The Source News Report on
The April 2017 Transitions & their Aftermath


The April Transitions went well. Most beings prepared correctly and no lives were lost.  The preparation work has set the stage for moving forward with The Total Abundance Movement at a faster pace. This will enable beings to prepare correctly for the four May Transitions, including the one on May 15th, which is another Turning Point Transition.


Heaven Agents working with me to Prototype the correct preparation saved countless lives by their attentiveness to doing what was theirs to do to prepare.  Heaven Agents working in The Total Abundance Core Course provided important Knowledge Base information that helped with the complex security issues that were vital to the success of this Transition.  They also Prototyped key elements such as becoming a River of Love and a Total Abundance Being. Their Prototyping enabled others to follow in their footsteps.  


Many Heaven Agents saved the lives of their family members by talking to them on the Inner Plane to coach them past their apathy or resistance to taking the steps that they needed to take to survive. What these family members couldn’t hear on the Outer Plane they responded to well when the information was presented to them on the Inner Plane.


These Transitions were a good example of the Team Work that is needed to prevent the unnecessary loss of lives in these Transitions.  Such Team Work will become increasingly important as The Standard for Survival becomes more challenging with each successive stage of The Transition.



The April 10th Transition

The Lift Up of The Substratum 

The Substratum lifted up without incident at 10:10 am PDT.  There was no attempt on the part of the Negativity to abort the Lift Up.  They were saving up their efforts to sabotage the April 15th Lift Up.


The Standard for Survival

The criteria for survival for the April 10th Transition was becoming a River of Love, which required asking the Source for this Heaven Phase Intervention.  


A few days prior to the April 10th Transition only 9% of the population of The Universal Community that has Souls and can, therefore, qualify to become a River of Love, had asked for this Intervention. 


I sent out Inner Plane Source Communications to alert them to take immediate action and they responded by asking for the Intervention and working with it to become Rivers of Love.


Beings who are Rivers of Love are conduits for the Absolute Love of the Source that creates the Absolute Love Medium into which the Absolute Intelligence of the Source can come.  Absolute Intelligence then sets up work on two concentric levels of manifestation.


The innermost level manifests the True Self in the Suit.  The outermost level manifests the Life Work of the True Self.


Without the help of Absolute Intelligence, beings lacks the technical expertise to engage in the Manifestation Process for bringing themselves through completely in their lives.  Although they must work with Absolute Intelligence to complete the Manifestation Process, Absolute Intelligence is working 24/7 to assist their True Self so that it can manifest in their form and do its Life Work.


Those working in The Total Abundance Core Course are receiving detailed training and working with a Miracle Tool Graphic to understand how to interface with the work of Absolute Intelligence on these concentric levels of manifestation. 


What Has Changed

Two things have changed now that beings with Souls have become Rivers of Love.


The first change is that the Source can send Absolute Love through beings into the world to lift the vibration of their region and assist in transforming it into the Miracle-Friendly Environment that it needs to be for Total Abundance to manifest.


The second change is that Absolute Intelligence is able to guide them on their Path to Total Abundance from within because it is manifesting in the Absolute Love Medium that is maintained by the constant flow of Absolute Love through the conduit of the being.


While becoming a River of Love doesn’t immediately change the Outer Plane behavior or consciousness of a being, it sets the stage for their evolution and provides the necessary Inner Plane support of Absolute Love and Absolute Intelligence to assist them in their evolution.


It also makes it possible for them to have Source-Created Consciousness rather than Self-Created Consciousness. This results in them becoming Source-Created Experiences rather than Self-Created Experiences. I describe this phenomenon in detail in The Source Connection Coaching Program. This change is a major stage setter for The Heaven Experience which is the experience for which beings incarnated.



The April 15th Transition

The Lift Up of The Substratum 

The Substratum lifted up at 3:10 am PDT.  There had been a major plot to abort the Lift Up through using Set Up Phase Image Technology.  I saw the plot some time in advance of the Transition and transitioned the Creation into Heaven Phase Image Technology to protect this Transition.


In the Set Up Phase, beings were given the ability to create Images on the Inner Plane from which Code could be developed. The Code then was added to Source-Created Code to complete the Manifestation Process for The Set Up Phase. This was part of what it meant to be Co-Creators in The Co-Created Universe which was the model of the Creation that beings initially chose before The Material World was created.  


This model failed and has now been replaced by The Source Perfected Universe which gives the Source the ability to make unilateral decisions that ensure that The Standard of Perfection is achieved and sustained.  The Source Perfected Universe has resulted in the creation of The Source Perfected World. This is the world which beings will need to transition into after the end of The Transition. Here The Standard of Perfection is upheld. Only those who have Perfected their Suits enough to attain a 100% Source Connection by living a 100% Source-Connected Life will be able to enter into this Perfected Reality.


