Email Template

What follows is a template that you can use to email your friends regarding The Universal Miracle-Based Life Project.  Be sure to only use this email with people who you know.  It is important to not send it to email lists that you purchase as this will constitute spamming.

The Template



(Enter a personal note from you suggesting that they read the message below from The Miracle School about a Miracle-Based Life.)







The Source has created a Way Out of the suffering in the world and a Way In to a Miracle Reality, a protected Spiritual Space, where you and others can enter into a Miracle-Based Life and join together to experience the Heaven of True Happiness – the Heaven that life was meant to be.


To help you learn how to transition into a Miracle-Based Life and to Live Heaven with others in The Universal Miracle-Based Community, the Source has initiated The Universal Miracle-Based Life Project.


To find out more about this Project and how it can help you to experience Heaven in your life, you can go to: 


If you have any questions about the Project and what it will take for you to make the transition into a Miracle-Based Life, you can contact me at:


I look forward to welcoming you into the Heaven that your life was meant to be.


Wishing you Heaven,


Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. 

Director of The Miracle School


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