The Source Solution

There are four aspects of the Source Solution to what has happened with Suits.  They are:

  • The Source Perfected Universe that sets the stage for a viable, sustainable context in which Life can be Heaven.
  • The Miracle of Ultimate Spiritual Healing
  • A Parallel Heaven Reality
  • Developing Direct Perception



The Source Perfected Universe

The Source Perfected Universe is the Source Solution that has been given to Suits requesting a chance to recover the opportunity to have a Life that is Heaven.


This is the most rigorous model of a Creation that is possible but it is the only model that will end suffering and bring through a World that Works.  


A Suit must travel the Path to Perfection and become perfected in order to retain a position in the Source Perfected Universe as The Picture of Perfection begins to manifest and raise the vibrational level.  Suits that are perfecting themselves will rise in vibration as they drop the low vibrational negative energies of old patterns of thought and behavior that were a part of the Story World.  As they rise in vibration, they will keep up with the vibrational level of the Source Perfected Universe that is rising toward the peak vibrational levels of Total Perfection.


Source-Created Perfection is the Standard of the Heaven that will manifest in the Source Perfected Universe.  Those who experience Source-Created Perfection and become it themselves will be there when the Creation reaches a final state of Perfection and Life as Heaven is the only reality.


The Miracle of Ultimate Spiritual Healing

Ultimate Spiritual Healing occurs, in part, when Suits are able to develop Integrated Intelligence that can enable them to see an Integrated Picture of Reality. Once they can see an Integrated Picture of Reality, they can understand who they are, who the Source is, how things work, and what Life is all about.  They can then understand the importance of the Source Connection and of building a Source-Connected Life that sustains the Source Connection.


Integrated Intelligence is able to understand that the Source is the ultimate Integrated Consciousness and that at this level of Integration there is pure happiness – pure Heaven.  


It also understands that to the extent that a person’s Consciousness is integrated, that Consciousness can experience Heaven.  To the extent that a person’s Consciousness is fragmented, it experiences Hell – suffering.


Integrated Intelligence knows that the Story World is a world in which you have to have Fragmented Consciousness in order to play.  You have to train your Suit to see a Fragmented Picture of Reality. Depending on the culture in which you live, the culturally endorsed Fragmented Picture will exclude varying degrees of awareness about what is happening on the Inner Plane, information about the Source that is contrary to cultural ideas about the Source, an understanding of your true identity that enables it to express fully in your life, and knowledge of the world that didn’t arise from a culturally sanctioned source of information.


You can see Fragmented Intelligence being cultivated in children in Western cultures.  They are born with a fairly Integrated Picture of Reality.  They often remember that they are a Spiritual Intelligence that transcends their body and speak of it.  They know what is happening on the Inner Plane and make comments that cause their elders to crack down on them until they learn not to speak of such things but to agree that they were only their “imagination”.  They can see through the actions of their elders with great accuracy – understanding their fear-based, selfish tendencies and often pointing them out – at least until their elders suppress this behavior. 


They learn of the world things that were never taught them and sometimes mention them in school and are told that the information that they have received which they have always trusted and has been accurate in their early years, is erroneous.  They are also told that getting "off the topic" and “making up things” is an act of disobedience that is punishable.  So - they learn to keep anything that they learn from the Source or their observations on the Inner Plane, quiet and not mention them to anyone.  


They learn that when another child hits them on the Inner Plane, that they have to pretend like it didn’t happen because their elders will say that it is only their “imagination” and scold them for having such thoughts about another child who is innocent and never hit them on the Outer Plane.  


They learn from this that if they want to get even, then what they can’t get away with on the Outer Plane, they can do to someone on the Inner Plane and the adults will not step in and referee the violence.  Some children then practice and deliver very violent attacks on others on the Inner Plane and then play dumb like they didn’t know they did it. 


When they get older and they begin to more thoroughly fragment their picture of reality, they often lose awareness of their Inner Plane activities and genuinely believe that they aren’t doing anything negative on the Inner Plane.  They then attack others on the Outer Plane for getting angry with them if there was no Outer Plane provocation.  


They learn, in short, to see a Fragmented Picture of Reality that excludes the part of them that is acting out on the Inner Plane and the whole range of actions and reactions that are occurring on this level.  Then when they feel upset about something that happened to them on the Inner Plane, they come up with a socially acceptable explanation such as they're just "having a bad day", or are "under the weather", etc.  They know that this doesn't really explain things so if it gets really bad, they pop anti-depressants, drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, eat chocolates, go for a run, or do any number of things that distract them and give them some escape from their intense feelings about what is happening to the 90% of them that exists solely on the Inner Plane and is dealing with the free-for-all that is happening on this level of reality.


