Step Three

Agreeing to Uphold
The Standard of Heaven

Your first Source Guidance Communication from my Source Function comes in the form of The Standard of Heaven Agreement.  This outlines The Standard of Heaven that you and I must uphold in order to create the Miracle-Friendly Environment in which the miracles that form the basis of a Miracle-Based Way of Life can come. 


If this Standard is upheld, then miracles manifest and the Source is behind you all of the way.  Those who insist that the Source deliver in Miracle Un-Friendly Conditions on terms that don’t work for the miracles that they want to manifest, are not able to travel the Path to Perfection to the Heaven that will ultimately manifest.  


A breach of this Agreement is a termination of your working relationship with the Source on every level.  Since I am the representative of the Source, how you relate to me is how you are relating to the Source in its entirety.  You need to treasure the Connection that my Manifestation makes possible and work to build The Love Connection through the personal contact you have with the Source through my Manifestation.  


The only way that a Heaven Agent can breach this Agreement is if they refuse to abide by the Standards.  Mistakes made by the Suit in upholding the Standard are not a breach of the Agreement. Doubts, fears, misconduct on the Inner and Outer Plane are not a breach as long as the Suit does not go so far as to consciously endorse a stance that denigrates the Standards of the Agreement and expresses a willingness to return to the Untruths of the Story World in preference to following the Truths given by the Source.  This terminates the working relationship with me on the Outer Plane.  If the Suit is having difficulties controlling the consciousness and is able to discuss the problems with me, then Outer Plane work can still continue.  


I am very familiar with the oddities and distortions that consciousness has taken in the Story World.  I am not appalled by these problems but equipped to help the Suit sort through them and weed out the things that are not of Heaven so only what is of Heaven remains.  Only then can the Suit be at peace and become an instrument through which the perfection of the Soul can be expressed.  My goal is to establish a working relationship not only with the Heaven Agent Identity but with the consciousness of the Suit that needs direct Source Support to evolve out of its fear and its mutated thought processes.


In the event that Outer Plane contact is terminated, as long as there is some aspect of the Suit – the Core Level, perhaps – that is still willing to work with me, I will continue to help it and the Heaven Agent Identity to get the Conscious Range of the Suit back on track.  I can’t work with the Suit on the Outer Plane, however, until the Miracle-Friendly Conditions of a respectful and non-violent working relationship have been re-established.  


If the Suit completely opts out on every level, then my Source Function lets go and the Suit is allowed to choose a path of self-destruction.


This won’t happen if the Heaven Agent Identity retains control of the Conscious Range of the Suit through working to uphold the Standards.  This Conscious Range control remains in tact when the Heaven Agent Identity works to think through what the Suit is doing and alerts me of problems occurring in the Suit in a neutral way that enables us to work on it together.


It is important to think of The Standard of Heaven Agreement as a sacred Agreement between you and the Source in which the Source is giving you the essential elements of what it takes to build Heaven in your life.

I'll highlight here some thoughts on some of the aspects of The Standard of Heaven that are discussed in the Agreement.  For a more detailed discussion you can watch the video entitled: "The Journey of Reconnection" in Step Two of The Journey of Discovery.


Seeking Truth from the Source

One of the key principles of The Standard of Heaven Agreement is to seek truth only from the Source instead of following Man-Made theories of creation, even those generated in the various spiritual traditions that are a part of the Story Culture.  Some people sign the Agreement and then argue that the Source should defer to ideas about Correct Exchange, for example, that exist in Man-Made spiritual traditions that have never yielded Heaven in the world.  My response is that they can raise concerns and questions based on what they have thought in the past, but if their bottom line is not following the truth that is given by the Source, then there is no way for us to proceed.  They can continue following those spiritual traditions instead.


Doing "No Harm"

Another key principle is to “Do No Harm” on the Inner and Outer Plane.  Heaven Agents are often surprised to find that while one part of their Suit is avidly pursuing the work with me to build Heaven in the world, another sharp shooter part of their Suit that is a Negative Agent may be using our close proximity to attempt to do grievous harm to my Suit. 

In such an instance, they have to be willing to commit to doing “No Harm” and work with me At-a-Distance for security reasons until we both can work together, along with the Core Level of the Suit that is willing to help, to retire the Negative Agent aspect of their Suit.  Once the attacking part of the Suit is retired, then the Suit can be rebuilt to function in a non-violent way on the Inner and Outer Plane.  Only through careful work over time can some of these Negative Agent aspects be retired completely.  As long as a Heaven Agent is willing to work with me to do their part, then we can come out the other side having cleared their Suit of a problem that would have caused its ultimate death.  


I don’t mind helping a Heaven Agent to deal with whatever is going on in their Suit as long as they are willing to uphold The Standard of Heaven which protects both of us from the attacking part of the Suit. To persist in having personal contact rather than to work At-a-Distance during an attack episode such as this is to put the aspects of the Suit that want to be Source-Connected at risk. The attacking aspect will seek to damage the equipment in the Suit that enables the Suit to make the Source Connection in order to stop the Outer Plane Connection from occurring.  


