The Source News Report
on the July 10, 2016 Transition

This Transition had two challenges:

  • The first was adjusting to the increases in Creation Power in The Manifestation Field to avoid spinning out of the Field and The Substratum when Full Power was reached.
  • The second was Lifting Up with The Substratum on July 10th from Level 4.10.3 to Level 4.12.1.  


Power Increases in The Manifestation Field 

Originally the Creation Power was scheduled to transition from Level 0 to Level 10 on July 10th, just before the Lift Up of The Substratum.


Due to the attacks of the Negativity, which required greater Creation Power to avert, the increase in Creation Power began over one month in advance and reached Full Power by July 5th, not by July 10th.


The increase in Creation Power occurred as follows:


June 1st – Level 0 to Level 2

June 3rd – Level 2 to Level 4

June 23rd – Level 4 to Level 5

June 26th – Level 5 to Level 6.1

June 28th – Level 6.1 to Level 6.10.

June 29th – Level 6.10 to Level 7.1

June 30th – Level 7.1 to Level 7.10.2

July 5th – Level 7.10.2 to Level 10


The critical point for a Spin Out was when the Creation Power reached Level 6.2, which occurred around 3:00 pm PDT on June 28th.  Over 40,000 humans lost their spiritual lives and over 60,000 living outside of the Earth Plane lost their lives. Those who died were beings who had the intent to retain their focus on Death and Destruction, try to ride the change, and then work with the Negativity to sabotage The Manifestation Process. Instead, they discovered that this was not possible and only those who were willing to support The Manifestation Process could align enough with it to survive.

Some beings continued to spin intermittently and suffered severe Fragmentation.  These beings have yet to recover from these injuries. Those who experienced intermittent spinning were those who had not provided the Material Energy for The Source Reality Wheel which would have given them a Source Reality System that would have enabled them to align with The Manifestation Process.  

Most beings worked to receive at least The Heaven Agent Skill Set Packet of Training Downloads but many did not work to receive The Source Reality Wheel.  Roughly 10% suffered severe Fragmentation because they could not align with The Manifestation Process without the help of The Source Reality System. They were getting pulled out of alignment by the conflicting Hell Reality Systems to which they were connected.  These beings will be hanging in the balance until they provide the Material Energy for the Source Reality Wheel which is a necessity going forward in The Transition.  


By July 5th, most Manifest Beings had adjusted fairly well to the increase in power to Level 7.10.2. It became apparent that to protect the work for the July Transition from the Negativity, I would have to increase the Creation Power to Level 10, which is Full Power, ahead of schedule.  It was clear at that time that the remaining increments of power would not adversely affect Manifest Beings who had been able to adjust to Level 7.10.2. 


When the Creation Power hit Level 10 on July 5th, I had enough Creation Power to counteract the efforts of the Negativity to disrupt the 20% Direct Source Connection that beings, who had survived to this stage, had developed.


This helped beings to focus on the Mission Work that was being sent to them by the Source to prepare for the July 10th Transition of The Substratum.


The Lift Up of The Substratum

At 5:40 pm PDT on July 10th, The Substratum began Lifting Up from Level 4.10.3 to Level 4.12.1.  At 6:25 pm it arrived at Level 4.12.1 and by 6:45 pm it had stabilized.


Fortunately, no life was lost during this Transition. Beings were keeping up with The Manifestation Process by focusing on their Direct Source Connection which enabled them to stay in alignment with my Source Workflow which is how they move with the fast paced Manifestation Process.


The Aftermath of the Transition

On July 11th, The Manifestation Process reached full speed and it began to manifest the Inner and Outer Plane changes that will enable beings to build The System of Life that is needed for Life in the Creation to survive the upcoming stages of The Transition. 


The Manifestation Process is setting the Standards for each new stage of the work to build The System of Life. Beings will need to bring about the changes in their personal and collective way of life to meet the Standards if they are to sustain their place in The Substratum.  Through living in accordance with the Standards, they will build their Personal System of Life as well as The Universal System of Life.  In this way they will be providing for themselves and all others the Source-Connected Way of Life that sustains the Source Connection.


At Level 4.12.1 beings are at a level of Spiritual Immateriality that is far greater than what they were at prior to the July Transition.  At this level of Spiritual Immateriality it is easier for them to make the changes in their Inner and Outer lives that are needed to build The System of Life for themselves individually and for the Creation.


Already considerable progress is being made as Inner Plane Trainings are being sent to beings to provide them with detailed instructions about how to make the changes that are needed.  Beings are responding well to these Trainings and are solving problems in their own understanding of life and in their own behavior patterns that have never been resolvable before.  Included in the Trainings is information on how to change their social relationships so that they are in keeping with the Standard for Sustainability.