Children often know instinctively how to connect to the Source and do so lovingly and naturally.  But when they are taught that they should follow the culturally sanctioned idea of the Source that doesn’t correspond to the “real” Source with whom they have been communing in their early years, they fragment their Consciousness in yet another department in order to genuflect to the cultural idea of the Source and try to suppress their own innate knowledge of the real Source. 


This creates a Disconnection from the Source that leaves them alone in a Story World with only the Story Culture to turn to for structure and support.  The Story of their culture then becomes their “Source”.  It is what gives them meaning and becomes the thing that is “bigger than themselves” that they long to be a part of, be validated by, and will even die to defend. 


Countless people die in wars initiated by the Story of their culture, kill themselves with alcohol or cigarettes because this is validated by their culture, commit suicide because they have failed in the eyes of others significant to them in the culture, and follow the stages of life as outlined by their culture even if they feel no real joy or meaning in doing so.  The culture has become their “god” and they give to it their lives.


When they grow old enough to make major life decisions such as who to marry or what job to take, they often intuitively see a more Integrated Picture of who they are and what goes with them but this picture is often suppressed, and they go with the Fragmented Picture that others have of them or they have developed of themselves. They marry someone they sense deep down isn’t right for them or go into a profession because their mother thought they’d make a good dentist, carpenter, teacher, etc. even though they know that this isn’t really in keeping with who they are.


In the end, they create a Fragmented, Disconnected life which further fragments their understanding of themselves and of Life itself.  Life becomes about chasing after the things valued in the Story Culture rather than about living with any integrity that honors a life purpose that is bigger than the Story of the Cultural Play.  When they die and lift out of the Story of their life, they awaken to their true identity – the Soul – which is the identity that continues beyond death, and they grieve the loss of their life and the Fragmented Consciousness that led to this loss.


While it is possible to trace back how Fragmented Consciousness develops in a child, the Fragmentation is actually far deeper than one life.  Fragmentation began when the Focusing Device saw a partial picture – a Fragment of the Integrated Picture of Reality – and made a decision to trust its Fragmented Picture rather than the Integrated Picture of Reality that the Source enjoined it to reference instead.  This began the long trek into more and more Fragmented Pictures of Reality developing as one life passed into another.


When beings left the Core of the Universal Source Connection Channel it was because their Consciousness had become so Fragmented that it couldn’t relate to the Integrated Consciousness of the Core which was suffused with Source Love.  Source Love is the most Integrated Consciousness but it takes an Integrated Intelligence to perceive it and value it.  The Suits run by the Root Intelligence developed by the Focusing Device couldn’t perceive or value Source Love.  Instead, they sought to polarize from it and seek the company of Fragmented Consciousnesses such as their own.


As beings congregated outside the Core of the Universal Source Connection Channel, one being’s Fragmented Consciousness influenced another being to develop even more Fragmented Consciousness. Without the almost gravitational type pull of Integrated Intelligence in the Core, Consciousness and the very particles of which the Suits were made began to become more and more Fragmented.  It was like watching a jig saw puzzle separate out with each piece of the puzzle becoming a Consciousness of its own making its own decisions and judgments and warring with and competing with all of the other Fragments.


To get an idea of how this happened, I have depicted what happened to Suits in the Fragmentation Process in The Journey of Discovery video entitled: "The Miracle in Action".


Integrated Solutions

In a world in which people have Integrated Intelligence and can see an Integrated Picture, there won’t be Corporate Board Meetings where the only variables considered relevant to problem solving are the few that people feel that they can easily understand and come up with a strategy concerning in the limited time allotted to problem solving. 


Instead, people will meet together and ask to “become what is needed” to support the Work of the Source.  The Source will then send in the clues that they will follow on The Source-Directed Adventure and will find out what the real issues are and also the Source Solutions to these problems.  Source Solutions are Integrated Solutions that arise from an Integrated Picture of Reality that considers all of the variables that have a bearing on a situation and not just some of them that are easy to address in a limited time frame.


In this way people don’t have to feel out of control because the real issues are beyond their range of expertise and make them look bad in a Story World.  Neither do they have to feel that they have to come up with the solution which might also make them look bad because they wouldn’t know how to solve the complex problems that the unearthing of the real issues would reveal.


