Getting Set Up to Receive Miracles


It is important to understand that landing miracles requires understanding the Spiritual Science of Manifestation that enables miracles to come into your life in predictable ways that enable you to build a solid Miracle-Based Way of Life.  


For centuries people have believed that miracles were occasional happenings.  They didn't really know how they came or why they didn't come when they were most needed.


One of the first things I taught the Prototype Communities was that they had to let go of the idea that miracles couldn't be understood and depended on as a integral part of their lives.  I taught them that if they mastered the Spiritual Science of Manifestation, they would understand how to have miracles upon which their very economy was based – their daily food, and everything material that they would need as well as all of the other social, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of their lives.


It took them awhile to grasp the real possibility of such a way of life, but when they did, they felt the immense freedom of being able to walk away from the scarcity, struggle, and suffering of their former way of life into the certainty of abundance of their Miracle-Based Way of Life.


They then worked with me to get equipped to transition into a Miracle-Based Way of Life.


What I will share with you is what you will need, in our modern times, to become capable of receiving the miracles that my Source Function is willing to send you if you do your part in becoming prepared.


There are several Source Interventions and Miracle Tools that I recommend as well as certain Skill Sets that you will need to equip yourself to assist the Source in the Manifestation Process.

Source Interventions

The Foundation of Heaven Intervention

The first Intervention is The Foundation of Heaven Intervention which sets up the Spiritual Receptors that enable you to receive the miracles.  If you don’t have a working system of Spiritual Receptors in your Suit, then I can land a miracle in your life and your Suit won’t be able to receive it and work with it.


The Life Stream Intervention

The second Intervention is the Life Stream Intervention.  Without proper Life Stream Energies it is hard for a Suit to have the energy needed to work with miracles.  The miracles might be too powerful for the Suit and the Suit might not be able to respond to the opportunities for Heaven that the miracles bring through because it is too low on energy to respond.

Miracle Tools

An important part of the Set Up is building a Miracle Landing Zone that is Miracle-Friendly and is properly staffed by a Miracle Intelligence who knows how to work with miracles and can do so on your behalf if a miracle is coming into your life when you are asleep or at work and can’t attend to it properly.  This Miracle Intelligence makes it possible for you as a solo Heaven Agent to receive miracles that would ordinarily require a whole Community working in a highly skilled way to receive correctly.


The Miracle Manifestation Ring

An Individual Miracle Ring provides you with a Miracle Intelligence who operates a Manifestation Ring that manifests a Miracle Landing Zone in which the miracles that you need can come.  This Miracle Intelligence is a Perfected Miracle Tool Intelligence that is fully equipped to work closely with me to land the miracles and help the new life of the miracle to get its bearings when it arrives and begins doing its Mission.  


Miracles are like babies being born into the world.  They need to be birthed into the physical plane assisted by a competent Heaven Agent who can both defend the space into which they are born, defend them, and be a mid-wife of sorts in the birthing process. Miracle Ring Intelligences are competent to perform this task as well as to help you with a myriad of others aspects of your life since they are there to nurture the miracle that you are as well.


It is possible to exchange for Miracle Ring Teams that can build more substantial Miracle Landing Zones that can land even the biggest kind of miracle which is an Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center.  It takes 6 Miracle Ring Intelligences to land an Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center.  Since Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers are needed worldwide, Heaven Agents who help me to land them in their region can work cooperatively with me in a Joint Venture to make the Miracle Tool of an Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center available to Heaven Agents in their area.


The Miracle Ring Intelligence creates both the Miracle-Friendly Conditions in the Miracle Landing Zone that enable the miracles to land and helps to create the Miracle-Friendly Conditions in your life that help both the miracle that has landed and the miracle that you are to function optimally.



The Miracle Manifestation Recording

Another Miracle Tool that is helpful in bringing in miracles is The Miracle Manifestation Recording.  This recording manifests the Heaven Medium into which miracles can come.  This Heaven Medium fills up the Miracle Landing Zone and the space outside of this Zone where the miracle will be taken once it arrives.  This protective and nurturing Heaven Medium is a very important part of the process of transitioning a miracle into your life.