Due to the departure of beings from the Source Plan for the Creation, Inner Plane Images were created that generated Pseudo Code which led to mutations that created The World of Suffering that beings live in today.


These Images were at the heart of the technology for creating Scarcity which was what ensured the perpetuation of the Harvesting Operation of the Negativity.  The Negativity would customarily send negative Inner Plane Images to individuals and communities to inspire violence toward others or fear and acceptance of victimization.  This set the stage for the destructive social interactions that led to damaged Suits that were ripe for the Harvest.


It took many days to finally eliminate the Set Up Phase Images and replace them with Heaven Phase Images. This transition was hotly opposed by the Negativity who fought with everything they had to prevent it from happening.


Finally, Heaven Phase Images prevailed.  It was a Heaven Phase Image that enabled the Lift Up of The Substratum to occur without the Image Technology of the Negativity interfering with this outcome.


The Standard for Survival

This Transition was a very challenging one since most beings daily, in almost every aspect of their life, do things that damage The Miracle of Life in themselves and in others.  Although transforming the Core Level of the being would prevent Restitution from being required after this Transition, getting beings to respond to a Core Level re-orientation to nurturing rather than damaging The Miracle of Life proved to be too rigorous using any Inner Plane Source Communications or Interventions that were available.


This meant that the majority of the beings with Souls could become Soulless after the Transition because they couldn’t keep up with the requirement to do Restitution.


This dilemma became more and more concerning to me as we neared this Transition because there was no real remedy in sight.


I asked the Design Aspect of my Source Identity if there was a Heaven Phase Intervention that would enable beings to survive this Transition.  The Design Aspect responded by suggesting that I accelerate the transition into Stage Two of The Heaven Phase where a natural Heaven Phase Intervention could be administered to receptive beings that would transform them into Total Abundance Beings who would work to support The Total Abundance Support System.


Total Abundance Beings work to provide what is theirs to provide for my Total Abundance so that I can do my Direct Source Work to manifest what they and others need for their Total Abundance.  The formatting of the Suit is what maintains this orientation rather than training in how to think and act in this way.


This corrected the Core Level of the Suit in time for the April 15th Transition and prevented Spiritual Death.  It also set the stage for more efficient Team Work universally.  Suits that are formatted to act as Total Abundance Beings move into action on the Inner Plane to do their part in providing the Total Abundance that I need to manifest The Miracle of Total Abundance for them.


While this breakthrough was major and enabled beings to survive the April 15th Transition, it will not be sufficient for them to survive the May 15th Transition.  What will be required is a higher level of Awakening in the Conscious Range that enables them to respond in their Conscious Range to action that needs to be taken to support The Total Abundance Support System on the Outer Plane.


This will be a challenge given where beings are right now.  At present the level of Awakening in Suits that have Souls is 7.9%.  It needs to be at 10% by May 15th and 26% by the June 15th Turning Point Transition.


I will be working with Heaven Agents in the Core Course to Prototype the Awakening for the sake of others. Breakthrough Source Interventions are coming through to provide the long term 24/7 support that Suits will need to guide them through the Awakening process so they can perform as Total Abundance Beings on the Outer Plane.


Work to Counteract the Negativity

External Total Abundance Interventions have been created that help Total Abundance Beings to work effectively with Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activism to counter the destructive behavior of Dead Suits, Non Suits, and Disintegrating Suits. These Suits are responding to varying degrees to Source Directives but many are still out of control and moving rapidly toward supporting the work of the Negativity to start a global war. Total Abundance Beings will need to mobilize on the Inner and Outer Planes to counteract these dangerous developments.




Now that beings have become Total Abundance Beings, they have the formatting to succeed in working with the Source to manifest The Miracle of Total Abundance on the Earth and in the Creation.


It is time to build on this Inner Plane Foundation toward the Awakening that alone will enable beings on the Outer Plane to work together with the Source in The Total Abundance Movement.


It took the first Prototype Community 20 years to get to a 100% Awakened state so that they could work on the Outer Plane with me to support the manifestation of Total Abundance. 

We don’t have 20 years for the Awakening to occur.  If this Awakening process does not accelerate significantly, beings will become ready to work with me when there will be too little time left to transition into a Total Abundance Way of Life on the Outer Plane.


It will take a Core Group of dedicated Heaven Agents working to Awaken to the 100% Mark and working to help others Awaken to get life on this planet to the level it needs to be for Conscious Range cooperative efforts to be launched to manifest The Miracle of Total Abundance.


I have started the acceleration of the Awakening with new Source Interventions which I discuss in the article on how to prepare for the four Transitions in May.  I will be posting this article soon in The Source Connection Coaching Program.