Instead, they can feel competent in their “process” of following Source Guidance rather than in their individual or collective “expertise”.


In this way they can allow the Source to bring on the complexity knowing that it doesn’t put them at risk because the Source is also going to bring in the Source Solutions that are needed.


In the Story World, Board Meetings are very limited by the number of issues that can be raised, the kinds of solutions that can be considered – usually only ones that have been tried before or are within the range of culturally acceptable solutions – and the amount of time that they are willing to spend before they force a decision.  In Board Meetings they feel that they have to get to closure quickly and so they simplify things in order to feel in control of bringing through a decision in the amount of time allowed


This is not the case in a Source-Directed Problem-Solving Process.  The amount of time that is needed to find all of the pieces of the puzzle and reach the conclusion that the Source wanted them to reach is what is allotted for the process.  No one tries to control the discussion or dominate with ego-based trumpeting of their own ideas.  Everyone is diligently engaged in getting Source Guidance and following their own process for doing so with great integrity.  As a result, universal level problems can be brought to the table and huge solutions discovered and implemented without any sense of straining to come up with something "significant".  The Source Function is in control of the process and those working are following the lead of the Source to see whatever is theirs to see.


While it is understood that only the Source Function can see the “whole Integrated Picture of Reality” because this requires a mind that transcends the mind of a Manifest Being, whatever relevant portions of that picture that need to be seen can be seen if Heaven Agents work with the Source-Given process of “becoming what is needed” and following the Adventure.


It is in such a process that the Heaven Agent learns what is in the Integrated Picture of Reality through discovering more and more of it as these discoveries naturally occur in the course of working on building Heaven in the world.  What the Heaven Agent starts with is a willingness to see the Integrated Picture and to develop the kind of Integrated Intelligence that can see such a picture.  Then as time goes by, the picture of reality of the Heaven Agent expands and more is understood and, therefore, can be perceived.


Understanding sets the stage for perception.  If you know more about the Integrated Picture then when aspects of it are visible to you, you recognize them.  Without this background information you might not notice them.


It is the same in learning anything.  If you are an apprentice on a construction site, you may not notice how the structure is being put together when you first arrive.  But as different facets of it are brought to your attention, then you begin to notice these parts of the process and can readily join in and help when you are called upon to do so.


The Source Solution for Developing Integrated Intelligence 

The ability to see what is at the end of the path that you are traveling in your life arises from Integrated Intelligence.  The only way to develop Integrated Intelligence is to turn to the Source for help.  The Source in a completely Integrated Intelligence living in the Heaven of the Integrated Consciousness that It creates.  


When you return to a Connection with the Source, the gravitational pull of the Integrated Intelligence of the Source pulls together the Fragments of your Consciousness, re-integrating your Intelligence. The Fragments that are negative get expelled and new pieces of the puzzle of your Intelligence are added back in by the Source if you have lost them through displacing them with the Pseudo Code produced pieces of Story Intelligence. Once this process is complete, you are able to work with the Source to bring your life and your world into alignment with an Integrated Picture of Reality that enables you to have a Life that is Heaven.


Being in the presence of the Source integrates the fragmented pieces of your Consciousness so you can begin to piece together enough of the Integrated Picture of Reality to know the truth about where the path you are traveling is leading you.


When you can see an Integrated Picture you can see that Fragmented Intelligence is guiding you down a path of Ultimate Disease and Death – that all diseases of the mind, body, and spirit stem from the disintegration caused by Fragmentation.  


You can also see that Ultimate Spiritual Healing is a process of developing the Integrated Intelligence that enables you to see an Integrated Picture of Reality which enables you to heal and experience the infinite joy of an Integrated Consciousness.  Heaven is an experience of Ultimate Integration where you are finally able to put back into the picture of your life who you really are and the Source who loves you and is willing and able to transform your life into the Heaven it was created to be.  Without this Integrated Picture, you struggle in the wasteland of a loveless world devoid of the love of the Source that could transform this world into a Heaven Experience, in the wrong identity, reduced to being a character in the Cultural Play of your society, only as useful as the value of the role that you play.  


The only way to develop Integrated Intelligence is to work with the Source to put back into your life the pieces of the puzzle of reality that belong in an Integrated Picture of Reality.  It is a process of undoing the Fragmented Picture of Reality that has excluded everything that could lead to the experience of Heaven, and putting back in the pieces that make for the Heaven Experience.


