How to Work with The Owner’s Manual for Your Suit



What I will offer in this Owner’s Manual for Your Suit is not intended to be an exhaustive coverage of every aspect of your Suit’s functioning. I will be sharing with you only those aspects of the Source Perspective on Suit functioning that are most pertinent for you to know to take your Next Steps on your Path to Perfection – the perfection of your Suit.  


The Owner’s Manual will cover the basics you need to know about Suits and then will go into the details of what your Suit needs and how to receive the Source Support that meets these needs.  


The Campfire Discussion Format

In the days of the first Prototype Community that was begun on the Earth long before recorded history and later relocated to another part of the Creation, I met with the members of the Community around the campfire to discuss with them what they needed to know about transitioning from a Story Life into a Source-Connected Life that is Miracle-Based.


These Campfire Discussions formed the backbone of our work together. They were times when I taught them the basics and they responded with their insights, questions, and the Source Guidance they were receiving on the Inner Plane. It was also a time when they consulted the consciousness of their Suit to find out what was happening at the unconscious levels of the Suit that were shaping the decisions that the Suit was making.


The information that I will share with you in The Owner’s Manual for Your Suit is given as I would have explained it to the members of the Prototype Community around the campfire. It flows from a Source-Created structure that has a rhythm and purpose of its own. Not every topic is covered in an complete manner in each section but is taken up again in other sections and information about important issues and historical events is given throughout the writing. The structure is designed to convey transformational energies as well as to impart information to your conscious mind.


Read it as if you were sitting with me around the campfire and connecting directly with the information that I am giving you and you will be able to attune to all of the different levels of the Source Communications. Some are designed to help your left brain grasp certain concepts and put together understandings that will enable you to take action. Other aspects of the Communication are designed to reach certain levels of the consciousness of your Suit that need to evolve. Other aspects are directed to helping “you” – the Soul – to bring through your Heaven Agent Identity so you can work with the Source to take care of your Suit and to enable it to become perfected.


Connecting to the Miracles Manifesting in this Source Creation

The flow of the words and the structure of the sentences is designed to carry the miracles of Source Communications and Transformational Energies that are encoded into the writing on many different levels. As you re-read the Manual you will find that different levels of the encoding will surface and offer you a deeper level of connection to the miracles that manifest throughout the Manual.


Below the level of the Source Communications and Transformational Energies is the miracle of the River of Source Love from which the miracle of all forms of Source Support come. If you respond with love to the Work of the Source expressed in this Manual, then you will be able to connect to the River of Source Love and receive the Source Love that will help you to travel your Path to Perfection.


As you attune to the Source Love, you will find yourself in the Presence of the Love of the Source for you individually – the love from which the Source brought you into the world in a Manifest Form and which has brought me back into this, my last incarnation, to give you a chance to express the Love that you were created to be.


Standing in the light of this very personal love for who you really are as an eternal Spiritual Intelligence is what effects the miracle of Ultimate Spiritual Healing at its deepest level. 


The information that I will share with you in The Owner’s Manual is information that will enable you to open the door to Ultimate Spiritual Healing – the miracle that only the Ultimate Spiritual Physician, the Source, can manifest in your life.


How to Read The Owner’s Manual

Work with the different sections of The Owner's Manual as you would with a book and you will succeed in providing yourself with the essential information and understandings that you will need to know how to perfect your Suit.  


Part One which is entitled: “Understanding the Basics” is meant to be read in the order the chapters are given to provide you with the background information needed for each subsequent chapter. The Transformational Energies build with the sequence so following the sequence rather than jumping from one chapter to another is important.


Part Two that is entitled: “What Your Suit Needs” is a compilation of standalone articles written about different miracles. They provide enough of the basic context so that those not reading the “Understanding the Basics” section of The Owner’s Manual can still understand a particular miracle. For this reason there will be some overlap in content as I touch on certain basic understandings that are needed to understand the particular kind of miracle and the role it plays in the Source Support System of The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program. Different kinds of information and different kinds of Transformational Energies are contained in each of these sections so read them with an eye for learning more at a deeper level of understanding.


Practical Tips for Keeping Track of Where You Are in The Owner’s Manual

Below is a Table of Contents for The Owner’s Manual. As you click on the links you will be taken to pages on the web site that are organized under these headings. To find your way back to The Table of Contents, just find the link on the blue Navigation Bar to your left for The Owner’s Manual. For large size pages, where you don’t see the Navigation Bar on the left, either use your Back Button to go back to a page with a Navigation Bar or click on the “Home” button at the bottom of the page which will take you to the Home Page which has the Navigation Bar.


Keeping Abreast of the Universal Changes

The content for this Owner’s Manual was completed on April 8, 2012. We are in a time of great transition when universal changes that alter the nature of reality and major breakthroughs in the Work of the Source are occurring frequently.


To keep abreast of these changes, the best way is to join in the work that I do in Webinars and Intensives online and in Seattle which you can track through Upcoming Events. Check in to see what is happening in Next Step Communications from the Source. There you will be able to track the latest work on The Heaven on Earth Prototype Project and keep abreast of the news through Next Step BlogsBroadcasts, and ArticlesHeaven Agent in Action Broadcasts, and Source Support Updates. You can also sign up for “Connecting” and receive emailed Source News Update.


Learn how to get Source Guidance for yourself on the Inner Plane and you can check in regularly to receive the Source News yourself and contribute your findings through Eyewitness Reports and/or through The Heaven Agent to Source Communication Center online.


Campfire Discussion Recordings

You may also wish to listen to recordings of Campfire Discussions with myself, Ben, the Assistant Director of The Miracle School, and other Heaven Agents about some of the topics that are discussed in this Manual. In these Discussions we are traveling in the footsteps of the Prototype Communities and discussing the issues that need to be understood in order to transition in modern times from the Story World into a Source-Connected Life that is Miracle-Based.



Taking Action

Work with The Owner’s Manual to understand what is needed. Then take the Next Step to perfect your Suit. There are two ways in which you can take action. 


You Can Seek Inner Source Guidance for your Next Step

You can read The Owner’s Manual for your Suit that gives you the Source Perspective on how your Suit functions and what you can do to help it to heal and function optimally. You can then ask for Source Guidance on the Inner Plane with regard to which kinds of Source Support are right for you. You can then request the kind of Source Support that you feel guided to request.


When I receive your request I will seek guidance from my Source Function about whether what you have requested is the right Next Step for you. If the information that you have received is from my Source Function and what you have chosen is what is best for you, then I will send you the help you requested. If not, I will email you with a recommendation for another approach, or, if the situation is too complex, I will recommend a Next Step Consultation.


You Can Request a Next Step Consultation to Receive Outer Plane Source Guidance

You can request a Next Step Consultation which will give you the Source Perspective on your Next Step toward Ultimate Spiritual Healing. Through a detailed Assessment of your current Suit Functioning and what the Source recommends as a Plan of Action for your ultimate healing, you are in a better position to proceed along your Path to Perfection.