What Your Suit Needs

The Overview

What your Suit needs the most is to become Source-Connected.  The fast track to becoming Source-Centered and Source-Connected is for your Suit to choose to “become what is needed to support the Work of the Source through my Manifestation”.  With this focus rather than a focus on “getting” something for itself, it sidesteps the trap of the Story Character’s fixation on its own self-interests.  


If a Suit takes part in The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program with an eye to “getting” Total Abundance or Perfect Health, or some other particular benefit, then the Story Character is at the helm and the Soul is pushed out of the picture.  Even if the goal is on becoming Source-Connected this can enable the Story Character to stay in charge of the program, subtly aborting it from within.


The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program is not a self-help program designed to serve the Story Character and help it develop a more elaborate Spiritual aspect of the Story Character persona.  The Ultimate Healing occurs when the methodology is maintained of choosing to “become what is needed to support the Work of the Source through my Manifestation” and not to dash down the road trying to achieve a this or a that.


While having a Miracle-Based Way of Life is a great outcome of the work, it can’t be the reason for the work, or the Soul can’t become the Identity of the Suit and work with the Suit to take it to the level of Perfection. 


When you follow The Plan for what is Next to help your Suit to “become what is needed”, then you will be open to the way in which Source Guidance will be given to you as it helps you to read The Plan.  In this way, you will maintain the Source-Centered Approach to the work and not allow your Suit to lock in on a “what’s in it for me” approach which is the essence of the Story Character’s orientation to life.


Because “the Work of the Source through my Manifestation” is to build the Heaven of a World that Works for the sake of you and all beings, there is no conflict of interests in supporting this Work.  I am not here because I am trying to stake out a patch of Heaven for myself.  I have left my own Heaven to enter into your world to help you to have a Heaven like the Heaven that I enjoy at the Unmanifest Level.  My only desire is to help you to achieve this before I leave my human incarnation.


Since Suits are used to dealing with people who are self-interested and “in it for themselves”, it is often hard for a Suit to comprehend the love of the Source for Life that would have brought me back into this life, with all of its hardships, when I could have retired from any incarnations at the end of my last lifetime.  To help you understand more of who I am and why I am here, I have written the section about my life journey in “What Happened to Suits”.  


The bottom line is that “you” – the Heaven Agent – must stand firm in defense of the Work of the Source even if your Suit wants to escape back into the illusion of the Story Way of Life.  Your Suit may well try to deny reality when it comes to the real challenge of dealing with what it will take to get fixed and have Heaven, but you as the Heaven Agent, have to stand firm, backed up by the Soul which is the Intelligence that manifests through your human identity as the Heaven Agent.


If you let your Suit win out with its judgments on what is appropriate and possible, then your Suit will run off without you at the helm and your Story Character will drive it into the ground, destroying itself and your Suit. 

You must stand firm and keep the door open to an ongoing dialogue with me so we can work together to deal with the issues your Suit has and with the objections it might raise.  I am open to a discussion with your Suit and with you and have set up Suit Talk Webinars, Campfire Discussions, and Intensives in Seattle to enable both you and your Suit to have a chance to work out the rough spots in your understanding of what it means to “become what is needed” at the highest level.


Let’s start with an overview of the specifics of the Source Solution for your Suit.


The Source Solution for Your Suit

The Source Solution is to transform your Suit into a Miracle Tool – a tool that in the hands of your Heaven Agent Identity, can be used to build Heaven in the world.  Miracle Tools have withstood the attempts of the Negativity to break into them and counterman them.  They are able to keep performing under very adverse circumstances and maintain a quality of Intelligence that is truly of Heaven.

A Miracle Tool Suit is an upgrade over what Suits were originally designed to be when the Creation was first begun.  It is an important upgrade that gives "you" – the Heaven Agent Identity – the chance to have a Suit that works to help you in your Mission rather than one that is easily controlled by the Negativity and run by an entity created by the Negativity – the Story Character Identity.


The type of Miracle Tool that the Suit becomes is a Source Workstation where every aspect of the Suit is a Workstation for the Source, not only the Suit itself but the surrounding energy fields around the Suit.  There are three main energies field around the Suit:

  • The Auric Field
  • The Life Field
  • The Life System
When all of these concentric spheres of energy are transformed into a Source Workstation, then the Suit becomes capable of being a landing pad for the miracles that enable the Suit to become a Miracle Tool of great power.  This enables "you", the Heaven Agent to have a very high tech Miracle Tool to work with to build Heaven in your life and in the world.