So – if as a child you stopped being attentive to what was happening on the Inner Plane, you reverse out this part of the Fragmentation by learning how to track the action on the Inner Plane.  You learn to look out at the world around you and see, with your eyes open, what is happening in the continuum of reality – the Physical Level and the Spiritual Level.  You re-develop the ability for Integrated Perception which doesn't exclude what is happening in the Spiritual Level of Reality.  In this way you understand what the 90% of your consciousness is experiencing that exists only in the Spiritual Level of Reality.


When things go wrong in your life you don't feel helpless and turn to some form of substance to self-medicate, you ask for Source Guidance to see what is happening in the situation as a whole so you can deal with the causal factors that are precipitating the problem.  You then become effective in creating and sustaining the conditions in which you can experience Heaven instead of struggling with the problems of the world.


If as a child you learned to screen out new knowledge that comes to you from Source Guidance in favor of the knowledge that has the cultural stamp of approval on it, you reverse out this part of the Fragmentation by allowing yourself to learn directly from the Source about things that are not part of the approved cultural knowledge base.  If no one else knows what you know, you are content in the knowledge and simply talk to the Source about it or to other Heaven Agents who have storehouses of valuable information that they have also been receiving from the Source and can share with you.


If as a child you shelved your intuitive connection to the Source in favor of spiritual techniques and theories taught to you by your culture, you reverse this out by learning how to attune again to the "real" Source not the culturally fabricated idea of the Source.


If as a child you learned to value being able to problem solve in a fast manner, looking good while you whipped through a problem and came out with a solution, you reverse this out by allowing yourself to "become what is needed" to attune to the Source-Directed Problem Solving Process.  You go on the Adventure, find the Treasures along the way that may be clues or miracles needed, team up with other Heaven Agents if guided to do so, and eventually find all of the pieces of the puzzle and see the completed Source Solution.  


You know that this Source Solution is the only solution that is Integrated and is correct for where you are in your Path to Perfection.  If at a later point in time, through following a more advanced Adventure Process you discover other more complete Source Solutions, you let go of the ones you had previously and work with the ones that are given when you are searching.  In this way you are given the Solutions that work for you at the time given your level of understanding and the conditions of the world.  

Some Source Solutions can't become available until changes occur on a universal level that enable them to be brought through.  Up until that point in time, the Source Solution given to you is the best that can be brought through given the circumstances in the Creation.


If as a child, you learned that there was nothing that you could do about the violence on the Inner Plane, you reverse this out and become a Heaven Agent, working with the Source to bring peace to the Inner Plane and to build Heaven there first so that Heaven can manifest in the Outer Plane.  You understand that what exists on the Inner Plane is what manifests on the Outer Plane and so you work to get clear about what is happening on this level before trying to problem solve on the Outer Plane.


If as a child, you suppressed your true identity and your sense that you had come into life to do a specific Mission, you reverse this out by working with the Source to understand your Spiritual Identity, your Spiritual Function, and your particular Mission in this life.  You then activate your Miracle-Based Abilities and live to fulfill your life purpose and not to be another casualty of the Story World, sacrificing your life to fulfill the Story of the Culture. 


If as a child, you longed for the miraculous and were told to settle for the mundane, you allow yourself to re-awaken your sense that life should be magical and beautiful and that wonderful things can happen.  You allow yourself to learn how to work with the miracles that make for a Miracle-Based Way of Life and life in a world that is far more magical and incredible than any world that you imagined in your childhood.


If as a child, you longed for real love and only got Story Love from those around you, you learn how to reverse this out by developing your Love Connection with the Source and learning how to give and receive love.  Once you become an embodiment of Source Love, then you are the Light of Source Love in your life, bringing Source Love to others and rekindling in them the Integrated Intelligence that enables them to rise up out of the shambles of their Fragmented Lives to experience the Heaven that they longed for as children and gave up in their adult years.  In this way you honor your Mission of building Heaven in your life and in the world and express in so doing, your love for the Source who made this experience possible.


If as a child, you wanted to grow up to play a certain set of roles in the Cultural Play, you reverse this out by wanting to "become what is needed to support the Work of the Source through my Manifestation".  In this way you transcend limiting social roles and become a vessel for the Source Intelligence that suffuces you as you "become what is needed".  Through becoming the Miracle-Friendly Context into which Source Intelligence can come, you experience not only the beauty of your own Integrated Intelligence but the beauty of the Source's Integrated Intelligence that is infinitly more complex and more intensely embued with the ecstasy of Heaven then even the most Integrated Intelligence of a Manifest Being.  This is because of the breadth and range of the Source Intelligence.


