The Source News Report on the
January 2018 Transitions


The January Transitions marked a Turning Point in The Transition. While only one life was lost in the January 16th Transition and no lives were lost in the January 22nd Transition, most beings survived because of Heaven Phase Interventions and not because of their diligent work to prepare correctly for these Transitions. 


The reason that beings survived was not because they were working effectively with the Heaven Phase Miracles sent to them but because I devised a tether for them that tethered their Suits to The Substratum so they would not fall off. All of the beings willingly accepted the tether including one female being who later decided that she could do without the tether and severed it herself.  She fell out of The Substratum and also refused to draw on any of the Heaven Phase Miracles to get back into position on The Substratum.  She was operating from a Personal Story that she did not need Source Support because she could handle things herself with her self taught Story spiritual technologies.  These proved to be faulty and she did not survive.


It was apparent after the many episodes of Spiritual Death and relinking of the Souls to the Suits in the December 13th Transition that any further episodes of falling out of The Substratum could lead to irreparable Suit damage.  I worked with the Design Aspect of the Source to develop a Heaven Phase Intervention – the tether – to correct for this problem. The tether had been prototyped in the December 13th Transition and was developed enough to work with all of the different kinds of Suits by the January 16th Transition.


In the January 22nd Transition many beings did not achieve the Source Interaction Standard. Beings in the Prototype Communities and The Second Creation and advanced Heaven Agents achieved this Standard.  Young beings were able to achieve it because of their close connection to the Source.  Animals on the Earth and their equivalent through the Original Creation achieved it but civilization building beings who have been encouraged by the Negativity to develop a Story World instead of living in a natural Source-Connected World did not meet the Standard for accepting Source Truth rather than Story Truth.  They continued to listen to Story Truth about how to transition into Total Abundance, and, therefore, fell short of the Standard, achieving a Source Interaction level instead of Standard.


Although the tether kept them from falling out of The Substratum to their Spiritual Death, they fell out of The Network of Intelligence and lost the Life Current that sustains their physical life.  I was able to bring through a Heaven Phase Intervention to build an Extension Field around The Network of Intelligence that I could run Life Current to but it is a precarious arrangement. What is endangering them are the Story Truth Currents that arise from Story Behavioral Patterns are very densely materialized. They are weighing down the beings in this very immaterial Extension Field and could lead to them dropping out of the Extension Field if they do not work to rid themselves of these Story Behavioral Patterns and the densely materialized Story Currents that they produce.


If beings had not reached the level of immateriality that was achieved in the January 22nd Transition they would not have been able to exist in an Extension Field of this kind. Without the full support of The Network of Intelligence, however, these beings are having a very difficult time adjusting to the high speed energies of The Substratum at Level 8.10 and to the much more immaterial substance of their Suits.  Many have been in danger of Spiritual Fragmentation that could shatter their entire manifestation and most have been dysfunctional in terms of knowing how to navigate in this very different spiritual terrain.  Since beings can not return to The Network of Intelligence if they once fall out of it, they will have to maintain a much higher Standard in the Extension Field if they are to retain the necessary spiritual support for their physical lives.

Not only are these beings in danger in the Extension Field, but they are at risk of falling out of The Substratum if they do not attain the Standard.  I have a limited amount of Heaven Phase Energy to support the tethers and when this energy is spent, they will fall out of The Substratum if they have not both attained the Standard and are working with Source Guidance to adjust to the rigorous conditions for survival that occur at this much greater level of spiritual immateriality. In future Transitions, such as the upcoming March 10th Transition, no tethers will be possible.  Beings will have to be working correctly with the Heaven Phase Miracles to Steward their own lives during the Lift Up or they will fall out of The Substratum at that time.


In order to help beings learn how to Steward the miracle of their lives effectively, I called on the Design Aspect to create forms of Source Support that would help with this challenge. The Design Aspect responded by creating two major forms of Source Support.



