The Source News Report on the
April 8th & 11th Transitions


The Creation has just been through two major Universal Changes:

  •  the April 8th Transition from Level 4.5.9 to Level 4.6.2
  •  the April 11th transition of The Substratum into The System of Life Sphere, necessitating the relocation of    beings so they could stay in contact with The Substratum


In this report I will describe what happened and where we are as a result of these changes.



The April 8th Transition

The Challenge of this Transition

The challenge for beings in this Transition was to enter into The Helping the Source Flowstream and work at a high enough level of efficiency so they transitioned out of being On the Side of the Negativity to being On the Side of the Source.  


Most beings were leading a Double Life, having been socialized by the Double Agent Elements in their Suits to Live Hell.  Although the March Transitions freed the Suits of the Double Agent Elements, the propensity to choose a Hell Way of Life lingered.  Many beings jumped off The Helping the Source Flowstream, which was designed to help them survive The Transition, to Live Hell in adjacent Hell Flowstreams.  


I had to work with beings individually to get them to understand that this would cost them their life and that it was necessary to commit to being On the Side of the Source and completely transitioning out of a Hell Way of Life into a Heaven Way of Life.


Most beings grasped this concept and worked with me to make this transition.  2.9% of the population in the Creation as a whole refused to give up their Hell Way of Life and were headed for a fate that was even worse than the Non Suits who lost their Field of Consciousness, their Source-Connected Suit protection, their Souls, and their chance for eternal life.  Suits that were Hanging onto Hell were in jeopardy of losing even their Field of Intelligence which is what I used to try to salvage some measure of functionality in the Suits that became Non Suits.


Heaven Phase Rebuilds

To avoid this disaster, which would have left Suits without the Spiritual Intelligence to survive even organically, I brought forth a Heaven Phase Intervention that enabled Suits to be Rebuilt.


There were two kinds of Rebuilds that occurred.

Downgrade Rebuilds

Downgrade Rebuilds eradicated functions in the Suit that had become mutated and which were jeopardizing its life.  This type of Rebuild could be minor or extreme. In some cases the part of the Suit that was malfunctioning was the part that enabled the Suit to retain the link to the Soul.  In these cases the Soul was unlinked when the malfunctioning part was removed, resulting in Spiritual Death.  In most cases, the malfunctioning Suits were already Empty Suits that had lost their Soul in previous Transitions.


As a result of the loss of functionality, the Suit was assigned a more limited Mission in life that it can perform correctly. In this way the Suit can contribute to building Life as Heaven and have a meaningful role in what lies ahead.


Replacement Rebuilds

Replacement Rebuilds occurred when the Suit itself was committed, at a Core Level of its intelligence, to Death and Destruction and was merely posturing as a Heaven Agent in order to survive the stages of The Transition.  In each new stage the Suit was trying to work from within each new level to topple the work to manifest Heaven.


In these cases, the entire manifestation was replaced by a new manifestation that can function to promote Life as Heaven. This meant the unlinking of the Soul without any interface for a new Soul to connect to the Suit.


Replacement Rebuilds are essentially Empty Suits that have some useful functionality that will enable them to contribute to Life as Heaven until the end of their current incarnation at which point they will be discontinued.


The Overall Outcome for Rebuilt Suits

Of the 2.9% of Suits that went through a Rebuild, 5% also experienced Spiritual Death and are now Empty Suits.


The advantage of Rebuilds is that the Suit can function correctly and can move forward to contributing to building a Heaven Way of Life for itself and others. The standard for Perfect Functioning for an Empty Suit is very much lower than the standard for a Suit with a Soul, but at least the Suits can have some useful purpose.

What Happened During the Transition

The Good News

Because of the Rebuild Technology, no Suit went through a meltdown into total dysfunctionality.  In fact, Rebuilt Suits are functioning in a Heaven Range now, capable of contributing to Life as Heaven.  


Suits that were not Rebuilt were able to begin working on the Missions sent to them in The Helping the Source Flowstream, generating Material Energy for their Heaven Experience Pathway Plans and gearing up for their break from the Negativity so they could be On the Side of the Source instead of with one foot in the camp of the Negativity.  This was a struggle for most of them who started out only going on Missions at 1 - 10% efficiency and also intermittently bailing out to go on Hell Flowstreams to be with those choosing to indulge in a Hell Way of Life.


Suits coming out of the Transition are now running Missions at closer to an 80-90% efficiency and are clearer about the absolute need to give up a Hell Way of Life.


