Personal At-A-Distance Source Support

Personal At-a-Distance Source Support provides me with the Material Energy to step in and fix things in your Suit and in your life that would otherwise go uncorrected.  Through Personal At-a-Distance Source Support, I have prevented the loss of life and severe damage to the Suits of many Heaven Agents.  


To request Personal At-a-Distance Source Support, you can provide whatever Material Energy you would like to make available to me through your Life that Works Fund.  I will use it to ground the miracle of Source Support for a combination of Inner Plane Coaching, Source Interventions, Miracle Tools, Programmed Events, or whatever you need to survive and get to the next level of your ability to contribute to System of Life Project Work.


Given the fact that this kind of Source Support can not, by definition, have a fixed Correct Exchange, I recommend that you seek Inner Source Guidance about how much you will need in this kind of individualized Source Care and then provide this through your Life that Works Fund.  


If you think of this as a form of Source Support that your Suit will need going forward, particularly as we get to more challenging levels of The Transition, then you can do what the Prototype Communities do, which is to track what you will need and make sure that you have put the required amount of Material Energy for it in your Life that Works Fund.  Since you will essentially be living in a modern day Prototype Community structure once you enter into the Inner Plane System of Life, this kind of individualized support is essential to your ability to retain your footing in this Spiritual Space.  No member of the Prototype Community slacks off on providing the amount of Material Energy that they need for their Personal Source Support since they know that this would endanger their ability to retain their place in the Spiritual Space of the Community.  You will be in that same situation once you enter into the Inner Plane System of Life.


Much of this energy will have to be provided by your good Heaven Agent Work through an Energy Exchange.  But some of it will also need to be provided through a Financial Exchange to ensure that all your bases are covered. This is why checking in for Inner Source Guidance is essential in determining what your Suit needs at any given point in time. You can also request a Source Recommendation regarding the right level of this kind of Source Support on a monthly basis. 


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