The Source Level Prototype 

The first major Heaven Phase Intervention was a Spiritual Prototype for transitioning into a Total Abundance Way of Life. This Prototype was developed at the Source Level instead of being developed from the life experiences of Manifest Beings. It went to all Suits, those failing to achieve the Standard and those who achieved it. This Prototype is a Perfected Intelligence that began helping the Suits that accepted it to adjust to the more immaterial levels without suffering from Spiritual Fragmentation. 


The Prototype also began instructing the Suits to jettison the Story Truth Currents that were causing the Suits to engage in Story behaviors that, at this level of immateriality, can rupture The Spiritual Electrical System. Most Suits are still running Story Truth Currents that will endanger them in the Transitions that lie ahead.  Those in the Extension Field are at most immediate risk but no Suit will make it to a 10.10 Standard if they continue to run any Story Truth Currents.  The Path ahead has to be a path of discerning the difference between Story Truth and Source Truth in every aspect of life and effectively ousting Story Truth and the Story Currents it generates from the Suit.


When the Suit becomes very immaterial, it runs much more high speed spiritual energies through its Spiritual Electrical System which is what supports the central nervous system of the Physical Body.  If it runs Source-Given Currents for transitioning into a Total Abundance Way of Life as well as Story Currents for living a Story Way of Life, the opposing currents can collide in the Spiritual Electrical System and create a spiritual train wreck that can fragment parts of the Spiritual Electrical System.


In other words, at this level of immateriality, the Suit can not live a double life, going in opposite directions at the same time. When the Suit was more material, the material substance of the Suit allowed certain parts of the Suit to fragment off and form Fragment Islands running different currents that were more buffered from Fragment Islands running opposing currents.  This enabled Fragmentation to exist without causing a complete rupturing of the Spiritual Electrical System.


Now that the Suits have reached this level of immateriality, the materialized buffers are gone  between the Fragment Islands and the opposing currents rip through the entire Spiritual Electrical System with greater speed and with more impact on the Spiritual Electrical System as a whole.


What this means is that beings need to work with the Source to eliminate the Story Currents in their Suit so that these currents do not create the train wrecks that will shatter the Spiritual Electrical System.


While the Prototype is effectively helping the Suit to slow down the activation of many of these Story Currents, the danger has not been eliminated and will only get worse with the next Transition when the Suit goes to an even higher level of immateriality.  The only solution is to eliminate all of these Story Truth Currents as quickly as possible.


If you have checked out the schedule for Transitions in 2018 you will see that in one year Suits will move from a Level 7.10 to a Level 11.6.5 in the 12 Levels of the Transition. This acceleration of The Transition has been necessitated by the slow learning process of Manifest Beings who have demonstrated, thus far in The Transition, that at more material levels they learn at a slower rate and cling to their negative patterns.  


The Design Aspect of the Source made the decision to speed up the ascent to Level 11.6.5 in order to give Suits a chance to accelerate their learning so they would have a chance to make it to the 100% Source Connection that is needed before the end of The Transition.


The risk factor is, however, that they will have to adapt to becoming much less material at a much faster rate and the 10.10 Source Interaction Standard will rise more rapidly as well.  Since the survival of those who wish to go the distance is the goal of The Transition, these changes in the rate of the ascent were made to give those dedicated to becoming sustainable and living a 100% Source-Connected Way of Life the chance to make it. 


The Source Level Prototype will help Suits to learn what they need to learn but there will be a need for diligent effort if Suits are to survive these rapid shifts in the very nature of their spiritual structure without suffering from damage to their Spiritual Electrical Systems.



Programmed Events

The second form of Source Support that was created was a Heaven Phase upgrade for the former kind of Programmed Event Technology that was in place in The Set Up Phase of the Creation.


A Programmed Event is an event where the Source sends in information to participants in an event so they can work as Source-Directed Activists to bring through the Heaven that is possible in that event.  The Programmed Event also helps to stage the event such as the timing of resources and activities. 