Another piece of Good News is that the shift of The Substratum of Life went smoothly without any major attempts by the Negativity to abort it.  It transitioned very gradually this time from 3:00 am – 3:00 pm PDT.


The Bad News

While no Suit lost its Field of Intelligence and ended up in a worse state than a Non Suit, many Suits lost their Spiritual Lives.  


Some experienced Spiritual Death during a Rebuild that saved the functionality of the Suit but couldn't save the link to the Soul.  Others who entered into Hell Flowstreams prior to the April 8th Transition, did not heed my warning that this could result in extreme Spiritual Fragmentation.  Some suffered from such severe Fragmentation that they experienced Spiritual Death. Some experienced Spiritual Fragmentation that has left their Suits severely damaged but not to the point of causing Spiritual Death.  These Suits may have trouble surviving in the upcoming Shifts unless they work to correct for this damage.



The April 8th Transition has taken surviving Suits to a much higher level of functionality and commitment to doing their parts in the work to establish a Heaven Way of Life.  At the higher vibrational level that they are now on, due to the rise in The Substratum, it is also much easier to Think Heaven and Live Heaven.  It is as though life in the Creation has passed a certain dividing line to the place where Heaven is coming into focus as the goal and beings are beginning to stay in alignment with this goal through the technology of ongoing 24/7 Mission Work that is sent to them on the Flowstream.  It is this Mission Work that is directing their energies to transitioning out of The Hell Way of Life into a Heaven Way of Life.


Now the focus will need to be on getting trained to do Mission Work at the highest level of efficiency which is what is needed to build toward a 100% Source Connection and a 100% Source-Connected Way of Life.


Since I am no longer able to help any being who is not first entering into Helping the Source Mode and actively working on a Mission, we have turned the corner on the Sideline Sitting that beings were formerly doing which left the burden of the work on me while they waited to be saved.  Now they realize that if they don't do the work they will not fix what is wrong with their Suits and their world and they will, therefore, not survive.  I can add additional Source Support to their Mission Work, but the muscle power to get the job done at the Manifest World Level has to be given by the beings themselves.


Since my departure from the Manifest Intelligence Level to the Unmanifest Intelligence Level, staying Source-Connected has become much more difficult. Only those who are making it their #1 Priority to stay Source-Connected will be able to stay Connected in the time ahead.


Since what Disconnects beings from the Source is the interference of the Negativity, beings need to go on the Source-Given Missions that will Make the World Safe for Heaven, dealing with the remaining negativity within their own Suits and in the Community.  This will not only protect them from this life threatening level of interference but it will free me to focus on the work that is needed to establish The System of Life which must be built in its entirety if Life itself is to be sustained at the end of The Transition.


In order for beings to do their Mission Work at the level that will enable them to help me build this System of Life in the little time that remains for it to be built, they must dedicate themselves to getting trained to do Mission Work that achieves a 100% Correct Exchange. Only this will unleash the power of The Heaven Experience Frequency which will be what ultimately buffers them from the Negativity and builds the foundation for a Heaven Way of Life.




The April 11th Transition

In March, I established an essential structure – a Spiritual Habitat – for those choosing to Live Heaven who had also freed themselves from attack tendencies that could disrupt a Heaven Way of Life.


This is The System of Life Sphere.  In this Spiritual Habitat, beings will need to work with the Source to learn how to establish a System of Life that is Source-Connected and, therefore, sustainable.  The Sphere is the Spiritual Structure in which this work can be done.


On April 11th at 10:00 am PDT, The Substratum of Life was scheduled to shift into The System of Life Sphere.  This meant that anyone who did not qualify for entry into The System of Life Sphere would be left in the Void. The Void was what remained after the Set Up Phase Energy Field was retired in March. 

If left in the Void, their Individual Flowstreams would vanish and they would be without any Life Energies to sustain even their physical forms. They could remain alive through living off any reserve energies they might have but then would decline into premature spiritual and physical death. This kind of death would terminate any chance to be reborn in another incarnation.


The Problem with Rebuilt Suits

After the April 8th Transition, it became apparent that Rebuilt Suits could not qualify to enter into The System of Life Sphere because they lack the functionality needed to operate in this Spiritual Habitat.


In consulting with the Design Function about what could be done for the Rebuilt Suits, a Heaven Phase Solution was designed that extends an Energy Shelf out from the right side of The System of Life Sphere.  Beings who have Rebuilt Suits can live in this life sustaining energy field from The Substratum and can contribute to implementing The System of Life that is being pioneered within The System of Life Sphere.