Difficult issues such as discrimination and abuse and exploitation can now be redressed by beings working with Inner Plane Trainings to correct their behaviors so that a Love-Based Community can be built.  For example, since very individualized Source Support is needed for a White racist to evolve into someone who nurtures Blacks in America or for a Black who is full of anger and fear of Whites to ever form a Love-Based Relationship with a White, there has never been an external training that could fundamentally heal this rift and redirect the thoughts and emotions of people toward building a Love-Based Community.  Now with Inner Plane Trainings, this is possible.


Because survivors of the July Transition understand that their Source Connection depends on being willing to correct these problems and build the sustainable System of Life that will enable the Source to connect to them individually and to the Creation, there is now no longer an issue, on the Inner Plane, with beings resisting the need for fundamental change.  When there is no fundamental opposition to following the lead of the Source on the Inner Plane, Inner Plane changes in understanding and decision making will reach the Conscious Range of the Suit which may not be conscious of working with the Source on the Inner Plane.  When it reaches the Conscious Range, the Suit will respond by being able to conceive of alternate ways of making decisions and taking action that were formerly not a part of its repertoire.  

While Inner Plane Trainings provide information, they do not force the Suit to follow through with the opportunity, that the Source is providing, to learn and change.  The being must decide at the Survival Level, where every being calculates its risk of survival, whether they are willing to make the changes that are needed or lose their life in an upcoming Transition.  Since most Suits are now assessing the situation accurately, it is hoped that they will continue to do this when Outer Plane social changes become part of what is needed for their survival in upcoming stages of The Transition.


A new methodology for change is emerging that is based on:

  • Working with The Picture of Perfection to understand the Vision of a sustainable System of Life.  This is accomplished by an aspect of the Consciousness of a being moving into the Vision Center which resides above the heart chakra.  In this Vision Center, this aspect of the Consciousness lives in a Perfected Reality where they can continuously experience what it is like to Live the Vision.
  • Working with Inner Plane Trainings to understand what action needs to be taken to make this Vision a reality. This is accomplished by working with the recently activated Action Center in the heart chakra. In the Action Center, beings can work with Source-Given Trainings without being interrupted by the Story Trainings that they have received during the socialization process.  Through working in the Action Center, beings learn what it will take to implement the Vision that they are experiencing in the Vision Center.
  • Tracking the Source Directives that are communicating the Standard for what is to be achieved and providing information on the specific actions that need to be taken.  
    • General Universal Source Directives are being sent to all beings that inform them of the Standards that they must uphold to retain their place in The Substratum, which is only for those actively working to build the sustainable System of Life that will enable Life in the Creation to survive the final stage of The Transition.  These Source Directives outline the General Actions that need to be taken.
    • Coupled with the Universal Source Directives are Personal Source Directives which provide individual beings with information about the Specific Actions that they need to take to be in alignment with Universal Source Directives.  Beings are learning from the Inner Plane Training how to think about and develop the behavioral repertoire to take the Actions that will be needed.  When they receive a Personal Source Directive, this brings the practical Action that is to be taken in the moment into clear focus.  
      • In thinking of this in terms of The Puzzle Piece Methodology of the Source, a Personal Source Directive tells a being what Puzzle Piece they need to work on individually and with others to push into place to complete some aspect of The Picture of Heaven.  As individuals rise to do what is theirs to do, the Puzzle Pieces will go into position and eventually The System of Life, which is The Picture of Heaven fully manifested on the Inner and Outer Planes, will be built.  Individual beings working on pushing a particular Puzzle Piece into place may not understand how this is completing The Picture of Heaven. If they do their parts, however, the System of Life will be successfully built.
  • Working with me on the Outer Plane with Source-Directed Training and Source Solution Miracles, to prototype meeting the Standard so that those not working with me on the Outer Plane can benefit from the Prototype that is developed.


I will be providing more information on how to work with this methodology in an upcoming article on how to prepare for the Turning Point Transition which will be occurring on August 15th.  


The July 10th Transition has ended successfully with only a very small loss of life.  Those who died were those who were not really intending to help build a sustainable System of Life but were allies of the Negativity, trying to infiltrate The Manifestation Process in order to prevent it from saving Life in the Creation.

Most beings have understood the need to provide the Material Energy needed to get trained and equipped to align with and support The Manifestation Process.  They are striving to stay in alignment with the rigorous changes being manifested moment-to-moment by the fully activated Manifestation Process.

They are moving forward now through Inner Plane Trainings and Source Directives to make changes in their Inner Lives that will, in the future, manifest as changes in their Outer Lives.

While behavior on the Outer Plane will not immediately reflect the Inner Plane progress that is being made, this Inner Plane Work is the foundation for the Outer Plane social change that is needed.

This Transition has set the stage for The Standard of Survival to include active work to build the System of Life upon which all Life in the Creation is dependent.  All beings are called to do their parts and each being is given general and specific instructions about what Puzzle Pieces they need to help to move into place in order to complete The Picture of Heaven for themselves individually and for the Universal Community.  This completed Picture of Heaven is The System of Life in its fully manifested state.