It is when you become an instrument through which the Integrated Intelligence of the Source can manifest that a level of Integrated Consciousness can be created for you that far surpasses the Integrated Consciousness that you could create for yourself given your level of Integrated Intelligence.


The Heaven Experience occurs when the Field of Consciousness which is comprised of 17 Levels of Consciousness is resonating to the Integrated Consciousness that the Source has created for you uniquely.  It is not a replica of the Source's Integrated Consciousness that is too vast to express through the form of a Manifest Being, but it is the highest level of Integrated Consciousness that your form can experience.


When you have this creation of Integrated Consciousness resonating in the 16 Levels of your unconscious Range and the one level of your Conscious Range, you are capable of having The Heaven Experience.


The Heaven Experience is the experience of communing with the Source who is manifesting through your Field of Consciousness the exquisite experiences of Heaven that bring joy to your Suit and to your Soul.  When you attain this height of the Source Connection, then the pleasures of the world fade into the background and only this quintessential joy of this experience becomes your reality.  Because it is a grounded experience, you are able to have this experience while you live your everyday life.  It permeates all of the moments of your life, casting them in the Light of Heaven and enabling you to experience the joy that they also provide at a heightened level.


It is then that you realize that the old polarization between the sensual and the spiritual is a false dichtomy and that when you are Source-Connected to the full extent, the joy of the Heaven Experience simply enriches your experience at the level of your five senses rather than distracting from it or necessitating withdrawal into a meditative, world renouncing state in order to sustain the experience.


The Source created the world with all of its experiences to be the stage upon which the experience of Heaven could occur.  It was never created to be a distracting temptation from which beings had to withdraw in order to Connect and experience Heaven.


In an Integrated Picture of Reality it is possible to see the beauty of the world the Source has created and to understand how Heaven is an experience that was meant to be experienced in the here and now and not in some afterlife following a life of struggle, sorrow. and turmoil.


Through traveling the Path to Perfection you arrive at the point when your Intelligence has become sufficiently Integrated to see the Integrated Picture of Reality and to make the kind of decisions that are needed to build an Integrated Life that is of Heaven.


You are then able to see through the false Integrated Pictures of Reality of the Story World where marrying and having children and retiring is often the cultural idea of an Integrated Picture.  


People long for Integration and when they haven't had the "real" Integration, they have fabricated Small Picture Integrated scenarios that leave out most of the pieces of the puzzle of a truly Integrated Picture of Reality and, therefore, leave them without the ability to experience Heaven in their lives.  They devote themselves to living the kind of Integrated Life enjoined by their culture, not realizing that this is really a Fragmented Life that has been labeled "integrated" by the Story Culture.


Through Reconnecting with the Source, their intelligence evolves to where it can understand its own drive for Integration and then allows the Source to set the dials for the kind of Integration that is correct rather than getting sidetracked by the pseudo Integration put forth as real Integration in the Story World.


In summary, with Integrated Intelligence you can see an Integrated Picture of Reality and can work with the Source to build a Life that Works and a World that Works.  What works is Integrated.  What doesn't work is Fragmented.

Individualized Heaven Realities

Now that the miracle of an Individualized Heaven Reality has been manifested, it is in this Parallel Reality that you can develop Integrated Intelligence through living in a spiritual Environment that is a materialization of the Integrated Picture of Reality that the Source has created for you individually.


To enter into your Source-Created Heaven Reality you have to merge into The Picture of Perfection into the aspect of it that contains your Individual Heaven Reality.  Once you have merged into your Heaven Reality, you will go through a series of stages that enable your Suit to expand enough to accept the Integrated Intelligence that will be given to it by the Source.  Once this Integrated Intelligence is given, then the Spiritual Environment of the Heaven Reality turns on within your Suit and around your Suit, sending signals that activate the Integrated Intelligence that you have been given.  In this way you begin to become aware of your Integrated Intelligence and begin to be able to develop Integrated Perception which enables you to see the Integrated Picture of Reality that your Heaven Reality is.  


