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Restore Your Rest Cycle


An Action Plan from
The Personal Safety for Black People in America Project

September 18, 2016

One of the most common forms of severe Spiritual Damage that occurs as the result of trauma of any kind, is a disruption of the Rest Cycle in the Suit that enable it to regenerate itself on a Spiritual Level.  When the Rest Cycle is disrupted, deep Spiritual Fatigue sets in which will eventually express itself as physical fatigue and often as depression, hopelessness, and lethargy.


Black people who are descendants of slaves carry Negative Programming that doesn’t allow a natural Rest Cycle to be established in the Suit. Some refer to this as Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome.  


In Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, there is a heightened sense of anxiety, stress, and fatigue.  In Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome, the disruption can be more subtle.  The person could present as vital and vivacious and yet not have any functioning Rest Cycle for regeneration at a Spiritual Level.  The end result is a depletion of the vitality of the life at a Spiritual Level which leads often to the lack of the ability to to cope without some hard line of stress or duress featuring at some level of consciousness.  


Since the Rest Cycle is unique to every individual, the only Source Solution for this problem is The Rest Cycle Intervention which will instate the correct Rest Cycle in the Suit.


For most White people, the Rest Cycle is impaired but not often completely destroyed.  For most Black people, it is missing and they are running on physical vitality and will power that wears down over the years, leading to a quality of life that is far less than what they were Source-Created to enjoy.


Next Steps

I would recommend this Intervention for all people since most people suffer some interruption of their Rest Cycle.  Aging is one of the big disruptors that eventually terminates the ability of the body to regenerate by causing greater levels of disruption of the Rest Cycle as a person grows older.


To read more about The Rest Cycle Intervention, created at the request of a Heaven Agent on the August 12th Training, you can go to:






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