The Full Power Plan


The Full Power Plan gives you options for working with the more high power Spiritual Equipment of:

  • Individual Life Code, which requires Code Activation and an Upgraded Code Processor
  • Miracle Ring Teams. If you exchange in a single payment for one year of The Miracle Ring, you get a Two Ring Team. If you exchange for 5 years at once you get a Three Ring Team. If you exchaange for 20 years at once you get a Six Ring Team that is enough to stabilize the manifestation of an Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center, which can then be run as a Joint Venture with the Source.


You can also opt for more high power Miracle-Based Training, which can be individually designed for you based on your Individual Plan for Ultimate Spiritual Healing.


Life Code Is a Necessity in the Source Perfected Universe

The bottom line in thinking of this investment is the fact that doing one’s Mission at 100% is a criteria for attaining the levels of Perfection that will be necessary as the Source Perfected Universe reaches the higher levels of Spiritual Vibration in the years ahead. You can only do your Mission at 100% with Individual Life Code.


A Suit without individualized Code can’t carry out the very individualized Life Mission that it was created to fulfill. Since every being is unique and has a unique Spiritual Function to perform in the Creation, it is only through Individual Code that this Function can be fulfilled. While Generic Code can create a better quality generic life, it can’t substitute for the individualized path that every being must travel to fulfill their Mission. It just enables beings to right themselves after the loss of all Code and to get back on track so they can work toward re-instating the Life Code that they really need to survive.


If you think of a Suit like a robot-like intelligence, this intelligence can’t function without the programming that it needs to perform its basic functions. Your Suit, while a sentient intelligence, is one that requires Code to function. Ask it to love when it has no Code to love and it will not be able to fulfill your request. It may attempt to look like it is fulfilling the request by drawing on the Pseudo Code of the Story World, but it will be just going through the motions of expressing loving sentiments and doing what is considered to be loving in the Story World without really running the Love Current that comes only from the Source to a Suit that has the Code to love in a Source Given Way.


In a similar way, doing all of the unique tasks that build the Heaven that you were uniquely equipped to build can’t be done without Code. Your Suit simply can’t use its unique Miracle-Based Abilities beyond the Generic Range without the Life Code to operate them.


When you look at the enormity of this problem, you can grasp the sentiment of the Source when the Universal Source Connection Channel crashed. It was, to the Source, more than just the loss of the Spiritual Habitat but it was the loss of Life Code to every being. If beings were no longer to be able to become the Heaven that they were created to be, then what was their purpose or the purpose of the Creation as a whole? And, without them performing their unique Spiritual Functions, how could the Creation be sustained?


These were the deeper aspects of this loss that I spent many months contemplating and working with the Design Aspect of my Source Function to resolve. Finally, I was able to re-create Life Code and provide a temporary level of Generic Code to resupply beings with this most essential aspect of life in the Manifest World.


NOTE: For those who are unfamiliar with the event of the crash of the Universal Source Connection Channel and the events that ensued, I refer you to the Next Step Communications from the Source video entitled: The Work of the Source and to Next Step Audios created near the time of the actual crash on May 28, 2011.


In summary, an investment in restoring the Life Code that was lost at the time of the crash of the Universal Source Connection Channel is not a luxury  add on to improve The Heaven Experience. It is a necessity for the long term survival of every being. And it will also give you the highest range of The Heaven Experience.


With the upgraded version of the Code, your investment will last throughout all of your lifetimes to come. The original Code that went down with the Universal Source Connection Channel was given with each new incarnation. The Life Code that I create for you in the Life Code Intervention lasts for all eternity. In this way, you will never be without it in any of your lifetimes to come.


It is my deepest regret that this Individual Life Code was lost and that all beings must now work to provide themselves with what was formerly given to them freely with each new incarnation. But, without the power of the Universal Source Connection Channel providing the Material Energy for the Code, there is no other way to provide the Material Energy if each individual doesn't step forward to provide this for themselves.



To help Heaven Agents to balance the exchange for this Code, I have provided:

  • the Heaven Economy Miracles which enable every Heaven Agent regardless of their skill level in the Story Economy, to earn the financial exchange needed for the Code
  • the Truth Campaign which enables every Heaven Agent to earn income that will enable them to balance the exchange
  • the Miracle-Based Training and Source Interventions that will enable Heaven Agents to fix the Fragmented Material Energy Factories of their manifestations so they can provide an Energy Exchange for this Code


Those who can’t exchange for Life Code initially, can begin with Generic Code and then work with their Total Abundance Equipment to earn the financial exchange needed for Life Code.


Additional Savings with The Full Power Plan

Just as there are more miracles that can come through with certain configurations of Source Support, The Full Power Plan offers those exchanging for Life Code in a single payment, $4600 in additional miracles for which they do not need to exchange financially. This is based on substituting Life Code for Generic Code in The Basic Plan.


This spiritual calculation is based on both the Open Door Principle, the Catalyst Energy Principle, and the Principle of Correct Exchange that determines just how much energy is needed to bring through a major miracle such as Life Code which is one of the most difficult miracles to re-create, ground, and integrate into the Suit.