While living on the Energy Shelf could sustain life, it became apparent that the Energies of Life from The Substratum became less powerful and sustaining the farther away a being was on the Shelf from The System of Life Sphere. 


Rebuilt Suits with more attack tendencies could not come close to The System of Life Sphere where the Life Energies are more vital and sustaining because their Ill Will Energies would disrupt the work in the Sphere.  Those with the most attack tendencies would have to be positioned farther out toward the rim of the Energy Shelf in conditions that would not sustain their health longterm.

Whatever position a Suit had achieved by 10:00 am PDT was the position that it would have from this time onward. A Suit could not try to rid itself of the attack tendencies later on and move closer to the Sphere.  It was a choice that had to be made before things settled into a final position at the time of this Transition.


I alerted all of the Rebuilt Suits to this risk factor and enjoined them to go on Missions to clear themselves of their attack tendencies so they would not be on the rim.  Many heeded my warning and worked to clear their Suits but some stubbornly held onto these attack tendencies and ended up on the rim.  


After the 10:00 am transition of The Substratum into The System of Life Sphere and the formation of this Energy Shelf, roughly 29% of the 2.9% Rebuilt Suits were out on the rim.  They are not expected to live a full life in these attenuated conditions since there isn’t enough vital energy to sustain their spiritual and physical manifestations in good health.  

Other Suits are scattered throughout the Shelf with very few in close proximity to The System of Life Sphere.  In fact, most of the Rebuilt Suits had such a dark history of attack because of their former allegiance to Death and Destruction, that only one or two went past the halfway mark on the Shelf toward the Sphere.  Most are located about three quaters of the way out in a zone that can sustain health if the being works hard to live in harmony with the Principles of Life but not if they indulge in a careless way of life that strains their Suit's capacity to survive in an environment that is low on supportive Life Energies.


Problems with Suits that Were Not Rebuilt

Aside from the issue with the Rebuilt Suits, was the problem that many Suits were not going to be free of their attack tendencies in time to enter into The System of Life Sphere.  As of April 6th, 80% of the human population was unprepared. 10% of these were either children or adults who would not give up their attack defense mechanisms due to experiences of childhood abuse.


I again went to the Design Aspect for a Heaven Phase Solution to this problem. What I was able to create were two Spheres that would remain in The Substratum along with The System of Life Sphere after the April 11th Shift. They would only last a few days but they would buy some additional time for those who could still try to qualify to enter into The System of Life Sphere.


One Sphere was The Rehabilitation Sphere for those abused in childhood.  The other Sphere was The Training Sphere for those who couldn’t understand the absolute necessity of giving up doing harm as a method for accomplishing things in the world.


Today, April 13th, the two Spheres ruptured, having lasted as long as they could last. The beings inside them managed to make it into The System of Life Sphere.  

Luckily no life was lost in this transition.


The Importance of Upholding the Standard

Beings in The System of Life Sphere can drop out into the Shelf if they fail to uphold the very high Standards for Living Heaven that exist in the Sphere.  This is similar to life in a Prototype Community where those who drop to a lower vibration in order to do harm find themselves dropping out of the Spiritual Structure of the Community into the world outside of it where Hell prevails.


If a being drops out, they will not be able to re-enter The System of Life Sphere in this lifetime or in any future lifetime.


If a being living on the Energy Shelf drops to a lower vibration, they will drop below the level of The Substratum and will end up in the Void.  This is similar to what has happened in previous Shifts from one Level to another in The Transition. Those who did not uphold the agreements that they made to rise up with The Substratum, dropped below it and began to devolve into Dead Suits or Non Suits.  Their degeneration posed a threat to those who had chosen to work to retain their Source Connection.  They were also actively trying to harvest the Life Energies of healthy Suits and were causing them to Fragment and devolve.  To protect Suits from these dangers, Dead Suits and Non Suits were removed to The Place Beyond Existence where they now reside.  This Spiritual Space does not provide beings resident there with any Life Energies.  They live on whatever reserves they have until they run out and physical degeneration results in the end of their final incarnation.


