The Perfect Health Center


In order to replicate in our modern world the path to Perfect Health that was traveled successfully by members of the 14 Prototype Communities, I have created a Perfect Health Center which administers all of the major and minute Suit adjustments and transformations that are needed to achieve Perfect Health.


In the Prototype Communities, I worked with them to establish a strong Source Connection before we began working on the project of Perfect Health.  Once this was established, they were able to start correcting the aspects of their way of life that led to disease and accidents and aging and opening up to the miracles of the Source that could sustain their Suits in Perfect Health.


There are six major Source Interventions and a Miracle Tool that are required before a Heaven Agent is eligible to work with me in The Perfect Health Center. These are:


Source Interventions 


The Source Love Intervention

The first Intervention is the Source Love Intervention.  This reinstates the cache of Source Love in the center of the heart chakra that enables the Suit to connect to the Source.  Without this vital energy and the protection of this cache of energy that this Intervention provides, there is no way for a Source Connection of any real value to be established.


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The Heart Chakra Intervention

The second Intervention is the Heart Chakra Intervention which opens the heart chakra to giving and receiving love.  Generally beings close down their Heart Chakra out of fear of having it invaded by the Negativity.  This Intervention protects the Heart Chakra so it can open and begin allowing the energies of The Love Connection with the Source to come through the Suit.  Without the ability to sustain the exchange of love energies, no being can advance in establishing The Love Connection with the Source.  Without this Love Connection there is currently, no way to sustain any viable Connection with the Source since the Source is no longer exchanging with Suits that approach with need, greed, and high-handed demands.  Those in an unloving and Self-Centered Mode have no Connection with the Source in the Source Perfected Universe that has been created since the collapse of the Source-Created Universe in May 2011.


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The Willingness Intervention 

The third Intervention is the Willingness Intervention that enables your Suit to be willing to work with the Source to bring about the changes that are needed for survival and for Perfect Health.  Without this willingness the Source is unable to battle against outright attacks by the Suit resisting the very changes that the being is asking the Source to make available to the Suit.  Even the Suits themselves have asked the Source for this Intervention because they know that they currently only have Code to fight against any change especially any Source-Initiated Change.  Since Perfect Health is a series of changes from Ill Health to Perfect Health, only a willing Suit can travel the Path to Perfection without trying to attack the Source who is helping it along the way.


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The Redirection Intervention 

The fourth Intervention is the Redirection Intervention. If the energies of the Suit are redirected toward a Correct Exchange with the Source, then they will not be continuing to attach to the desires of the Suit and work against what is needed for Perfect Health to be ensured.


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The Generativity Intervention

The fifth Intervention is the Generativity Intervention that gives the Suit that has been programmed to be Self-Centered, what it needs to learn how to love the Source and come from a place of true generosity of spirit rather than from a place of self-interest.


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The Love Connection Intervention 

The sixth Intervention is the Love Connection Intervention that gives the Suit the ability to learn about how to develop The Love Connection with the Source – learning that is not available in the culture as a whole where ideas of loving the Source rarely result in a real Love Connection.


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Miracle Tool 

The Correct Exchange Meter 

The Correct Exchange Meter helps you to track whether your Suit is exchanging correctly with the Source.  Only when a Suit is exchanging at the highest level is Perfect Health a possibility.

To find out about more about Correct Exchange, I recommend the article entitled: “The Spiritual Alchemy of Correct Exchange”.


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These six Interventions along with the Miracle Tool of a Correct Exchange Meter establish the basic foundation for a Lifetime Project Code Intensive.  The Miracle Intelligence that arises once this kind of Intensive is created grounds the Source Power that you need to start on your Path to Perfect Health.  It also helps to prompt you to do what is yours to do to help you use your Miracle-Based Abilities to support your work of achieving Perfect Health.


With a Lifetime Intensive providing you with structure and Source Power and your Suit having the basic Interventions that are needed to begin, it is possible to enter into monthly work with me to achieve Perfect Health.


For more information on the Lifetime Project Code Intensive I recommend the article entitled: “The Miracle of a Source Will Intensive”. 



Setting Up Perfect Health Interventions


There are two ways to work with me and to access the power of The Perfect Health Center.


At-a-Distance Perfect Health Interventions 

I can work with you At-a-Distance to administer Perfect Health Interventions that draw on Source Power and all of the miracles of The Perfect Health Center.  Unlike the Source Connection Center and The Tranquility Center that have Stations that can be accessed online, The Perfect Health Center does not have an online Station.  When working with The Perfect Health Interventions, I access the power of The Perfect Health Center on your behalf. 


Since work on Perfect Health is an ongoing process that culminates only when you achieve a perfect Source Connection which will enable your Suit to become perfected, there is no set time frame for your particular Path to Perfection.  It is a Source-Guided Path where we work together to take whatever Next Step is recommended by my Source Function.  

Setting up At-a-Distance Source Interventions for Perfect Health are, therefore, understood to be a part of a larger effort in The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program to secure whatever Source Support your Suit needs in order to travel the Path to Perfection.


You can request a Perfect Health At-a-Distance Source Intervention of a certain duration.  One month is the minimum amount of time but you can elect to exchange for six months, a year, or a number of years.  


I begin At-a-Distance Work and bring through whatever amount of power into the work that you enable me to manifest.  If someone is faced with removing very negative energy and wants to progress rapidly, they can request Source Guidance with regard to how much of a financial exchange is needed to achieve the best result for them at that time.  I will then look at the Source Plan and email them a Source Recommendation.  They can also elect to exchange for whatever amount they can afford and proceed without this recommendation.


If there are financial concerns, I recommend that those wanting to achieve Perfect Health work with me to see what is in the Source Plan to enable them to generate the funds needed for this important work rather than just trying to fit it into their existing budget.  The Heaven Economy Options that I have created give Heaven Agents the ability to expand their prosperity so they can have the financial resources they need to travel their Path to Perfection.  It is important to think outside the box of what you know about your financial situation at present and to seek Source Guidance with regard to what is possible for you.  


In general a financial exchange of $500/month is sufficient to get substantial work done in a month.  $700/month is optimal for most people.  $40 is minimal to get some help.



In-Person Work in Seattle

Once the Seattle Source Connection Center opens its doors and you can come in person to The Perfect Health Center, you will exchange on a different basis for this work.  It is based on an hourly rate that varies according to whether I am there in the Station with you doing a consultation at the time that I am also working with the power of the Station to do the energy work or whether you are in the Station and I am working with you At-a-Distance.



Registering for At-a-Distance Perfect Health Interventions


To register for the At-a-Distance Work, fill out the form below indicating the number of months you would like to sign up for and the amount of Material Energy that you are contributing through your Financial Exchange for each month’s work. 


The principle of Correct Exchange that you should be aware of is that if you are able to exchange financially for more time in the Center at a higher level of exchange per month, you generate more collective energy power which enables me to give you the work at a higher level of power. This enables us to get more done more rapidly.


For those working with me monthly in the Perfect Health Center, I recommend periodicConsultations to discuss the work that is going on and what you can do to help with the healing process.  Like periodic doctor appointments when you are on medication, these Consultations give you the chance to participate more consciously in the work and, therefore, to progress more rapidly in your healing process.


This Consultation can be done by email or by phone or Skype.


If you would like a Source Recommendation about how much of a Correct Exchange is optimal for your situation, you can email me and I will respond to your request.




I would like to register for months of Perfect Health Interventions at $.00 per month.