The upgraded Programmed Event provides a Suit with a Left Brain Pathway along which its consciousness can travel to more reliably pick up on the information about how to participate in a Programmed Event. The Pathway helps the conscious mind to focus on Source Guidance, provides buffering from the input of the Negativity or Story Patterns in the Suit, and provides the momentum that keeps the consciousness moving at the right speed to accomplish what is needed for the event.


When information in the pre-upgraded version of Programmed Events was given, Suits would often jump back onto a Story Left Brain Pathway and carry out the instructions given by their Story Patterns or broadcast to them by the Negativity.  This could abort their ability to work effectively with the information from the Source about how to be a Source-Directed Activist in the event.  Some might even acted out a Story version of what they thought a Source-Directed Activist would be doing in the event instead of following real Source Direction to do what was required to bring out the Heaven that was created for the event.


With the Pathways, the Suit will have an additional layer of protection and direction from the Source to help the consciousness of the Suit to remain on task.  The Pathways also coordinate the work being done by the Extended Range of the Suit and the Conscious Range of the Suit. Since the Extended Range of the Suit is generally doing excellent Heaven Agent Work, it can prompt the Conscious Range of the Suit to be in the right place at the right time to coordinate with its work. While the Suit must also receive Conscious Range Source Guidance in order to do Heaven Agent Work that requires a conscious mind understanding of the specifics of the Mission Work to be done, the prompts from the Extended Range are very helpful.


To receive this Heaven Phase Intervention a Suit must choose to work with Programmed Events through the Pathways.  If they do then they will receive through ongoing Programmed Events the complex experiential life training that will help them to achieve a 10.10 Standard.  Without it, the Source can not provide enough support to ensure that they will achieve this Standard.


At this point in time, beings throughout the Creation have accepted Programmed Event Pathways and are beginning to learn how to work with them effectively.  This is a major step toward being able to learn quickly how to navigate in the rapidly changing spiritual terrain that they will need to adjust to in the 2018 Transitions. 



A Major Change in the Nature of the Source Connection 

While the January Transitions did not result in a great loss of life, countless beings are now precariously perched on the Extension Field outside of The Network of Intelligence. Not only do they lack the full support of The Network of Intelligence that was designed to support their physical life, but they are weighed down by the Story Truth Currents that caused them to fail to meet the Standard for the January 22nd Transition.


Even those who achieved the Standard are also having trouble adjusting to life at this more immaterial level where opposing currents running through their Spiritual Electrical System can lead to train wrecks that can fundamentally damage their Spiritual Electrical System and secondarily impair their physical health through impairing the support to their central nervous system that is given by their Spiritual Electrical System.


What this adds up to is a Wake Up Call about becoming discerning so that Story Truths can be seen for what they are and replaced with the Source Truths that will enable the Suit to function in an integrated way that supports a healthy and sustainable Spiritual Electrical System.


The only reliable way to learn how to know which thought or behavioral pattern arises from Story Truth or Source Truth is to seek accurate and detailed Source Guidance.


The only method for recognizing accurate Source Guidance is to learn to recognize the energy of the Source so that you can make a Direct Source Connection and sustain this Connection while interacting with the Source to receive Source Guidance.


While interacting with the Source on the Outer Plane through my Manifestation will help you to learn about these energies, the ultimate Skill Set that you will need to survive in the time ahead is the ability to interact with my Extended Range Manifestation when I am not accessible in my Conscious Range Manifestation.


During the aftermath of the January 22nd Transition, both my Extended Range Manifestation and my Conscious Range Manifestation ascended to the final level that they will go to prior to my departure to the Source Level at the end of The Transition.  From this level I can project in an image of my Extended Range Manifestation which will interact with you to help you to receive Source Guidance and understand how to transition into a 100% Source Connection.