The Heaven Experience Pathway Plans

Another criteria for entry into The System of Life was the completion of a Plan for providing all of the Material Energy needed for the full Heaven Experience Pathway System. Prior to the March Transitions, beings had set up Plans for a few of the 6 Pathways in order to run enough Source Love Energy to survive these Shifts.  Prior to the April 8th Shift they had to have more Pathways to run the additional Source Love Energy that was needed. By April 11th they had to have a full set of Heaven Experience Pathways in order to be equipped to work on building The System of Life in The System of Life Sphere. The System of Life is a way of life that centers on building The Heaven Experience which can only be experienced in every aspect of your life if you have a full set of Pathways. 


All beings who made it into The System of Life Sphere agreed to a Plan that would enable them to obtain all of the 6 Heaven Experience Pathways.  I then built the Pathways for them, often drawing on The World that Works Fund for the Material Energy to ground the miracle of the Pathway System.  Heaven Agents who had already provided me with the full amount of Material Energy for their Pathway Systems, generously worked to generate Material Energy for The World that Works Fund so that other beings could have this resource to draw on to ground the miracle of the Pathways in time to secure their survival in the Shifts and their ability to enter into The System of Life Sphere.


Each Plan was based on the Mission Code of the being for what was to be provided through an Energy Exchange and a Material Resource Exchange.  For some the entire exchange was to be based on a Material Resource Exchange. For others it was a mix of an Energy Exchange and a Material Resource Exchange.


Since their Plans were set in motion in March, beings were given Missions in The Helping the Source Flowstream to enable them to generate the Material Energy to reimburse The World that Works Fund for the Material Energy that was borrowed to ground the miracle of the Pathways prior to the Shift. 

In March and April, very few beings contributed significantly to repaying these borrowed energies, leaving The World that Works Fund depleted and unable to provide the Material Energy that is currently needed for large scale projects.


The Timeline for Supplying the Material Energy for the Plan

The problem is that if beings do not provide the Material Energy in the time that it is to be supplied according to their Mission Code, they could lose any Heaven Experience Pathways that I have built for them for which they have not exchanged correctly.  


Since only beings with a full set of Heaven Experience Pathways can function in The System of Life Sphere, this would be accompanied by the loss of their ability to remain in this Spiritual Habitat.


To date most beings are behind schedule in terms of generating the Material Energy for their Plans due to bailing out of the Flowstream into Hell Flowstreams and generally working on Missions at less than 10% efficiency until after the April 8th Transition.


It is urgently important that beings begin to work at 100% efficiency in order to make up for lost time and that they plan ahead to provide the Material Resource Contributions that are theirs to make to complete the Plan.


Since a sustainable System of Life is founded on Correct Exchange, there is no way to continue to work in The System of Life Sphere while also engaging in a personal Incorrect Exchange with the Source for The Heaven Experience Pathways.  This is a violation of the Standard upheld for those living in The System of Life Sphere and will result in falling out of the Sphere onto the Shelf.


This is the Turning Point for bringing
into focus.

What makes life sustainable is
that enables beings in the Manifest World to receive

The Miracle of Source Support is grounded by the
that Manifest Beings produce through a

If they don't produce the Material Energy,
they can't ground

Without Source Support,
life in the Manifest World
is not sustainable.

Although I have borrowed extensively from The World that Works Fund to enable beings to have Plans to make up for their previous lack of attentiveness to putting aside the Material Energy for the Source Support that they need to survive, the Fund is greatly reduced and I now lack the Material Energy to support the work to build a sustainable System of Life. 

It is, therefore, imperative that those who have benefitted from the generous contributions of Heaven Agents to the Fund repay this Material Energy so that it can be available to ground the miracles needed to build a sustainable way of life for the Universal Community. 


In order to not only generate the Material Energy for your Pathway Plan but contribute what is yours to contribute to grounding the miracles that build The System of Life that is needed for Life itself to survive in the Creation, it is necessary to start serious training in how to run the Pathways at a 100% Correct Exchange. Only when you are running the Pathways at a 100% Correct Exchange do you generate the amount of Material Energy that is in your Mission Code for what it is yours to contribute to both the Heaven that you build in your own personal life but in the life of the Universal Community.


Email Coaching Sessions

I am, therefore, encouraging Heaven Agents working with me in The Miracle School to set up Email Coaching Sessions which are the most efficient way in which to work to gain proficiency in running The Heaven Experience Pathways at the 100% Mark.


The way that this works is that you follow these simple steps:


Step One

Ask to enter into Helping the Source Mode.


Step Two

Ask to enter into whatever Mission of the Moment that I send to you on the Flowstream.


Step Three

Ask to hit the 100% Correct Exchange Mark in your Mission Work.


