The Source Connection Center


The Source Connection Center is the primary Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center. It is the Spiritual Space in which The Tranquility Center and The Perfect Health Center are nested.


Its has a physical location in Seattle, WA USA and an access point online for the Online Stations of the Center.



To find out more about the Center you can read the articles entitled:


Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers

A Place of Connection



To access the Online Stations you can go to:

The Source Connection Center Online



The Seattle Source Connection Center is the location for Personal and Universal Heaven Experience Intensives that provide Heaven Agents with the full range of power coming from the Center with all of its Stations. 

To find out information on the Upcoming Intensives at the Seattle Source Connection Center you can go to:

Intensives – At-a-Distance and in Seattle


NOTE: A prerequisite for entrance into The Source Connection Center online and in Seattle is admission into The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program.  You can find out about the Six Steps to admission by reading the chapter entitled: "The Source Solution" in "The Owner's Manual for Your Suit".