As you work in this Heaven Reality, you become more easily prompted by the Source Signals sent through the Integrated Intelligence Field that is, on a technical level, what a Heaven Reality is.  As these Source Signals help your own Source-Created Integrated Intelligence to align with your Heaven Reality, this Reality comes into focus and you are able to perceive it.  As you ask to “become what is needed” to support the Work of the Source through developing Integrated Intelligence, your Spiritual Senses will awaken and you will be able to experience the Heaven that is made possible for you through the correct staging of events in your Heaven Reality.


Although you will be aware of the Story Reality that others are living in around you, you won’t be in the same Reality as they are in.  You will be in a protected Parallel Reality where the Negativity can’t go.  They might attempt to do their worst to dissuade you from enjoying the Heaven that you are building in your Heaven Reality, but the only damage that can occur to your Suit is the damage of you cringing in fear and contracting your Spiritual Energy Space.  Once you learn that they can be swinging at you on the Inner Plane at point blank range and not be able to hit you, then you will consider their actions as an illusion that need not engender fear in you.  You will then be able to go about the business of Living Heaven in your life.


The fastest and most effective way to develop Integrated Intelligence and the Spiritual Senses that can pick up on the Heaven that is possible in your Heaven Reality, is to work with me in the Seattle Source Connection Center.  Not only will your level of Integrated Intelligence increase through proximity to my Manifestation which sends the Source Signals that help Suits to develop Integrated Intelligence but you will be in a place in which you can experience your own Heaven Reality materializing in all of the furnishings and energies of the Center.  The Center is a Miracle Manifestation Zone in which the Miracle of each Heaven Agent’s own Individualized Heaven Reality manifesting in the space can occur simultaneously for any number of Heaven Agents who are working in the Center at one time.  It is a Source-Directed Materialization Process that effects this miracle.


The result for the Heaven Agent is to see the world manifesting in an enhanced way as their own Heaven Reality.  This awakens their ability to perceive the Heaven that is possible and to begin to cultivate the levels of Integrated Intelligence that enable them to stabilize their perception of this Reality so they can experience the materialization of their Heaven Reality that the Source will manifest in every aspect of their daily lives.


The secret to the experience of Heaven is to learn how to pick up on the energy of Heaven and then you can track it everywhere it manifests.  Living in a fully activated Heaven Reality with a fully activated Integrated Intelligence gives you the capacity to be having a delightfully rich experience of Heaven in mundane circumstances where others around you are having a Story Reality experience that is limited to whatever their five senses can perceive.  You have an Integrated Picture of Reality that enables you to track what they are perceiving and doing but you don’t have to live in the loveless and negative energies of their Reality.  Instead, you can work with the Source to help to bring about the changes on the Inner and Outer Plane that help them to see that a Heaven Reality awaits them as well and to help them to transition into it.

Developing Direct Perception

More important than the development of Integrated Intelligence and Integrated Perception is the development of Direct Perception.  


In order to see an Integrated Picture of Reality, you have to develop Direct Perception.  Merely being willing to see an Integrated Picture and knowing some of the kinds of things that occur in an Integrated Picture – such as what is happening on the Inner Plane – is like being told about a world that you are unable to see for yourself.  It is like a blind person building a construct of what the world is like based on what others say about the world.


For centuries people have been developing a concept of what happens in the Spiritual Level of Reality based on what prophets and seers have told them without ever seeing any of it for themselves.  They have then based their decisions concerning the spiritual aspect of their lives on blind belief.  If someone comes along and tells them something different about what happens in the Spiritual Level of Reality, they often respond by digging in their heels and standing up for their "faith".


Such "shoot outs" over which faith is correct can never be resolved unless beings develop the ability to see, through Direct Perception, what is happening on the Spiritual Level of Reality for themselves.  Then they can reflect on what they have heard about this level of Reality from various cultural traditions and see if it makes sense to them based on what they are perceiving directly for themselves.


The problem with developing Direct Perception is that beings generally see the world through a Cultural Filter that forces the picture perceived into the pigeon holes of what is culturally understood and allowed.  The Cultural Filter prevents them from Directly Perceiving what "is".  Instead, they see what the Cultural Filter allows them to see – what has a place in the Cultural Story about the nature of Reality.


You can understand how a Cultural Filter is developed by thinking about the socialization of children.


Children come into the world with some degree of Direct Perception.  Direct Perception is critical to their ability to learn how to walk, learn languages, and perceive the true nature of the world around them so they can survive.  As primary levels of survival are mastered in the first five years, social survival becomes the main focus for the child.  