Those exchanging for the Miracle Ring in yearly increments receive Ring Teams which are the additional miracles given.


Additional miracles may come through if more extensive Miracle-Based Training is exchanged for in a single payment. This can be calculated individually. What is included in the $4600 is the Basic Heaven Experience Intensive that is a part of The Basic Plan.


Financing Your Investment in The Full Power Plan

The methods of financing described in The Basic Plan apply to a Full Power Plan.  


It is important to note that those working with powerful Miracle Ring Teams and more powerful Code can bring through more powerful Heaven Economy Miracles to repay their investment in the Spiritual Equipment and Training to launch their work at this level. With Life Code the range of Heaven Economy Miracles that a Heaven Agent can bring through is also full range rather than the very limited range available with Generic Code.


This more high power equipment can also generate more power for their work in The Truth Campaign.


Heaven Happenings also help to generate greater opportunities for financial prosperity in existing businesses and professions.


Some Heaven Agents will start with The Basic Plan and earn the additional income from the prosperity it brings through The Truth Campaign and Heaven Economy Miracles to exchange for Life Code.  Others may be able to start off with the Full Power Plan and move forward faster, helping others along the way.


As more Heaven Agents contribute to The World that Works Fund, scholarships will become available for those Heaven Agents who are disabled and can’t work to earn the financial exchange.




 The Components of The Full Power Plan


Individual Life Code

Life Code gives you all of the Individual Spiritual Genetic Code that manifests all of the forms of abundance that the Source has created for you uniquely. This is how it is possible to draw into your life the perfect life partner, the right profession that enables you to fulfill your Mission, and the right material possessions that are meant specifically for you.


There is a big difference between having something that fulfills a basic need which is what Generic Code provides and having something that is the piece of your Heaven that helps you to complete the Picture of Heaven that you have an opportunity to complete in your lifetime.


If you already have procured Generic Code, which is a subset of Individual Life Code, the amount invested in the Generic Code and the Code Activation is deducted from the amount needed to ground the miracle of Individual Life Code.


Life Code requires activation and a new Code Processor which is what enables your Suit to work with the Code.


Code Activation

Code Activation is what brings the Life Code to life so it can begin manifesting your Made in Heaven Life.


When an Activation occurs, the Code gets the equivalent of the ignition that activates the Spiritual DNA and starts the growth process. It is also given everything that it needs environmentally in order to grow to fruition.


Code Processor

Every Suit was created with a Spiritual Code Processor to process the Spiritual Genetic Code that the Source created to run the Suit. Without a Spiritual Code Processor onboard, the Suit could not read or work with the Codes created for it.


The Spiritual Code Processor is somewhat like the processor in a computer that processes the programming code for the software applications that run on the computer. Without the processor, the computer could not read or work with the programming code of the software applications.


Since the crash of the Universal Source Connection Channel, it has been necessary for the Source to create a new kind of Spiritual Genetic Code that can exist beyond the reach of the Negativity.  The old style Code Processors in the Suits had a great deal of difficulty in working with this new kind of Code. I have, therefore, given beings an Essential Code Processor as a stop gap device so they can still receive and work with the new Source-Created Code. This kind of Code Processor can’t run all of the Individual Life Code that is necessary for a Suit. It is designed to run Generic Code and Custom Code which enable the Suit to “become what is needed” but not to build the Heaven that is only possible with a full range of Individual Life Code.


It is, therefore, of great importance that Heaven Agents equip themselves with an updated Code Processor that will run the new Code that is much more complex and powerful and requires a Full Range Code Processor that is fully dedicated to Source-Created Code and has a wider range of power than the old style Code Processor.


The Miracle Ring

This is the powerful Manifestation Ring manned by a Perfected Heaven Agent who ensures that every Heaven Happening that is needed can be manifested because he creates the Miracle-Friendly Field in which the miracles can land. He is also there to back up the work of the Heaven Agent to manifest Total Abundance and can provide additional Material Energy in times of difficulty such as in sickness and in the time of crossing over into another life.


He is also the essential worker that makes Heaven Economy Miracles possible that enable a Heaven Agent to build the unique aspect of Heaven that they incaranted to build. From these Heaven Economy Miracles comes income that can be used to build financial abundance for the Heaven Agent and a contribution to the financial support needed for The Work of the Source.


When you exchange for longer periods of time for The Miracle Ring, you bring in Ring Teams that can enable you to bring in more powerful miracles that are not possible when only working with a single Miracle Ring.


Full Power Miracle-Based Training Options

The Miracle School offers a full range of college level training for those seeking to learn how to Live Heaven in their lives. This training is administered through The Source Connection Coaching Program. Heaven Agents in the Program enter into an ongoing Personal Source Connection Intensive to determine their Next Steps for getting Trained & Equipped to become skilled Source-Directed Spiritual & Social Activists.


For information on your Next Step, you can email me and I will send you a Source Guidance Email with a Source Recommendation.