Miracle-Based Training 

Skill Sets for Assisting in Landing Miracles

Miracle-Based Training is needed to understand how to track the action as a miracle is coming into your life and how to use your Miracle-Based Abilities to assist in the process.  Attending Webinars in which miracles are coming in, is the best kind of training in this process.  In Webinars you will also learn about how to defend the miracles as they come in.  

For an overview of how to prepare for the Materialization Phase of The Heaven Economy, you can work with the training entitled: "The Materialization Economy" which is a Total Abundance Prototype Webinar Replay.


Skill Sets for Creating a Miracle-Friendly Environment 

There is also training via Webinar Replay on how to create a Miracle-Friendly Environment for the miracles.    It is entitled: “Miracle-Friendly Technology”. Even though your Miracle Ring will help you with creating a Miracle-Friendly Environment, you have to do your part of the Heaven Agent Team because your Heaven Agent friend, the Miracle Ring Intelligence, will need you to pull your own weight.


Skill Sets for Generating Material Energy for the Correct Exchange 

Learning how to generate Material Energy for the Correct Exchange for miracles is also an important part of your learning process.  While financial exchange can help you to have miracles when you haven’t generated the right amount of Material Energy through the correct use of the Material Energy Factory in your Suit, you will ultimately need to be able to generate the Material Energy that is required for the Correct Exchange for the miracles of a Miracle-Based Way of Life.  


The miracles available through a financial exchange on the web site are meant to be “training wheel miracles” that teach you how to work with miracles and get your Suit primed to begin producing the Correct Exchange for all of the miracles that you will need to build a Miracle-Based Way of Life.  You will need far more miracles than it is practical to exchange for financially and this is why you need to get the training in how to generate Material Energy through the non-financial use of your Suit’s onboard Material Energy Factory.


The article: “The Spiritual Alchemy of the Correct Exchange” is a starting point for understanding the process of generating Material Energy.  

Some basic training in how to get your Material Energy Factory working and how to use it to support the manifestation Work of the Source is given in the Webinar Replay entitled: "The Materialization Economy".


Skill Sets for Mission Map Reading

Mission Map Reading is also important because as you work with the Miracle Tool of a Mission Map Calendar, you can look ahead in your day, week, and month to see what miracles are due in and then you can begin preparing to receive them.


There is a Skill Set Webinar Replay entitled:  “Mission Map Reading 101” that I recommend. 


Skill Sets for Speaking the Universal Language of Soul Talk

Getting accurate Source Guidance is, of course, the most important Skill Set that you will need.  The Webinar Replay entitled: “Soul Talk 101” gives you some important training in how to understand the Universal Language of Soul Talk which is the language in which the Source communicates to you as well as the language in which you can communicate with any being of any species throughout the Creation.


Skill Sets for Soul Dancing

Since Source-Guided Movement is often needed during a Miracle Manifestation Process, learning the basics about Soul Dancing will help you to get a sense of how to use movement to allow Source Energies to flow through you. You can learn about Soul Dancing in the training entitled: “Soul Dancing 101”.


Skill Sets for Working with Miracle Tools

Since Miracle Tools often are important in receiving miracles, I recommend listening to the trainings entitled: “Miracle Tools 101”.


A Miracle-Based Life awaits you.  All you have to do is to do your part to equip yourself to receive the miracles and to help in the Delivery Process that manifests them in your world.


What I have outlined above is a good basic series of steps to prepare yourself for this event.  To enter into a full Materialization Economy which is when everything you need manifests from the Spiritual Level to the Physical Level, you will need to follow my lead as we prepare for the advent of this phase of The Heaven Economy in modern times.


Getting equipped with what I have outlined above is an important step.  With this set of Interventions and Miracle Tools you can bring in a myriad of different miracles.  You will also be able to begin training to prepare yourself for the Materialization Phase.