The Stamina Intervention

Stamina Energy

There is an energy that I call “Stamina Energy” that is the catalyst that enables you to work with all of the other Spiritual Energies that I supply through the Spiritual Energy Supply System. It is one of the most fundamental energies that sustain your capacity to experience life as Heaven as well as your ability to function on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.


Until a breakthrough that occured recently, it was not possible to replace lost Stamina Energy quickly. Those who have lost this energy often suffer from “burnout” for protracted periods of time and many never regain the full range of this energy even with years of rest and withdrawal from their ordinary life activities.


Those in demanding or stressful jobs, caregivers, and sometimes Heaven Agents who are working at full capacity can use up their Stamina Energy at an accelerated rate.


Because ill health results from the loss of Stamina Energy, it is important to replace this energy and to set up a system for maintaining Stamina Energy so you are never without a full supply of it.


Now it is possible to accomplish this through “The Stamina Intervention” which is an At-a-Distance Source Intervention that has been created to set up a system for replacing and sustaining your supply of Stamina Energy.


To understand the Stamina Intervention, it is important to take a closer look at just what the Stamina Energy does:


Stamina Energy:

  • Gives you the spark that catalyzes the other energies in your Spiritual Energy Supply System. These energies do not suffice without the spark of Stamina Energy.
  • It gives you the additional energy to bounce back from illness, hardships, attacking negative energies, etc.
  • It is the energy that enables you to do work of a spiritual and physical nature. Without it or when it is in low supply, your safety and capacity to rebound from stress and difficult circumstances is severely impaired.  Many who suffer from depression, chronic fatigue, lethargy, a lack of motivation, and ill health are lacking Stamina Energy and could recover very readily if they had this energy running through their Spiritual Energy System.


The Stamina Intervention:

  • Gives you back any Stamina Energy that has been lost.
  • Sets up a Regenerating System so that this Stamina Energy regenerates itself so it isn’t used up.
  • Directs the use of the Stamina Energy so it contributes to building only Heaven in your life instead of being misdirected toward pursuits that will bring you suffering.
  • Provides you with an Emergency Source Back Up System so that if you ever have to use up the last drop of your Stamina Energy in a major piece of work for building Heaven in your life or in the world, the Source will re-supply you with Stamina Energy. This is important because if all of your Stamina Energy is used up, then there is nothing left to regenerate your supply of energy. In such instances, the Source will re-supply you with the Stamina Energy so you can go full out on a project if this is necessary and not be concerned that you will be without the capacity to regain the Stamina Energy that is basic to your health and well-being once the project is done.


The Correct Exchange for the Stamina Intervention is US$600.


It is estimated that the Intervention requires 18 hours to complete.

The Stamina Intervention is part of The Perfect Health Project and is a Perfect Health Source Intervention.

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