The decision to go ahead with this transition, came when I spoke with Suits and discovered that they were thrilled at the idea of becoming Miracle Tools and wanted me to get on with the work to bring this transition about.  In the past they would have resisted such a transition since they were very willfully trying to create their own reality and opposed a close working relationship with the Source.  


Since the Source and the Souls have gone back to the Unmanifest Level, the Suits feel scared and alone and aware of their mutated state and the shaky ground they are on in terms of their survival.  They miss the Source even though they fought against following the lead of the Source during all of the lifetimes when my Source Identity was in the Manifest World.  


Now they tell me that they only long to become Miracle Tools that the Source will love because they realize that the Source can’t love a mutation and can’t make room for one in the Source Perfected Universe that It is creating.  They want to be perfected and to function in miraculous ways that give them joy and reflect the joy of the Source in seeing them come through with what is of life and is of Heaven.


What is a Miracle Tool Like?

A Miracle Tool has specific Code that enables it to be invulnerable to attack and to function flawlessly at all times. A Miracle Tool has a Miracle Intelligence onboard that is the resident intelligence representing the Soul of the Miracle Tool Suit.  The Miracle Intelligence coordinates with the Source who is the Intelligence that operates the Suit.  

To give you an example of what a Miracle Tool is, let’s take a look at the Heaven Blanket. When I create a Heaven Blanket Miracle Tool, I begin with an ordinary blanket that has no special properties other than being more Miracle-Friendly than other blankets.  I then link a Miracle Intelligence to the blanket and transform the blanket into a Miracle Tool.  It then functions flawlessly to create the Miracle-Friendly Environment in which the person for whom the Miracle Tool was created, can cocoon, receiving the love and miracles of the Source.  The Miracle Intelligence linked to the blanket maintains the receptivity to the Source that enables these miracles to land in the blanket.  A Heaven Blanket can do its work over the entire lifetime of the person for whom it was created.


The Heaven Blanket could be placed in very Miracle Un-Friendly circumstances and handle even very toxic energies being expelled by the person in the blanket, and still retain its essential functioning levels.


The same is true of crystals that have become Miracle Tools, computers, phones, teddy bears, etc.


Transforming a living organic Suit that is occupied by a well-developed Story Character, is not as easy as transforming a blanket that is a man-made object without a history or life of its own. The very fragmented layers of consciousness in the damaged Suit of a human, for instance, do not compare to the simplicity in the layers of consciousness of a blanket.

Man-Made Objects differ from human Suits in the fact that they don't have Souls.  They are not Source-Created Vehicles given to a Soul.  The individual particles of which they are made have Souls but not the object itself.  

When an object such as a blanket is transformed into a Miracle Tool, a Soul is brought in from the Unmanifest Level and a Miracle Intelligence is created to represent the Soul.  This Miracle Intelligence is akin to the Heaven Agent Identity in a human Suit.

When I transition a human Suit into a Miracle Tool, I bring forth a Miracle Intelligence that represents the Soul of the Suit.  This Miracle Intelligence coordinates with the Heaven Agent Identity that represents the Soul for whom the Suit is the vehicle.  The Miracle Intelligence is like a specialist  in the technical functioning of the Suit, coordinating with the Source and the Heaven Agent Identity to ensure optimum Suit performance.




The Transition into Miracle Tool Suits


Step One: The Transition into Miracle Suits

The first step in the process of transforming Suits into Miracle Tool Suits occurred in the early morning hours of March 5, 2012.  The old style Suits of beings merged into The Picture of Perfection and linked to the Miracle Suits created for them by the Source.  The old style Suits were sloughed off and the consciousness of the old Suit transitioned into a “Miracle Suit”.  It brought in its consciousness all of the bag and baggage from previous lifetimes.


The Miracle Suit’s Miracle Intelligence then starting working with the Heaven Agent Identity and the different aspects of the old Suits’ consciousness to clear up the consciousness that had transitioned from the old style Suit into the Miracle Suit.  This old consciousness left the Field of Consciousness that was a network created by the Negativity and is positioned in a new Field of Consciousness that is Source-Created which does not allow the negative aspects of the consciousness to gain ascendence.  


