Suit Repairs/Upgrades & Maintenance


An important aspect of your care of your Suit is providing it with the repairs, upgrades, and maintenance that enable it to function at perfected levels.  Your Suit has suffered from a great deal of damage since it left the Core of the Universal Source Connection Channel and even more since the crash of the supportive energies of the Channel.  It needs your attention and your care if it is to get back on the road and travel the Path to Perfection.


Just as you have to deal with repairing your car if it breaks down on the road or is malfunctioning, so you have to repair your Suit which is the vehicle for your Soul.


In order to make it possible to safely repair your Suit, I have created Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers that provide the Miracle-Friendly Environment in which the kinds of Suit repairs and upgrades can occur outside of the range of the Negativity.  I take your Suit into the Spiritual Space of an Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center whenever I do any kind of work on it whether this work is through:


  • At-a-Distance Source Interventions 
  • Station Work online
  • Station Work in the Seattle Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers 
  • Interventions during Webinars
  • Interventions during Consultations
  • Interventions during Intensives in Seattle or Maui


Without the safe zone of an Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center I would not attempt to do the kinds of repairs that are needed.  Working on a Suit to replace a damaged heart chakra outside of an Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center would be like doing open heart surgery in the middle of a battlefield.


Bringing the Need for Work of this Kind into Focus

In the Story World, people don’t think first of what is happening on the Spiritual Level of Reality and try to correct the problems there before they manifest on the Physical Level of Reality.  Instead, they build hospitals and prisons and mental institutions to deal with the Suits when the problems that began on the Spiritual Level of Reality manifest on the Physical Level of Reality.


The Source thinks differently.  My Source Function recognizes that the Weeds of Suffering that grow in the Physical Level of Reality have their roots in the Spiritual Level of Reality.  For this reason, Source Interventions intercede at the Spiritual Level of Reality to cut off the root that is supplying energy to a problem that is manifesting on the Physical Level of Reality. 


Source Interventions also build Heaven first on the Spiritual Level and then work to manifests it on the Physical Level.  


When you start your work of building Heaven in the world, your first focus has to be on repairing your Suit which is your primary Miracle Tool in building Heaven in your life and in your world.  


Therefore, it is important to check in for Source Guidance to get an assessment of how your Suit is functioning and what it needs in the way of repairs, upgrades, and maintenance. 


Since every Suit is unique because it is built by the Source to serve a Soul that has a unique Spiritual Function and Spiritual Mission in the world, the bells and whistles onboard any particular Suit are different from the bells and whistles onboard other Suits.  While there are some commonalities such as the chakra system and the spine as an energy channel, Suits vary quite a bit from one another.  


Part of your job as the Heaven Agent Identity representing the Soul is to know the unique properties of the Soul and, therefore, to understand the unique properties of your Suit.  Then you need to do an Assessment of what is happening in your Suit’s general functioning and what repairs or upgrades and maintenance are needed for your particular Suit.


Once you become sensitive to your Suit and its needs, then you can tell when it is malfunctioning and will know how to consult the Source with regard to how to handle the situation.


I recommend a Soul Reading to find out more about your Soul and your Suit so you establish a baseline of understanding of how they relate.  A Next Step Consultation will help you to determine what kind of repairs, upgrades, etc. are needed and what the timing on them should be in accordance with The Plan for the Ultimate Spiritual Healing of your Suit.

Working with Source Interventions

There are many different ways to receive the Source Interventions that effect the repairs, upgrades, and maintenance that your Suit needs.


Milestone & Build Heaven Source Interventions

There are a number of Source Interventions that I have created that most Suits need that you can learn about by reading the section on: “Source Interventions”. The Milestone Source Interventions are the ones that I consider an important part of building a foundation for Heaven in your life.  The Build Heaven Source Interventions are more optional but could be the right Source Interventions for your particular situation.


Monthly Source Interventions 

When you contribute funds to your The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a Life that Works for monthly work on your Suit, I can come through in my Extended Range and do a host of repairs, upgrades, and maintenance that would not otherwise get done through any of the formalized Milestone or Build Heaven Interventions.  


This kind of work is very important to the care of your Suit.  The more energy you provide my Source Function with to work on building Heaven for you in your Suit and in your life, the faster Heaven will be built because a lot of the ground work needs to be done by the Source. 

