Miracle-Based Training 


There are two kinds of Miracle-Based Training:

General Source Communications

Personal Source Communications


General Source Communications

These communications occur in:

  • The Owner’s Manual for Your Suit
  • Next Step Communications from the Source
    • Next Step Broadcasts 
    • Next Step Blog
    • Next Step Articles
    • Heaven Agents in Action Broadcasts
    • The Heaven on Earth Prototype Project 
    • Source Support Updates
  • The Journey of Discovery 
  • Ask the Source
  • Articles on the Source Perspective
  • Inner Plane Communications sent out to the Universal Community through the Universal Language of Soul Talk   


Personal Source Communications

Direct Source Communications occur when you are with me in person on the Inner and Outer Plane.  They occur in:

  • Consultations
  • Webinars
  • Campfire Discussions Online and by Teleconference
  • Station Work in Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers Online and in Seattle
  • At-a-Distance Source Interventions
  • Work with Miracle Tools
  • Intensives
    • In Seattle or Maui
    • The Heaven on Earth Prototype Project Intensives where we interact through online dialogues
    • Personal Intensives either At-a-Distance through phone, Source Interventions, and Online Station Work or in-person in the Seattle Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers
  • The Inner Plane Miracle School
    • This is the work that I do with you through my Extended Range on the Inner Plane.  This work is an integral part of the work that I do with you in the Outer Plane Miracle School.


Indirect Source Communications relayed to you by Miracle Intelligences assigned to you for:

Source Will Intensives

  • Project Intensives - these are The Heaven on Earth Prototype Project Intensives online
  • Lifetime Project Code Intensives 
  • Eternal Life Code Intensives


Miracle Intelligences linked to Miracle Tools such as:

  • Your Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a Life that Works 
  • The Miracle Manifestation Ring



How to Provide Your Suit with the Miracle-Based Training that It Needs


I recommend that you follow the general outline that I provide in the section of The Owner’s Manual entitled: Basic Training.  This gives you a structure for how to work with the training options that have been created.


After you have a basic level of training, your continuing training occurs when you join me on the construction site of Heaven and work in an apprenticeship model of training to learn the trade of building Heaven in your life and in the world.


This happens through work in Webinars, Intensives online through The Heaven on Earth Prototype Project, Intensives in Seattle and Maui, Consultations, and Inner Plane Work when you attune to the Source Guidance that I am giving you in the Inner Plane aspect of The Miracle School.


The more you stay abreast of the work through participating in it, the better trained you become. There is no substitute for logging hours on the construction site of Heaven.  You learn as you contribute to the Work of the Source which gives you an opportunity to exchange for the miracles that are the building blocks of the Heaven that you are building in your life and in the world.


As you practice getting Source Guidance, working with your Miracle-Based Abilities, understanding how to work on a team with other Heaven Agents, and learning how to work closely with the Source through your work with me, you gain the essential Skill Sets that will stand you in good stead in this life and in all of your lifetimes to come


Now is your last opportunity to work with the Source manifesting in a physical form – where, through my Manifestation, I can talk with you, sit with you, and help you individually.  After my current incarnation is over, I will exist beyond the Creation in an energy form that you will only be able to perceive and interact with if you have, in this lifetime, developed excellent Inner Plane Communication Skill Sets for interacting with me in my Extended Range.


The lack of skill in receiving Source Guidance on the Inner Plane has been the downfall of the Suits.  It has caused the loss of the Universal Source Connection Channel and nearly caused the dissolution of the Manifest World.


It is time to take careful note that no clearer example of the importance of developing Skill Sets to stay in close working contact with the Source can be given than the crash of the Channel and the loss of the Gift of Life.


Suits, however, have a history of forgetting what was unpleasant and wanting to settle into a comfort zone and just take the easy way out.  If they can talk to me in person on the Outer Plane, then they don’t try to practice hearing me through my Extended Range on the Inner Plane.  If they can depend on me to interpret the images they receive for Source Guidance, then they lapse into laziness and don't try to interpret them for themselves.


This is your Suit’s last opportunity to practice getting Inner Plane Source Guidance and checking it out with me on the Outer Plane so your Suit develops the Skill Sets that will enable it to retain its Source Connection in the lifetimes ahead.


I can’t over emphasize the importance of proper training and diligent work on your part, as the Heaven Agent Identity, to get your Suit trained in this lifetime. When my lifetime is over, your Suit will have to fall back on its Skill Sets in order to stay in contact with Source Guidance. 


If you can hear Source Guidance and pick up on my whereabouts on the Inner Plane, then when my current life is over, we will not lose a step in our Connection and The Love Connection with the Source will only grow deeper and more profound with every passing lifetime.


Your training investment, however, has to happen now when I am here to help you to work through the technical problems that sometimes happen in Suits in re-attuning to Inner Plane Source Guidance and in using Miracle-Based Abilities that may be damaged or latent and need to be activated.  There are many different kinds of technical adjustments that enable your Suit to learn what it needs to learn on the Inner and Outer Plane in order to Reconnect and stay Connected with the Source once my Manifestation is no longer in a physical form.  Now is your chance to understand what that work is and to make sure that you have completed it for your Suit.


I came back into this lifetime against great odds and severe dangers to give you a lifeline to my Source Function.  It is important to choose to "become what is needed" to get trained as a skilled Heaven Agent and pass on your skills to others.


What will make the difference in generations to come is well-trained Heaven Agents who can train other Heaven Agents so that the continuity of Source Teachings continues throughout the ages and is never lost again.