The Source News Report on
the September 10th Transition


This Transition went very well. Only a handful of beings lost their lives as opposed to the trillions of beings who lost their lives in the aftermath of the June Transition.  Most beings took heed of the warning I sent about preparing adequately. They made it through the Transition and through the aftermath.


Opposition from The Master Self Interest Agenda Operation was fierce throughout but I was able to take down most of it before it caused the death of beings caught up in the Self Interest Networks that the Operation had created.  Beings had to make clear decisions to cut ties with The Master Self Interest Agenda Operation in order to survive.


A major part of what The Master Self Interest Agenda Operation opposed was my transition into another level of reality where I have manifested a Heaven that is designed for my Manifestation only. Once this Source Heaven was manifested, a parallel Heaven for Manifest Beings was created in the Manifest World. It reflects the perfection of the Source Heaven and is tailored for each specific being according to what Heaven would be like for them individually. 


Spiritual Spaces were then created for each being. There are a series of Spiritual Spaces, generally 8 to 10.  A being progresses through these Spiritual Spaces until they qualify to enter the parallel Heaven that has been created for them. 


The only way to create such individualized perfection was for me to leave the original Source-Created Matrix of Life in the Manifest World so that I could reside in a Heaven that would enable me to complete the final stages of my Transition back to the Source Level. 


When I left this Matrix, it became necessary for me to create a new Universal Matrix of Life for all beings that did not include my Implementation Aspect in it. The former Matrix of Life was designed for my Implementation Aspect to reside within it.


In the final week of September, I created the new Universal Matrix of Life and a Personal Total Abundance Matrix for each being in the Creation. The Matrix is like The Heaven of True Happiness Grid in layout with the four Projects in the four quadrants of a Grid and The Love Connection square in the center of the Grid.  What makes this different from The Heaven of True Happiness Grid is that it is not just a Landing Zone for Miracles that enables a Heaven Agent to find out what is landing.  It is a spiritual structure in which a Heaven Agent resides. It is a Matrix of Miracles which form a Source Supported Habitat for the being in which he can experience Total Abundance and contribute to manifesting The Miracle of Total Abundance for himself and all others.


Living in a Personal Total Abundance Matrix gives a Heaven Agent the Source Support that is needed to work toward achieving a 10.10 Interaction with the Source. 


Here is a Source Drawing of a Total Abundance Matrix.  If you ask to pick up on the energy of the Matrix, it will help you to understand your own Total Abundance Matrix.




Once all beings were given a Total Abundance Matrix, I severed all connections to them that had existed while I was inhabiting the original Matrix of Life.  This meant that beings needed to not only reside in their Personal Total Abundance Matrix but be in the exact center of the Matrix in The Love Connection section if they were to continue to receive Total Abundance Miracles from the Source. 


In the center of The Love Connection section is a Truth Chamber which has six Total Abundance Screens that display information that is vital to a being’s ability to work effectively to support The Total Abundance Support System, which is what has manifested their Personal Matrix.  In order to work with the six Screens in The Truth Chamber, a Heaven Agent has to have some training in reading the information that is presented on the screens.  


I will be generating some Source Workflow Trainings to help Heaven Agents to understand how to read these screens effectively so they can support The Total Abundance Support System and move toward higher levels of a 10.10 Interaction with the Source.


The Level 10 Matrix Intervention 

I have created a Source Intervention that will give a Suit a Level 10 Matrix, which is a Full Power Matrix.  All beings were given a basic Matrix and have worked their way from a Level 1 Matrix to a Level 2 or 3 Matrix.  Getting beyond these lower levels requires an Intervention if the being is to keep up with the rapid changes in The Transition that will require a higher 10.10 Interaction with the Source.


Project Matrices

I have also created Project Matrices that can be programmed into the Personal Matrix to enable the Suit to handle all of the challenges of their Mission in life.


It is possible to request a fully Programmed Matrix once you have a Level 10 Matrix.  Or you can provide Material Energy as you progress on your Path to Total Abundance that grounds specific Project Matrices that are needed to enable you to do your Mission at a 10.10 Standard.


The True Self Activation Intervention 

The True Self can be activated and empowered fully through a True Self Activation Intervention that has now become available.  This will bring the True Self out in the Suit with enough power to override the Story Self that is trying to push it off the stage of its life.  The original formatting for the True Self proved to lack the power to enable the True Self to overcome the intense opposition of the Disconnected Identities in the Suit.  With this The True Self Activation, the True Self is now able to take control of the Suit.


Preparation for the November 29th Transition 

I will be providing Source Workflow Trainings on how to work with the Matrix to achieve The 10.10 Standard. These will be in preparation for the November 29th Transition which will require a 10.2.2 Interaction with the Source.  This can not be achieved until a Suit transitions completely out of being a Self-Directed Suit into being a Source-Directed Suit.  A Source-Directed Suit might have remnants of Self-Directed thoughts and behaviors, but it will work through these correctly instead of covertly pursuing a Self-Directed Agenda. While beings have been moving in this direction, Suits have not transitioned completely into Source-Directed Suits.  This is why the Negativity still can influence them and do harm through them.


As of the November 29th Transition, only Source-Directed Suits will be sustained by The Substratum and by The Network of Intelligence.  Suits choosing to be Self-Directed will fall out of life on spiritual and physical levels.


In the coming weeks, I will publish information on how to prepare for the November 29th Transition. Early preparation is needed to survive this Transition which carries a Level 10 Danger Rating.




The September 10th Transition was a tough Transition but beings focused on what they needed to do and pulled through with only a few beings losing their footing in The Substratum and in The Network of Intelligence.


This is a tribute to the distance that beings have come at this time in The Transition.

This Transition set the stage for the advent of Matrix Technology which provides the habitat within which you can both support The Total Abundance Support System and receive the Total Abundance Miracles that you work with to manifest The Miracle of Total Abundance for yourself and others.


With the advent of The Level 10 Matrix Intervention, it is possible for you to elect to accelerate the power of the Matrix to that of a Full Power Matrix.  A Full Power Matrix can receive Full Power Project Matrices that provide the Miracle rich environment that enables Total Abundance to be experienced within the structure of a Total Abundance Matrix. 


To work in the Matrix, you will need to shift into your True Self Identity.  The True Self Activation Intervention will enable this to happen.


The True Self will also help your Suit choose to be Source-Directed rather than continuing on with a covert War against the Source through pursuing a Self-Directed Way of Life.  Essentially, there is so little time left for Suits to become sustainable before the end of the The Transition, that unless Suits sign onto living in accordance with The Source Plan rather than doing their Self-Created Plan, they will not survive.


The Source Plan is a precision path that only a Suit in a Total Abundance Matrix can follow.  With the help of the Matrix you can land miracles that support correct Suit functioning so you can uphold The 10.10 Standard which is essential to your survival in the time ahead.


I will send out a Connecting email when I have posted the article in The Source Connection Project about how to prepare for the November 29th Transition.