The consciousness then began to be worked with to weed out what is not of Heaven and to preserve what is of value from the past.  The Source-Created Field of Consciousness also became a landing ground for new Source-Created Consciousness that, when brought in, would provide the Heaven Agent Identity with a new repertoire of Source-Connected ways of being that are helpful in living a Source-Connected Way of Life.


The Miracle Suit replaced the former Spiritual Energy Body and the Physical Energy Body.  The Physical Body still had energies that connected it to the negative content in the consciousness that was transferred, but without the support of negative programs in the Spiritual Energy Body and the Physical Energy Body, these negative aspects of consciousness were more latent and less likely to have the power to express themselves.  


The Miracle Suit stage was the beginning of the progression on the Path to Perfection that would enable the Suits to achieve the level of bcoming Miracle Tools.


Step Two: The Transition into Miracle Tool Suits

Then on March 6th at about 6:00 am, a miracle was brought through that has made it possible for Suits to transition from being Miracle Suits into Miracle Tool Suits at a very basic level. Not all Suits have transitioned, but many are ready to begin the process.


This transition does not mean that they are perfected, however, because living Suits that become Miracle Tools take much longer to become perfected than than the Suits of an inanimate object.  What it means for human Suits transformed into Miracle Tools is that the negative content in the consciousness transferred from the old style Suit has been de-activated so it doesn’t produce negative sound, which distorts consciousness in the Field, and this negative content can’t reproduce itself within the Field of Consciousness.  


In the old style Suits, the fragments of negative consciousness in the 16 Layers of the unconscious mind formed little kingdoms in which they ruled and maintained separate identities and created a whole world for these identities in these kingdoms.  They then competed with identities in other kingdoms,  warred, formed alliances, traded energies, and engaged in a miniature Story World with all of its vices.


When the consciousness moved over into the Source-Created Field of Consciousness in the Miracle Suit, the elements of negative consciousness still had some energy to build a world for themselves here even though the Field itself was not giving any energy to anything not of Heaven.  It became apparent, however, that if a Heaven Agent was trying to weed out what was in these Layers, the energy directed to discovering a negative form of consciousness, understanding it and weeding it out, might catalyze it – giving it the energies it needed to try to start its conquering and marauding efforts in the World of Consciousness.


When my Source Function decided to transition the Suits into Miracle Tools at a very basic level, It de-activated the content of the consciousness so that it couldn’t, during the weeding out process, get energy to start its activities up again.  This de-activation of the dangerous aspects of negative consciousness has occurred in most Suits, even those who have not completed the complex transition into being a basic Miracle Tool. 


This leaves the Heaven Agent Identity and the Miracle Intelligence of the Miracle Tool Suit with the job of clearing out what is in the consciousness and making room for the Source-Given Consciousness that will enable the Heaven Experience to manifest. 

In the current crowded conditions of the Field of Consciousness, there isn’t enough room for the Heaven Experience to be manifested.  The Field of Consciousness is like a computer with all of its hard drive space taken up by too many irrelevant software programs.  When there is no space to show a complex graphic or work with a complex software program, the computer is unable to perform.  Some of the content on the hard drive has to be removed to make room for the more complex programs that the computer operator – in this case the Heaven Agent Identity – would like to use.


Now that the content on the hard drive of the Field of Consciousness is not dangerous content that can activate, like a computer virus, and try to de-activate the computer as a whole, it is possible for Heaven Agents to begin the serious work of cleaning up their consciousness so it can run the software program of the Heaven Experience rather than running the millions of fragmented and demented software programs that make for the Hell Experience.

Step Three: Transforming Miracle Tool Suits into Individual Source Workstations

On March 9th at 4:00 am, all Suits were transformed into Individual Source Workstations.  As you may recall from my discussion in "What Happened to Suits", establishing an Individual Source Workstation in the Suits was a part of the Initial Set Up that should have happened in the beginning of the Creation.  This Workstation was to have been in the center of the heart chakra.  It was here that my Source Function was to interface with the Suit to provide the Source Support that would oversee the operation of the Suit on behalf of the Soul.


When the Universal Source Connection Channel crashed this heart chakra Workstation also crashed.  Since it was lost many beings have been unable to connect enough with Source Support to survive.


