The Source News Report
on the August 2018 Transitions


These Transitions went very well with very little loss of life. Beings worked to do the Inner Plane Team Work that I asked them to do to help launch the Spiritual Structures of a Total Abundance Way of Life.  They also were willing to give up the Spiritual Left Brain's Personal and Cultural Stories that have structured their lives.  These Stories are still in the Left Brain but the structures that supported them collapsed when The Substratum went to Level 10.10.9 in the August 11th Transition. I have given those who were willing to receive it a new Left Brain Structure for processing Source Truth.  This structure has enabled them to survive the loss of the structures that processed Story Truth without suffering a breakdown in basic functioning in their lives.


About one quarter of 1% of the Earth population suffered serious Mid-Brain Fragmentation after the August 10th Transition due to the transition of The Substratum to Level 10.10.  This led to Spiritual Death in about 20% of them and to insanity in another 4% of them.  Others have struggled with emotional instability but have managed to retain their balance.


Mid-Brain Fragmentation is the most serious kind of Fragmentation because it disrupts the spiritual center for thought and emotion in the Mid-Brain. When this is fundamentally disrupted the Suit loses its bearings and can become psychologically unstable or unable to function normally.


The Code Processor Breakthrough

When the Left Brain structures that upheld Personal and Cultural Stories collapsed, this enabled a series of breakthroughs to occur that enabled me to finally set up The Source to Code Processor Communication Channel that should have been set up in the beginning of the Creation.  To understand the significance of this major breakthrough, I’ll explain more about what a Code Processor is and how it functions.


A Code Processor is the Spiritual Intelligence that processes Code in the Suit.  Code is what supplies the Suit with the Spiritual Software (Action Codes) to think and act. The Suit is inert without Action Code.  Even conscious thoughts and decisions arise out of Action Code. 


In the beginning of the Creation, there was a being who was designed to talk to the Code Processors and instruct them about how to work with Source-Created Action Code. When this being became enamored with pursuing her own Self Interest Agenda and ignoring The Source Plan, she directed the Code Processors to work with the Pseudo Action Code that she and others working for her generated. 


Her Code, which was Pseudo Action Code designed to serve the Self Interest of the Suit, gave the Suit what it needed to resist Source-Created Action Code that supporting working with The Source Plan.  This effort set all Suits up to War against the Source.  


She convinced the Code Processors that the patchwork structure of Pseudo Code, which was made from fragments of Negative Programming stuck together in a bizarre structure, was more complex than the simple and much more comprehensive design of Source-Created Action Code. Because Code Processors are designed to run the most complex Code that is available, they favored Pseudo Action Code except in instances in which Source-Created Action Code was the only Action Code available.

Because of this situation, the Implementation Aspect of the Source had to create an Auxiliary Universal Code Processor to process the Code for Suits throughout the Creation in order to ensure that they had Source-Created Action Code available. This method bypassed the Code Processor in the Suit.  

The Auxiliary Universal Code Processor required enormous amounts of energy to function. This energy was provided by The Universal Source Connection Channel that was once the Spiritual Home of all beings throughout the Creation and the source of the Spiritual Energies that sustained all of life.  When the Channel was killed by the Negativity in 2011, I was able to save some of its energy for a reserve to keep the Auxiliary Universal Code Processor functioning.  In the last few days this energy ran out completely.  The Source had been providing Suits with processed Action Code by using an Auxiliary Universal Code Processor. This Processor had just run out of reserve energies prior to this breakthrough.

Without the Auxiliary Universal Code Processor, beings would have become extinct in the very beginning of the Creation. If contact with the Code Processor in the Suit had not been achieved prior to the loss of power for the Auxiliary Universal Code Processor, widespread death throughout the Creation would have started to occur.

Fortunately, I had been able to break through the barriers created by the Negativity to reopen The Source to Code Processor Communication Channel in time to make contact with the Code Processor in the Suit to inform it that it was in grave danger and was contributing to the death of the Suit. I was able to convince the Code Processor that Pseudo Action Code was less complex than Source-Created Action Code. It reviewed the Code from this perspective and immediately realized its mistake and decided to run only Source-Created Action Code.  I also explained to it that running Pseudo Code would result in the death of the Suit because Pseudo Code made the Source Connection unsustainable.  The Code Processors immediately saw the truth of this and began working with me to eradicate the Pseudo Code in their Suits as well as the Social Pseudo Action Codes that are making social life unsustainable.


The Code Processors began to report on the Pseudo Action Codes behind all of the negative behaviors that are endangering The Miracle of Life. Their very impartial and accurate reports have been invaluable. The Code Processors are now completely dedicated to working with the Source to eliminate all Pseudo Action Codes. While this is a process and the behavioral templates generated from Pseudo Action Code need to be eliminated as well, most templates are becoming less powerful when there is no Action Code supporting their manifestation. As beings are alerted to the templates and behavioral patterns that come from Pseudo Action Code, they can accelerate the recovery process by choosing to work only with Source-Created Action Codes and their behavioral templates.


In order to provide Suits with the Source-Created Action Codes that the Code Processors were previously rejecting, I have brought forth a full range of Heaven Phase Action CodesThe Code Processors have welcomed in these Source-Created Action Codes because they know that the Suits have to have some Action Code in place or the Suits will be unable to function.