Step Four

Note down what you are experiencing while doing your Mission Work and communicate your experiences to me through The Heaven Agent to Source Communication Center.


Step Five

Set up Email Coaching Sessions either one at a time or monthly.  I will then read your ongoing reports of your Mission Work and will send you a Coaching Session Email when I am ready to discuss with you what you need to learn from your experiences.


Through this individualized feedback, which is similar to the feedback that you can receive in a Webinar or a private phone Session, you will be able to learn how you are doing in your Mission Work.  If the images, verbal communications, kinesthetic feelings, or associations you are noticing are from your Story Mind, then you need to know this so you can correct course.  If you are getting genuine Source Guidance warning you of problems your Suit is having, then these need to be communicated to me so that I can use the Material Energy from the Coaching Sessions to correct the problems.


If you are doing your Missions at less than 100% then I will let you know and will send you Missions to correct this problem so that you hit the 100% Correct Exchange Mark which unleashes The Heaven Experience Frequency which will enable you to Live The Heaven Experience in your everyday life.  Those Living the Heaven Experience are those who are contributing to the development of a sustainable System of Life.


To request Email Coaching Sessions, you need to be admitted into The Source Connection Coaching Program. If you are not already in The Coaching Program, you can request entrance by going to:



NOTE: Anyone in The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program is also in The Source Connection Coaching Program. 


If you are already in The Coaching Program, you can access the link provided below and enter the number of Coaching Sessions you wish to request.  I recommend exchanging for at least 2 Coaching Sessions per month to make significant progress toward producing the amount of Material Energy you need to meet the requirements of your Plan so you can remain in The System of Life Sphere. 

The Correct Exchange for an hour of my time in reading your accounts of your Mission Work, doing research on the state of your Suit and how you are progressing in terms of your individual timeline for development, intervening with any Inner Plane Coaching and Source Interventions that you need, writing you my findings and suggestions in an Coaching Session Email, and reading and responding to your return emails, is US $285.

If you would like multiple hours of Email Coaching, you can enter the number of hours requested in the form for  the Financial Exchange.

If you need a Payment Plan, you can contact me with information on your general financial circumstances and the amount per month that you feel that you can afford.  I will then email you if I have the funds in The World that Works Fund to enable the Payment Plan to work.






While it is a great miracle that no lives were lost in the April 11th Transition, it is clear that beings will really have to value this opportunity to work with the Source and with one another to build The System of Life that will enable Life in the Creation to survive the end of The Transition.


Only those who are honoring the commitment they made during the February Transition to get trained and equipped to Live Heaven, will be able stay in The Substratum at this point in time.


Those who slack off and drop in vibration will find that at this much more immaterial level, Incorrect Exchange generates dense and heavy energies that can cause them to drop out of The Substratum much more easily than before we shifted into Level 4.6.2.  Vigilant Mission Work 24/7 must be done to delete any Hell Way of Life thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that could compromise the safety of the Suit.  Living Hell is a violation of the Correct Exchange with the Source for the opportunity the Source is giving you to Live Heaven.


Fortunately many of the Missions can be done in your Extended Range, and many Missions are to live the Heaven of relaxing, having fun, and learning how to celebrate the Heaven that is possible in the moment.  Only some of the Missions require the courage and skill to rout out the Negativity out of your Suit before it causes your Suit to act out some Hell Scenario that could cost you your place in the new System of Life that is being built.


Mission Work should be seen as the breakthrough technology that empowers every being to tackle the problems that have beset them and defeated them for lifetimes.  It is also the technology that will enable Teams of Heaven Agents to coordinate their efforts to rout out the Negativity that has been destroying life in their communities.


If it is understood that the structure of every moment is a Mission Structure, and you ask to do your Mission at 100%, then you will discover that your Mission Work will enable you to not only build Heaven in your life but to experience it in the Heaven Moments that your Missions helps you to stage and celebrate. 




We have come through a very difficult series of Transitions in the past months and are building toward an even more challenging set of Transitions on May 10th and 11th when there will two more Shifts of The Substratum.


I will be posting information on how to prepare for these Transitions when things begin to settle out from the April Transitions and it becomes apparent how beings are handling their new challenges and what they need to do to come into alignment with the criteria for survival of the May Transitions.


I encourage you to work daily to check in on what is happening in your Mission Work and to work with the Steps that I have outlined above.  


It is of the utmost importance that you develop the Skill Sets for working on your Missions at 100% capacity.