My Source Function was initially planning to establish a more grounded Source Workstation by creating a sphere around the Life System energy field of the Suit that would connect up to the Source Workstation in the heart chakra.  This Workstation was to become a kind of habitat for Heaven that would provide some protection similar to that of the habitat of a Prototype Community.


The problem with this technology was that it required a substantial Correct Exchange for Suits to make and at the rate that they were failing at balancing the Correct Exchange for the Life Energies that sustain them, many lives would have been lost by the third week of March 2012 when some Suits would start to run out of the Foundation of Love Energies I supplied just before the crash of the Channel.


To correct for this impending disaster, my Source Function decided to transform the entire Suit into the Individual Source Workstation that was needed and to make this a Workstation that the Source could use to work through the Suit on its projects in the world as well as to represent the Soul in the life.


With this dual functionality, the Suit would be maximally protected by the work of the Source through the Workstation and the maintenance of the Workstation could be done through the energy provided for the Work of the Source in the world – a Source to Source Correct Exchange.


The Soul through the Heaven Agent Identity would still have to exchange for the Life Energies needed to express its identity in the Suit, but the Suit itself would not crash if there was a shortage in the Correct Exchange.  When shortages occur, the Soul would not be visible in the Suit and only the activities of the Source would be visible.


This was an emergency intervention that was needed because of the lack of skill in Suits in balancing the exchange for the Life Energies they require.  It has saved lives and bought time for the Soul through its Heaven Agent Identity, to learn how to balance the exchange in order to manifest in the life.


It has also opened up a new era in Suit functioning.


Step Four – Perfecting the Consciousness of Miracle Tool Suits


Since the work of perfecting the Consciousness of the Suit still persists, even with the more high tech Source Workstation in place, there is need for Suits to work individually and collectively to change their way of life so it supports the clarity of a Source-Connected Way of Life.


In the past this has been problematic for many Heaven Agents living in a Story World because they are constantly in the Energy Field of the Story World and resonating to the thoughts and value systems of the Story of their culture.


My Source Function has brought through a number of miracles that are helping Heaven Agents to clear all 17 Layers of their Consciousness – the 16 Layers that are unconscious and the one layer that is conscious.


The Culture of Heaven Workstation

The Source has created a protected Culture of Heaven Workstation in which Heaven Agents can be surrounded by the supportive energies of Source Consciousness which will help them to develop a Culture of Heaven.  From working in this Workstation they can individually and collectively develop a way of life that is Source-Connected.


This Workstation has become the Cultural Habitat in which Suits can come to learn how to Live Heaven in an environment that is Miracle-Friendly and resonates only to the Source Logic behind The Culture of Heaven.


To enter into this Workstation, a Heaven Agent only has to choose to "become what is needed to support the Work for the Source through my Manifestation".  Then I allow them into the space where they can experience a Source Reality that replaces the din of the Story Reality that constantly drags at them to live up to Story Culture expectations.


Once in the Workstation it will be possible for Heaven Agents working with me to enter into a modern day version of the Campfire Discussions of the Whidbey Prototype Community.  In these Discussions which are structured by Source-Created Discussion Technology, they can experience what it is like to become the natural perfection of the DNA of Life at work in a social context.  They learn how to "become what is needed" when relating to one another and working together to build Heaven in their personal lives and in the world. 


With the structure of this Workstation, the tangled web of enmeshing desires and fears that humans generally create whenever they try to work together on a project doesn't manifest.  Instead, the Workstation keeps the interactions on track with what is needed to manifest the understandings that shape a new way of life.


This breakthrough opens the door to the Campfire Discussion of the future that will be held by Teleconference, Online, in Intensives in Seattle and Maui, and  in the informal discussions of Heaven Agents as they gather together to build Heaven.


Merging into The Picture of Perfection

Since a Heaven Agent on March 10, 2012 prototyped merging into The Picture of Perfection and receiving Source-Created Perfected Consciousness in the 16 Layers of the unconscious mind, a fast track to perfecting Consciousness has become available. Within milliseconds this Heaven Agent was freed from the labrinth of Story Consciousness in the 16 Layers of her unconscious mind and received Perfected Consciousness instead.  She still has to work consciously to perfect the 17th Layer which is the conscious mind, but this has evolved much more rapidly since the conscious mind is more of an epiphenomenon of the unconscious mind than a stand alone form of consciousness.