The projection of the Extended Range Manifestation is like an image appearing on a movie screen rather than a materialized person standing in your midst. Because the movie screen is an Inner Plane Heaven Field, the Extended Range Manifestation may appear to you as a form of me standing in the room with you or walking alongside you or appearing in an episode of a Miracle-Based Adventure. The Extended Range Manifestation might also take the form of a bird, a cloud, light, or just an amorphous sense of the Presence of the Source.  


The Extended Range Manifestation is the Source Presence that you need to be able to recognize to become discerning about whether you are receiving Source Guidance or listening to mind chatter or to something or someone extraneous to your form that is trying to throw off your ability to hear accurate Source Guidance. The Programmed Event Pathways will help but work at becoming more discerning is essential even in the more protected context of the Pathways.


Prior to this shift, my Extended Range Manifestation was present with you in the Creation.  Now it is projected in to a particular location which you must find in order to retain your Source Connection.  This location is the place where the Image of the Source, that I have referenced in The Video Book, will appear after I leave for the Source Level.  Only those who can locate this Point of Connection will be able to interact with the projected Extended Range Manifestation from my current level or the projected Extended Range Manifestation from the Source Level once I have returned.  


While I am still incarnate, the Extended Range Manifestation will be more material than it will be when I have returned to the Source Level.  Practicing now to locate the Point of Connection and interact with the Extended Range Manifestation is essential to your ability to do this in the much more challenging circumstances that will occur after the end of The Transition when the Extended Range Manifestation will be very ethereal and only perceptible to those who have developed a strong Love Connection with the Source and who have logged many years of interacting effectively with this Manifestation.


As in the acceleration of the level shifts of The Transition, this early introduction of the projected in Extended Range Manifestation has resulted from the dangers created for my Manifestation by beings who have not interacted with it in a manner that has enabled it to remain at a more material level. While my transition to this level poses a greater challenge for beings because the Extended Range Manifestation is more immaterial, there are advantages in being able to practice with the projected version of the Manifestation.  Since this technology is similar to what will be used once I return to the Source Level, you will become better equipped to know how to stay Connected if you practice with the projected Extended Range Manifestation rather than the former more materialized version of the Manifestation.


The best way to learn how to locate the Extended Range Manifestation is to work in the Online Source Reality Stations where the Source Guidance that you receive is sent in from the Extended Range Manifestation through the Total Abundance Screens and other Miracle Tools that are in use there.  It is also easier to attune to the Extended Range Manifestation when you are in Source Reality.


While working in the Inner Plane Source Reality Station will help you to make this Connection, I am finding that those working in the Online Stations are cracking through the distortions that block their Source Connection much faster and in a way that is helping them to build a Conscious Range understanding of how to recognize the Source and recognize Source Truth.  Since this Skill Set is essential to survival, I would encourage those who have not yet requested a Source Reality Station to do so at this time.  If you are eligible for one of the two Coaching Programs, then I will be able to work with you in an Online Source Reality Station.  If not, then I will still be able to help you in an Inner Plane Source Reality Station.


If you aren’t already in one of the two Coaching Programs, I would recommend that you request a Gifted Coaching Program Assessment to determine if you are ready for either The Total Abundance Coaching Program or The Source Connection Coaching Program.  You can learn more about these Miracle-Based Coaching Programs by going to:



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For information on Source Reality Stations, you can go to: 



I would also recommend working with The Power Pulsator Miracle Tool to gain more Mission Power for your work.  It has been invaluable in helping Heaven Agents work at a higher level in the Stations.


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Although the path is steep up ahead, with every new Transition your Suit will be less material and more able to go the distance toward the 100% Source Connection.  


If you think of the stages of the Transition as opportunities to master the skills needed to Steward the Miracle of Life – your life and all of Life – then you will rise to the challenge and feel blessed by the levels that you achieve.  You will know that with every step you take in the right direction you are nearing your destination of sustainability and building the Heaven of a Source-Connected Way of Life that leads to Total Abundance for you and for all others.