Aspect of the Correct Exchange

Keep in mind that there are two ways to provide the Material Energy that is needed to ground the miracles for The Heaven Experience.


There is an:

  • Energy Exchange – where you use your Material Energy Factory to generate the Material Energy needed for the exchange
  • Financial Exchange – where you give the Material Energy generated by the Work Power behind the work that generated the funds


Since most people on the Earth are producing less than 2% of the amount of Material Energy that their Material Energy Factories could produce, a Financial Exchange is often the only way for most people to provide the necessary Material Energy.


What follows is information on the Financial Exchange that is needed:


Creating the Spiritual Space for The Heaven Experience

The key variable in determining what it takes to get launched in Living The Heaven Experience is the amount of Material Energy needed to create the Spiritual Space in which The Heaven Experience can be experienced. Without this Spiritual Space none of the other pieces of Spiritual Equipment will enable you to have The Heaven Experience.


The Negativity has deprived all beings of the expanded Spiritual Space in which they can experience The Heaven Experience. This was a deliberate attempt to limit the range of their Spiritual Intelligence so they would accept the pseudo pleasures of The Hell Experience as the only pleasures that are possible.


The amount of Material Energy needed to push out your Spiritual Space to where it will be at the full level of expansion needed and will have the proper Spiritual Boundaries that protect you from another attempt on the part of the Negativity to collapse the space, is the amount of energy that is needed to secure the beginning level of Total Abundance that enables you to start Living The Heaven Experience.


This Spiritual Space is created as you equip yourself and become trained.


The amount of Material Energy needed to create the Spiritual Space for The Heaven Experience is US$10,000. The amount of equipment and training that is needed for a basic level of The Heaven Experience is $12,994. Through using two Principles of Correct Exchange, that I will explain below, I am able to give you the $12,994 in equipment and training for $10,000. In this way you are able to save $2,994 and also secure the Spiritual Space in which you can use the equipment to begin Living The Heaven Experience.



The Heaven Experience Disc US$   600
The Field of Consciousness Equipment 4600
Generic Code & Code Activation 1700
The Miracle Ring for 2 months 1084
The Heaven Experience Meter 110
The Monitoring Station 1000

Personal Source Connection Intensive – Next Step Work as individually recommended                                

Inner Plane Session Work

The Spiritual Intent Intervention 2500



The reason that it is possible to give you $12,974 in Source Support for only $10,000 is because I am drawing on two Principles of Correct Exchange that are a part of The Spiritual Science of Correct Exchange. I discuss these Principles in depth in the video entitled: The Source Plan for Transitioning into The Source Perfected World. This video will soon be available.




The Open Door Principle

When you provide more Material Energy at once, through either an Energy Exchange or a Financial Exchange, you open the door of the Immaterial Level to more miracles coming through than just the miracles for which you are exchanging financially.


When you give $10,000 in Material Energy in a single financial exchange, then I am able to give you $12,994 in miracles.  This is $2,994 in additional miracles for which you did not have to provide additional Material Energy to ground. This is a savings to you of 23%.


The Catalyst Energy Principle

When you contribute higher grade Material Energy, you generate more Catalyst Energy than if you contribute low grade Material Energy. Higher grade Material Energy is generated when you contribute to the welfare of all rather than just to your own welfare.


Because Living The Heaven Experience is a commitment on your part to use your equipment and training to not only support your The Life that Works Project but to support The World that Works Project to build a Universal Love-Based Community, you generate more Catalyst Energy than if you were only procuring Source Support that benefitted yourself.


The additional Catalyst Energy enables me to activate the $2,994 worth of additional miracles that have come through because of The Open Door Principle. Without this activation energy, the miracles would come through into the Material World and remain inert and unable to perform their Missions.




How to Register for The Basic Plan

To register for The Basic Plan, email me for information on how to complete the financial exchange.


If you would like to set up a Payment Plan or would like more Source Guidance on how to balance the exchange, you can also email me with information on your financial situation and what you think would work for you and I will email you with a Source Recommendation based on your Individual Plan for your Ultimate Spiritual Healing.