How to Request Admission into

The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program


Requesting admission into The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program signifies your commitment to repairing and upgrading your Suit – spiritual body/mind – so that it can take you the distance into a Miracle-Based Way of Life.  It is like fixing your car so that you can take a long road trip.  Without certain essential Suit Repairs and Upgrades, it is not possible, in our current times, to live a Miracle-Based Life.  


Another way to think about it is that your Suit is the "miracle" that you need to be able to count on in order to work with all of the other miracles that enable you to enjoy a Miracle-Based Life.  To the extent that you take good care of the gift of this miracle, then it will perform well and you will be able to build steadily toward a fully manifested Miracle-Based Way of Life.


Since everyone's Suit has a unique history and needs different Repairs and Upgrades according to its unique Miracle-Based Abilities and Life Mission, I provide individualized Source Direction to help you to know what your Suit needs and how you can provide the Material Energy for what is needed.  This information is given in the Individualized Source Plan for your Ultimate Spiritual Healing that is created by the Source when you are granted admission into The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program.  


The two of us work with this Plan to determine your Next Step and how you can provide the Material Energy for the miracles that are needed for each Next Step.


It is important to keep up with the Source-Created Developmental Sequence for your Ultimate Spiritual Healing. This is something like the developmental sequence of the DNA that forms the body of a baby in the womb.  This process is a natural part of Life as Heaven and needs to be honored if you are to achieve the Total Abundance and Perfect Health that is possible in a Miracle-Based Life.



If you have prepared yourself to enter into The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program by completing:


then fill out the Request for Admission Form below.


I will contact you by email to let you know if your Suit is able to enter into The Place of Ultimate Spiritual Healing at this time.  If your Suit is not yet prepared for entry, I will provide you with instructions on how to complete your preparations.


I look forward to welcoming you into Source Care and assisting you in travelling your Path to Ultimate Spiritual Healing.



When you have completed this form, you can return to The Universal Miracle-Based Life Project page by accessing the link provided below.





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