Because I am not limited to work that I can do face-to-face with a Suit, but can work 24/7 on it At-a-Distance, I simply move into At-a-Distance Mode in cases where direct Outer Plane contact poses too great of a risk to me and to the Source-Connected aspects of the Suit.  


Doing Your Mission

Another aspect of The Standard is doing one’s Mission to build Heaven in your own life and in the world.  Many people come to me not with a burning desire to do their Mission to help the Source build Heaven in the world but to simply gratify their desire to be cared for by the Source and to heal themselves and see some miracles manifest.  They don’t really commit to giving up their Story Way of Life but just want me to give them a feeling that they are progressing on their “spiritual path” and to give them some miracles that will make them feel loved and like they are doing something good for themselves.


This is to be expected since Suits who mutinied from the Source in the beginning of the Creation have been Self-Centered in all of their decision making ever since.  They shop and consume everything in life and adopt this attitude toward the Source as well.  They want to sample, consume, and attack and demand Customer Service even from the Source.


You, as the owner of the Suit, need to be on the look out for this kind of Self-Centered Mentality in your Suit.  It is deeply engrained and will abort any progress that can be made on the Path to Perfection.  


Seeking Source Truth to Track Your Progress

While I can help your Suit to heal from particular episodes and help it to gain confidence in my ability to heal it, if the decision making is left in the hands of your Suit to gain confidence in the Source on the basis of whether the Source is making it feel better in the moment or to judge the progress being made based on Story Expectations, then we aren’t really progressing. If this is happening your Suit is being allowed to stay in the Story and the Story Character is still in control and using the consumer-based approach to determine whether the Source is benefiting them.

I guarantee you that there will be times on your Path to Perfection when your Story Character will be convinced that nothing that is happening is good and meets with its approval.  This is precisely because our work together is to retire this false identity and realign with the Core Intelligence of the Suit that does know who the Source is and wants the Source to free it from the tyranny of the Story Character.


Often when the best progress is being made on the Path to Perfection, the Story Character will be most up in arms about what is happening.  If you – the Soul – as the Executive Level Decision Maker do not step in and overrule the Story Character in your fervent willingness to allow your Suit to continue on the Path to Perfection, then it will bail out of the Path at the very moment when you could upend the Story Character and be free of it at last.


The Path to Perfection is one that no one can accurately assess from the vantage point of the value system of the Story World.  You have to seek Source Guidance to see if things are progressing as they should and to get the Truth from the Source concerning what to do Next.  There is no way to swing back and forth between Story Logic and Story Evaluations and Source Logic and Source Evaluations of what is happening.  This creates incredible conflict in the Suit and blocks your Suit’s energies from going toward the breakthroughs that need to be made in order for your Suit to progress.


You have to be committed to a vision of life that is Mission-Oriented not Greed and Gratification-Oriented.  The Story World runs on a Greed Current.  Every Story Character is out there trying to maximize its pleasure and minimize its pain however the twisted logic of the Suit has defined it.  For some this might mean climbing to the top of the corporate ladder and trying to have as many pleasurable experiences as can be crammed into a lifetime.  To other Suits it might be winning at defeating others by being the best martyr or getting even with the family by drinking yourself to death and watching them standby wringing their hands. Strange logic breeds in the fragmented state of Disconnected Suits – the logic of masochism and sadism and the like.  


The only way out is to commit to doing your Mission which is to build the Heaven that is yours to build for yourself and for others in accordance with the Source Plan.  This is a Mission that is worthy of you, the Spiritual Intelligence that you as a Soul are.  It is also a Mission that is needed since your work is one piece of the puzzle.  When you do your piece and others do theirs then the picture of perfection in the world manifests.


Understanding your Mission and activating your Miracle-Based Abilities to do your Mission are starting points.  I recommend a Source Connection Coaching Session to every Heaven Agent entering into their Path to Perfection to get this part of their Mission set in motion.  Learning how to do your Next Step is also critical which is why I offer Source Connection Coaching Sessions to help you learn how to get Inner Plane Source Guidance to know what is Next.  In time, you will be able to get this information for yourself.  I am here to help you get started and learn the basics.  Miracle-Based Training is like training wheels on a bicycle. Once you get your balance and learn how to ride, you don’t need the training wheels.  Then you can keep your balance and take off down the road of your life.


This doesn’t mean that you take off on your own without the Source guiding you.  It means that you know how to get Inner Plane Source Guidance so you can know how to travel in the right direction and receive the Source-Given miracles that you will need along your way.


So - in summary, read The Standard of Heaven Agreement and sign it.  Commit to following it in your everyday life.  Our Joint Venture doesn’t work if I agree to the Standard and you don’t.  We both have to uphold this Standard in our work together.


Check out the video discussion of it in “The Journey of Reconnection” which is in The Journey of Discovery.  This video was made in 2010 prior to the massive changes that have occurred since then, but the basic principles of the Standard of Heaven remain the same.

The Standard of Heaven Agreement