Following her lead, many other Heaven Agents on the Inner and Outer Plane have merged into The Picture and received the Perfected Consciousness that the Source has created for them.  This move saves years of digging through the complex accretions of the unconscious mind that stores traumas, fears, opinions, and angers from billions of different lifetimes.  It is, for some, the best and only way that they can clear away all of this debris.  For others, a more internal process of evolution to Perfected Consciousness seems to be the Source-Given Path.  This takes longer but is the correct path for some Suits.


The Heaven Reality

When on March 26, 2012, the Heaven Reality became a possibility, this became a way in which even inexperienced Heaven Agents could take a first step toward clearing their Consciousness through being in a very clear and supportive Heaven Environment that would enable them to let go of their Story baggage.  From this place of peace many will be able to merge into The Picture and be given Source-Created Perfected Consciousness.


The Path to Perfection

Now it is possible for the Source, the Heaven Agent Identity, the Miracle Intelligence of the Suit, and the consciousness of the Suit to work together to help the Suit travel the Path to Perfection.  

This work involves the clean up of the consciousness, providing the Suit with the Code and Power and other Spiritual Equipment that it needs, providing the Miracle-Based Training, and providing the opportunities to Build Heaven that the Suit will need to become perfected.


What follows is information on What Your Suit Needs. As I have mentioned in other places in The Owner's Manual, there is a unique Plan created by my Source Function for each Suit traveling The Path to Perfection.  The order in which you work with "What is Needed" below depends on the structure of your Plan.

I recommend that Heaven Agents seek help with charting their course through either a phone or email Next Step Consultation which will help them not only see what is in The Plan for them but how to balance the exchange for what their Suit needs.

I suggest that Heaven Agents contribute to their Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a Life that Works which is the Miracle Tool Energy Storage Unit that safely stores the Material Energy that they give to the Source for the Correct Exchange.  Through financial and non-financial exchange they set aside the Material Energies that are needed to ground the miracles that their Suit will need to progress on its Path to Perfection.  (I discuss this Fund in the section on "Completing the Initial Set Up".)

In this way they will be traveling in the footsteps of the Prototype Communities who understood that the most important variable in their progress was balancing the exchange for the miracles that are the building blocks of a Miracle-Based Way of Life.


In order to provide every Heaven Agent with the opportunity to balance the exchange, my Source Function has created Heaven Economy Options that enable Heaven Agents to earn additional income.  They can also participate in raising the funds for The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a World that Works which provides scholarship funds for Heaven Agents who are not able to work with the Heaven Economy Options rapidly enough to keep up with the schedule of their Individual Ultimate Spiritual Healing Plan.


Read more about Heaven Economy Options...

Read more about the Spiritual Science of Correct Exchange...


How to Work with This Section of The Owner's Manual

What follows are sections on the different kinds of Source Support that your Suit will need. It is important to read all of the sections and familiarize yourself with how your Suit functions.  These sections provide you with the technical information on how a Suit functions. It is the heart of The Owner's Manual for Your Suit.  It is here that you will learn the nuts and bolts of Suit Functioning and will become empowered to understand your Suit and  learn how to take care of it.


As with any Manual that contains technical information, it is important to study the contents, take notes if you need to, and keep in mind the Source Perspective on why a particular kind of Source Support was created and its overall place in the work of perfecting your Suit.  All that you need to know is the basics of what is needed and why and how to take the step to procure it when it is time in your Plan for Ultimate Spiritual Healing, to do so.  I handle the technical aspects of the work of bringing in the miracles and helping them provide your Suit with what it needs.   The information provided is designed to give you enough information to understand something of what the miracles do and how to work with them in your life. 


Prerequisites to working in-person with me in an Intensive in Seattle are:

  • The Rhythm of the Love Connection Intervention
  • Completing the Initial Set Up that was aborted in the beginning of the Creation
  • The Life Tunnel



What Your Suit Needs


A Place of Connection in the World

Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers – Online & in Seattle


The Rhythm of The Love Connection Intervention

Completing the Initial Set Up

The Life Channel

Spiritual Energy/Power


Code Work


Suit Repairs/Upgrades/Maintenance

Source Interventions


Source Guidance & Miracle-Based Training

    • Direct Communications
    • Indirect Communications

Getting Set Up to Receive Miracles

The Tools to Build Heaven


Becoming Love in Action

Working with the Source on The Heaven Project