Signing on to The Adventure of Living Heaven


What follows is your Agreement with the Source to embark on The Adventure of Living Heaven in your life.  When you fill out the form below to request a Source-Created Life Adventure, having carefully read and accepted the Agreement provided below, The Turning Point Miracle will activate and begin providing you with the Inner Plane Source Support that will enable you to begin The Adventure to Live Heaven in your everyday life.



The Live Heaven Agreement


By filling out the form below, I am signing on to The Adventure of Living Heaven in my life.  I understand that this means that:

  • I accept the Source as my Guide on this Adventure.  I understand that Direct Source Guidance will be given by Sherry Daniel and Indirect Source Guidance will be given to me on the Inner Plane.  
  • I agree to go the distance – to Live the Adventure that will transform my life into the Heaven that it was meant to be.  I understand that this means learning what is in the Source Plan for my Adventure and taking whatever Next Step is mine to take to maintain the momentum of the Adventure so that I will be in the right place at the right time for the Miracle of Heaven to manifest in my life.  
  • I understand that miracles require Material Energy to ground and that I will need to rise to the challenge of supplying the correct amount of Material Energy for the miracles that I will need on The Adventure. I agree to provide the Material Energy that is needed through either an Energy Exchange or a Financial Exchange.  I understand that if I do not provide this Material Energy, the Source will be unable to ground the miracles that enable me to Live Heaven in my life.
  • I am willing to contribute to the Prototype Project of Living Heaven by:
    • working daily to master the art and science of Living Heaven in every aspect of my life.  In so doing I understand that I am contributing to the Prototype for building a Life that Works that will help all other beings who are following in my footsteps.
    • working with other Heaven Agents to Prototype how to Live Heaven together in the Universal Community. In so doing I understand that I am contributing to building a World that Works.  I understand that my contribution needs to be whatever is in keeping with the Source Guidance that I receive concerning how to make a contribution.  It could be through exchanging insights and experiences about how to Live Heaven online through Eyewitness Reports, attending Webinars and Intensives, bringing through Heaven Economy Miracles that benefit the Community,  communicating directly with Sherry about my experiences and having her share my experiences with others, or any other kind of contribution that I am Source-Guided to make.  
    • communicating my understandings, questions, and experiences to Sherry through Eyewitness Reports or emails so that she can track my progress and provide additional individualized support on the Inner Plane and can create Secondary Code from my experiences for the benefit of others learning from my pioneering work.
    • responding in accordance with Source Guidance to The Source Call to Action that is given in Connecting Emails and online in Next Step Communications from the Source videos and written communications
    • reaching out to help others in the global community through contributing Material Energy to The World that Works Fund through Energy and/or Financial Exchanges so that others can benefit from the miracles that make Life Heaven
    • teaching others what I have learned in whatever way I am guided to do so, knowing that to build a Global Community that is Living Heaven it will take individual Heaven Agents sharing their experiences with others who have not yet understood the possibility of Living Heaven and mentoring them as they take their first steps toward leaving behind the scarcity and suffering and entering into a Heaven Way of Life.


I understand that when I sign on to The Adventure by filling out the form below, this will start a transformational process that will ignite a power center in the heart chakra through which power and Source Guidance is sent for The Adventure.  This ignition in the center of the heart completes the Signing On Process.  With this completion, The Turning Point Miracle is activated, the miracle of The Adventure is created, and I enter into The Path of Miracles that will enable me to Live Heaven.


I understand that while immediate Source Support is given through The Turning Point Miracle, it is only when I move through the Source-Directed Next Steps that are a part of my Life Adventure that I will be providing my Suit with the miracles and training that it will need to go the distance – to Live Heaven at the highest level.




After completing the form below, you can return to The Universal Miracle-Based Life Project Page by accessing the link provided below.





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