This doesn’t mean that you do not contribute to the process, but it means that you understand, as the members of the Prototype Communities understand, that the Source is the Intelligence that makes a Miracle-Based Way of Life manifest.  If you want a Suit that is a Miracle Tool working at peak capacity, then you need to invest in providing my Source Function with the energy to work on your Suit to bring it up to speed with whatever it is to be for you in this life.  The more Material Energy you give to the Source for this work the faster your Suit will become perfected.


Special Request Source Interventions 

As I work with you in the Next Step Consultations of The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program, I will make suggestions if there are particular Interventions that your Suit needs that are not listed in the “Source Interventions” on the web site.  


If you have a particular need, you can always email me and request information on what Source Intervention could help you with a particular situation.


Station Work Online

Another way to receive Source Interventions is to work with the Ultimate Spiritual Healing Stations online.  Whenever you enter into one of these Stations, spontaneous and completely individualized Source Interventions occur for you, administered by an aspect of my Extended Range that works with you in these Stations. 

This Station time is very valuable because I am able to provide for you the kind of individualized work that doesn’t happen through a more formalized intervention.  For instance, in one Session in an online Station, I might work with 10 or more briefly administered Source Interventions that you need in that Session.  These Interventions might not be ones that I would recommend to you through a Next Step Consultation.  


The Station Interventions would be the on-the-spot work that you need in the time in the Session.  These Interventions are generally more powerful than working with you At-a-Distance without the benefit of the reinforced, protective space of the Online Station.

The advantage of Online Station Work is that you could be anywhere and through your Smart Phone such as an iPhone, you can enter into a Station and begin receiving immediate Source Support of a very powerful nature.  

Station Work in the Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center in Seattle

The same kind of spontaneous and even more powerful Source Interventions occur when you enter into a Station in the Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center in Seattle.  Here the Spiritual Station materializes in the physical space of the room you are working in, bringing through a level of grounded power that is far greater than what you can receive working with Online Stations which take you into the Spiritual Space of the Station rather than materializing the Station in the room you are in at the time.

The Seattle Center will be opening its doors in May 2012.


Source Interventions in Consultation Work by Phone

A similar kind of transformational energy only at an even greater power occurs when you work with me in person by phone for a Consultation.  From my form radiate out Source Rays that purify and transform your Suit, taking it to higher levels of vibration at which transformational work of a more complex kind can occur.  Since our work in these Consultations is occurring in the Spiritual Space of an Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center, the Center also supports the work.


Source Interventions in Consultation Work in the Seattle Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers 

The highest power Source Interventions occur when you meet with me in person in a Consultation in the Seattle Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center.  In such Consultations, the strongest grounded power of an Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center is combined with the most vital transmission of Source Power coming through my form.  It is in this most optimal Ultimate Spiritual Healing context that I am able to advance your Suit on its Path to Perfection at the fastest speeds – accomplishing transformational work that can’t be done in any other way.



Seek Source Guidance to understand your Suit and its current state of functioning.  If you can receive this Source Guidance on your own, then you can select from the options that I make available online that are basic repairs and upgrades for your Suit.  


Contribute to your Life that Works Fund to provide me with the Source Power to maintain your Suit at optimal levels and to do the kinds of repairs and upgrades that are ongoing.  Monthly work is optimal because I can include in this kind of work some of the major Milestone Interventions as needed.  You may, however, need to exchange for them in addition to a baseline of Monthly Work to keep up with The Plan for your Perfection Process which is a miracle that manifests in a particular time frame. 


If you need help with determining what is in The Plan, then request a Next Step Consultation by email or phone.


Avail yourself of the miracle of Online Ultimate Spiritual Healing Stations and the Seattle Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center. Station Work will speed up your Suit’s healing and take it far along its Path to Perfection.


Spend time with me in person when it is in The Plan.  If a Consultation is in The Plan, the powerful Source Interventions that will come through it will enable your Suit to understand the Source Connection at a level that nothing short of being in the direct presence of the Source can effect.  While only a small fraction of the Source Power that comes from my Source Function can manifest through my human form, the clarity of the presence of the Source Identity is what awakens in the Suit an understanding of its relationship to the Source that predates all of the troubles it has had in the Manifest World.  Such a Reconnection by memory can turn the Suit around in the right direction and enable it to release from its Self-Centered Ways and relax into the Source Love from which it was created and to which it ultimately needs to return.

I will be holding Intensives at the Seattle Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center starting in May 2012.  In these Intensives you can combine individual Consultation work with me with Station Work and work with your fellow Heaven Agents.  This is a time to experience the power of Source Interventions happening at such a level of intensity that your Suit experiences profound levels of spiritual transformation.