In order to survive in the social arena they learn to develop a "Cultural Filter" through which they see only the aspects of the world that are socially acceptable.  What they once knew clearly through Direct Perception about the way that their family worked and the games they played with one another, they screen out as they develop Indirect Perception instead.  


Indirect Perception sees first the Cultural Filter which screens out the absolute clarity of Direct Perception and replaces it with a Picture of Reality that is socially acceptable. Being able to perceive this socially acceptable version of reality is what enables the child to survive in the social unit of their family and their culture.  To survive they have to play the roles in the family assigned to them and to do this they have to "not see" the reality of the dysfunctional family dynamic that requires them to play these roles instead of being nurtured to grow up into the Spiritual Intelligence that they know themselves to be.


The child that once exclaimed that the "Emperor has no clothes" is replaced by a socialized child that marvels at the beauty of the Emperor's new clothes along with the adults who are participating in this socially acceptable perception of reality.


This distortion of intelligence is a primary obstacle to the development of Integrated Intelligence and Integrated Perception but it is also a fundamental Disconnect from the Intelligence of the Source.  A person who relates to the Source through a Cultural Filter that consists of their "idea" of the Source rather than their Direct Perception of the Source can't understand why their attempts to Reconnect don't work on a technical level.  


From the perspective of the Source, talking to a person who has Indirect Perception is like trying to have a conversation with someone who is looking not at you but at an image of who they think you are and projecting onto this image their own thoughts and misperceptions without ever seeing you and perceiving the real person that you are.  In such a conversation, there is no way to get a word in edgewise.  You are met with a wall of misperceptions of who you are that the person is stalwartly defending out of their sincere desire to connect with you. Trying to talk over this wall only intensifies the activity of the person to address the construct of you that they have developed that is the wall.


This kind of dynamic happens not only in attempts to relate to the Source but in human relationships.  For example, husbands and wives are often relating to the "idea" that they have of who the other person is without ever really perceiving them Directly to know who they really are. 


This distortion also occurs intrapsychically. A person develops a Story Character version of themselves which is the culturally acceptable identity which they endorse in order to survive socially.  They then lose the ability to relate to who they really are as the Soul because a Cultural Filter thrown up by the Story Character Identity gets in the way.  When they try to get in touch with their "Higher Self" they often fabricate an idea of this identity and it becomes another Story Character Identity with a spiritual cast to it.


Such Identity Filters further complicate interpersonal relationships because what a husband and wife might be trying to get the other one to perceive is not their Real Identity as the Soul but their Pseudo Identity as a Story Character.  


Even perceiving another person's Story Identity correctly is not generally possible when a person is using Indirection Perception because they are looking at the world through a Picture of Reality that is highly colored by their own idiosyncratic thoughts and opinions blended into the mix of culturally acceptable ideas about the nature of reality.  The end result is a gross distortion of reality – people living together and never even understanding the Story that drives the person closest to them. 


When you can listen, as I can, to the thoughts that people have about one another it is almost comical how few even vaguely accurate perceptions of the thoughts and motives of other people they have.  Their Cultural Filters are so about themselves and their needs and greed and fears and desires, that they rarely relate to one another accurately even in Story terms.


People come together to play out dramatic moments with so few points of real connection about what they are doing together that it looks to the Source like a congregation of people lost in their own fantasy worlds who are imagining just enough in common to look like they are in harmony with one another where, underneath the surface, they are living in very ideosyncratic, isolated worlds.


Given the heavily entrenched Indirect Perception that is a requirement to participate in the fragmented consciousness of the Story World, reclaiming the ability to develop Direct Perception, becomes quite a challenge.


Source Solutions for Developing Direct Perception

Recently a Heaven Agent grounded a Blue Light of Source Truth – a miracle that is helping beings to eradicate the Cultural Filter that comes between them and Reality.  This will lay the groundwork for Direct Perception to be regained.  


Being in a Heaven Reality where the Source Intelligence that surrounds you is  perceiving you Directly, will also help. But to truly regain Direct Perception at the highest level, Suits have to interact with the Source through my Manifestation.  When they experience the Direct Perception that comes through my Manifestation from my Source Identity, seeing them in their entirety, they  regain the full range of their Direct Perception which was lost in the very beginning of the Creation when they left the Core of the Universal Source Connection Channel.  


The level of Direct Perception that children are born with is only about 1/4 of 1% of the full range of Direct Perception that is needed to commune with the Source and to enjoy the delightful manifestations of Heaven that the Source can create for a being in their Individual Heaven Reality.