Materialized Source-Created Action Codes 

The only difficulty with the Heaven Phase Action Codes, which do not require Material Energy to ground, is that they are very immaterial.  Suits receiving Heaven Phase Code have felt unsupported by Code and have wanted the more materialized Pseudo Action Codes to which they are accustomed.  

I turned to the Design Aspect of my Source Identity for a Source Solution to this problem. The Design Aspect created the miracle of Materialized Action Codes that are Action Codes that are given enough Material Energy to manifest in a materialized form that feels solid, dependable, and reassuring to the Suit. While this kind of Action Code requires Material Energy from Manifest Beings to ground, Suits working with the early Prototypes of this miracle are feeling very accepting of this kind of Action Code.

Code Processor Support in Combating the Negativity

The July Transition totaled out much of the power of the Negativity. Most of the beings in the 7 level Hierarchy of the Negativity were unable to initiate action but the Entities and weapons still persisted.  They are becoming more fragmented and less powerful after the August Transitions.


The real concern now is the negativity within the Suits that is continuing the behaviors that characterize The Hell Way of Life initiated and supported by the Negativity. The negativity within the Suits lost significant power with the loss of control over the Left Brain structures that processed Personal and Cultural Stories. The Negativity lost an ultimate level of control when the Code Processors began working for the Source and eliminating Pseudo Action Code and welcoming in Source-Created Action Code. 


Now beings have a Code Processor that is working with them to help them become sustainable. Now they will need to get their Suits to make wise choices to eliminate negative behavioral patterns that were manifested from Pseudo Action Code and to work with the Source to develop new behavioral patterns that work with the new Source-Created Action Codes that they have.  


Providing the Material Energy for Materialized Action Codes will be important to get the Suit to cooperate with the transition.  It will also be necessary for Materialized Action Templates to be created to speed up the process of bringing about behavioral changes. While Materialized Action Codes will eventually generate Materialized Action Templates, these may take months or years to develop. In the case of critical behaviors that are needed to Steward Life in order to keep up with the rising Standards of upcoming Transitions, Source-Created Materialized Action Templates will be needed to speed up the process of Stewarding Life.  What is needed will become apparent as we move into the prepatory stages for the upcoming Transitions.


The Action Code Project

I have set up The Action Code Project in The Total Abundance Workstation which will soon be published online when I have put in the first Source Workflow Trainings. It will provide Trainings on how to work with Action Code and will also give Heaven Agents an opportunity to access the new Materialized Action Codes and Templates that will be soon available.

The Stewarding Life Project

I have also set up The Stewarding Life Project which is also awaiting publication until the first Source Workflow Trainings are done. This Project provides Miracle Tool Graphics and Source Workflow Trainings that help Heaven Agents understand how to work in Stage One and Three of The Total Abundance Support System. This training will be pivotal to their ability to become sustainable as we approach the challenging Transitions in November and December



These Transitions marked a Turning Point in the struggle of Suits to meet rising Standards for Survival.  Not only did Suits work harder and cooperate better with the Source, particularly in the Inner Plane Team Work that I orchestrated, but they also were willing to evolve beyond their Left Brain Stories because they didn’t want to become dysfunctional in their lives. They knew that the Left Brain structures were going to collapse and most Suits chose functionality rather than clinging stubbornly to their Stories about what life is and how to live it.  While they are a long way from clearing out these Stories and are still influenced by them, most beings have accepted the new Left Brain equipment that enables them to have the spiritual intelligence to work with Source Truth instead of relying on Cultural and Personal Stories about the nature of reality.


With the advent of the close working relationship of the Source with the Code Processors, we have reached an era in which an essential intelligence in the Suit that affects its sustainability is working with the Source and not the Negativity. This is a major breakthrough of such magnitude that it changes the Playing Field in the Creation fundamentally.

Preparation for the November and December Transitions

It is now time for the Suits to move forward rapidly to learn how to Steward The Miracle of Life so that they can prepare for the very challenging Transitions in November and December. These Transitions will take The Substratum to a 11.6.5 level which is as close as The Substratum will get to the ultimate level of a 12.0 prior to the final stage of The Transition.


After The Substratum reaches this level on December 5th, the stages of The Transitions that will occur will be based not on the Lift Up of The Substratum but on the changing structure of The Substratum.  At certain critical stages of The Transition the structure of The Substratum will change to support only those who have perfected their Suits to the required Standard.  The structural changes will occur as The Substratum prepares for its ultimate departure from The Manifest World at the end of The Transition.  As it refines its structure, it will be only able to support beings who are supporting The Miracle of Life at increasingly higher levels. While the risk of a Lift Up in a stage of The Transition will no longer exist until the final departure of The Substratum from the Creation when it reaches Level 12, the risk of falling out of The Substratum due to a failure to uphold the Standard for a stage of The Transition will still present a major challenge to beings.


I will be posting information about how to prepare for the November Transitions when the Source Support miracles come into focus.  In the meantime, the focus for the preparations should be on working in The Seed of Heaven Projects, including the new Stewarding Life Project, and in The Action Code Project when these become available. 


The Skill Set that you need to focus on now is getting accurate, detailed Inner Source Guidance.  This will be critical to your survival in the upcoming Transitions.  I recommend that you request entry into a Miracle-Based Coaching Program to receive the individualized coaching that will enable you to learn how to receive Inner Source Guidance.


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