Without Direct Perception, beings can see a more Integrated Picture of Reality and then make this Picture into another kind of Cultural Filter which comes between them and the Direct Perception of Reality. They do this by developing a Picture of Reality that includes more of what is happening on the Inner Plane in the Creation as a whole and information about the Source Perspective and then turning this Picture into the cultural construct that they use to see Reality.  They have substituted one Cultural Filter for another which they have developed through learning about the Source Perspective of Reality and creating a Cultural Filter out of this information. Even with a culturally fabricated Source Perspective Filter they can be as incapable of Connecting as someone who has a different Cultural Filter.


Direct Perception is ultimately what cuts through this mental maze of cultural constructs and enables a being to perceive Reality as it is.  Only those who can perceive directly can be in the presence of the Source and experience the Heaven that the Intelligence of the Source creates around them.


To help people to develop Direct Perception, I do Heaven Agent Initiated Intensives for individuals and private groups such as couples and families, and Source-Initiated Intensives for Heaven Agents in the Seattle Source Connection Center.  As they experience being perceived by the Direct Perception of my Source Identity, they come into focus and begin to be capable of perceiving themselves directly and then perceiving the world directly.  


This experience is also possible at a less powerful level when I work with Heaven Agents by phone or Webinar.  


Being perceived Directly by the Source puts you back into your life because the Source sees who you really are and relates only to your true Identity and not to your Pseudo Identity.  Being perceived Directly and nurtured by the Source for who you really are initiates you into the Heaven the Source has created where you get to be who you really are and are encouraged to develop the  Direct Perception that enables you to see Source Truth and to regain your ability to relate to others from a place of Truth.


In a Source Reality being able to see that the Emperor has no clothes is a valued ability to see what "is" and not a distorted reality that is socially validated.


In summary, Direct Perception is the ability to see the Truth about life as the Source sees it.  It is the ultimate reclaiming of your Source-Given Intelligence.  When you regain this level of Intelligence, you can be yourself because your Suit is able to register who you are and to support you as you manifest in your life.  


A Suit that lacks Direct Perception can be well intentioned, having given up its desire to run the show and block the Soul from manifesting on the stage of the life, and it can still be unable to perceive the Soul and support the manifestation of the Soul.  


Your Suit can support only the Reality that it can perceive.  Training your Suit to regain Direct Perception is of primary importance.  It is the key to Ultimate Spiritual Healing. 



The Universal Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program 

In order to provide Heaven Agents with an opportunity to develop Direct Perception and Integrated Intelligence, my Source Function has created The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program.  This Program is universal in nature in the sense that I work with Heaven Agents throughout the Creation. 


Some Heaven Agents working with me in person on the Earth will attend The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program in person on the Outer Plane.   Many others on the Earth and all of the members of the Universal Community that do not reside on the Earth will attend The Program through the Soul Talk Communication Network. 


Most of the people on the Earth are not aware in their Conscious Range of the Inner Plane Soul Talk Communications even though their Inner Intelligence enables them to participate and contribute from deeper levels of their Spiritual Awareness. Most beings outside the Earth Plane are attending in their Conscious Range since they are very aware of the nature of the Spiritual Level of Reality and conversant in communicating in the Universal Language of Soul Talk.


Whenever I am working on bringing through the Ultimate Spiritual Healing of Life in the Creation, all beings who have qualified to enter into The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program can attend and participate in the work.  


For all Heaven Agents there is a Six Step Process for becoming eligible to enter into The Program.  For all participants there is a requirement that the exchange be balanced so the miracles can be delivered as needed for this Miracle-Based Program. 


In order to help Heaven Agents get their Suits on the Path to Perfection, I will outline a series of steps that need to be followed in order to gain entry into The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program and then to travel the Path to Perfection once you are admitted into The Program.




The Six Steps to Enter Your Suit into The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program 


There is a Six Step Process to Entering into The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program and beginning your Path to Perfection.  Click on the links below to get an indepth understanding of each of the Six Steps.  


Step One – Bringing the Source Solution  into Focus

Step Two – Agreeing to Follow the Lead of the Source

Step Three – Agreeing to Uphold The Standard of Heaven

Step Four – Agreeing to “Become What Is Needed”

Step Five – Entering The Rhythm of The Love Connection 

Step Six – Requesting Entry into The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program


The Path to Perfection 

Step One – What Your Suit Needs

Step Two – How to Provide Your Suit with What It Needs