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The Source Solution Miracle in Focus 

Source Sound Interventions

The Source Sound Intervention Campaign

For links to information about Source Sound Interventions and The Source Sound Intervention Campaign you can reference The Resource Directory below.




The Source Sound Resource Directory


About Miracle-Based Source Solutions

The Source has created Source Solution Miracles that empower you, as a Source-Directed Activist, to alleviate suffering in your life and in the world and to manifest The Heaven that Life Was Meant to Be. 


These Source Solution Miracles enable you to act as both a Source-Directed Spiritual & Social Activist bringing about the healing and transformation that is needed on the Inner Plane, the Spiritual Level of Reality, as well as catalyzing the social change that is needed on the Outer Plane, the Physical Level of Reality.  


Through a combination of Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activism, you can work together with other Source-Directed Activists to build an abundant, Love-Based World in which all beings can have The Heaven Experience, the experience of quintessential happiness and fulfillment. 


For a full understanding of The Work of the Source to lay the foundation for The Heaven Experience, you can sign up for Connecting, your Point of Connection with The Work of the Source and with the Gifted Source-Directed Activist Training Materials and emailed Source News Updates that enable you to get started seeing the Vision and working alongside the Source to make it a reality.

The Source Sound Intervention in Focus 

Source Sound Interventions

The Source Sound Intervention Overview

The Directory of Source Sound Interventions

How to Request a Source Sound Intervention 

The Source Sound Intervention Campaign  


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The Source Solution Hub – The Directory for All Source Solution Miracles 




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 Source Sound Interventions


The Manifest World was created from Source Sound which provided the foundation for Life as Heaven.


When Manifest Beings departed from The Source Plan in the beginning of the Creation, they generated Hell Sound which was created by the discordant energies produced when they acted out of harmony with the Principles of Life as Heaven.  Hell Sound has crowded out Source Sound in many places and ruptured many of the most basic structures of Life in the Creation. Hell Sound mutates Suits, beginning with the smallest Suits in the Creation, which are the Suits of the Spiritual Particles from which all forms are constituted. Hell Sound creates a Miracle-Unfriendly Energy Medium that breaks down the Suits, causing them to degenerate into disease, aging, accidents, and mental aberrations that lead to war, abuse, sexual assault, and all of the other mutations that have created the Hell of suffering on so many levels.


The only path to the Ultimate Spiritual Healing that is needed for Suits to become sustainable in The Transition is a path that restores the foundation of Source Sound in the Suits so that Ultimate Spiritual Healing can occur.  Ultimate Spiritual Healing is part of the Total Abundance that every Suit needs in order to become capable of Stewarding the Miracle of its life and Stewarding the Miracle of Life itself in the Creation. Suits that are replete with Negative Energy that generates Hell Sound and who are living in mediums of Hell Sound will become unsustainable in the upcoming stages of The Transition.


Now that the Standard for Survival in each upcoming Transition is based on maintaining the correct Working Relationship with the Source, beings need to honor this Working Relationship by making sure that their Suits are provided with the amount of Source Sound needed to remain sustainable.


In order to provide beings with a method for restoring the foundation of Source Sound that they need to survive, the Design Aspect of the Source has created The Source Sound Intervention. This Intervention can be administered through both Inner Plane Sound and through Outer Plane Sound in the form of instrumental music with or without singing, drum beats, musical notes, singing, or toning, where sounds are made that are not intended to create music but are designed for their technical effect in conveying different levels of Source Sound.


At this point in the development of this Intervention, only Inner Plane Source Sound Interventions have been created.  In the future, it will be possible to link the Intervention to existing recorded music and other technologies will also be developed.


You can reference The Source Sound Intervention Directory for the Inner Plane Source Sound Interventions that are now currently available.



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The Source Sound Intervention Overview

The Source Sound Intervention was created to provide beings with the Source Sound that is needed:

  • for their Suits are to become sustainable during the upcoming stages of The Transition 
  • for them to experience Life as Heaven


This Source Solution Miracle is part of The Perfect Health Project and is a Perfect Health Source Intervention.   


It provides you with an opportunity to Become Love in Action supporting Source-Directed Spiritual Activism and Social Activism.

 The Source Sound Intervention Directory


Inner Plane Source Sound Interventions


The Awakening Spiritual Intelligence Intervention

This Source Sound Intervention conveys Source Sound on the Inner Plane to the Suit.  This Source Sound:

  • rebuilds the foundational structure of Source Sound which enables higher Spiritual Intelligence to manifest in the Suit. It accomplishes this by dispelling the Hell Sound that destroyed the Source Sound Foundational Structure.  
  • builds a new Foundational Structure through a new infusion of Source Sound.  
  • creates a Network of Spiritual Intelligence made from Source Sound 
  • ignites the Network so that Source Communications coming over the Network can be pickup on by the Third Eye.  In order for the Third Eye to pick up on these Communications, it will need to be reset and equipped with the Action Codes and Action Templates provided by two Source Connection Interventions. These are The Personal Working Relationship Intervention and The Path of Love Intervention. 


The level of Spiritual Intelligence that is awakened is central to the ability of the Suit to respond intelligently to the Inner Source Guidance that is being sent to enable it to do its part in the Working Relationship with the Source.  Without this level of Awakened Intelligence the Suit will be unable to pick up the cues that enable it to Steward the Miracle of its own life as well as the Miracle of Life in the Creation. Suits that are not in harmony with the correct Working Relationship with the Source to Steward Life will be unsustainable at this point in The Transition.


For information on how to request this Intervention, you can reference the Request section below.



How to Request a Source Sound Intervention 

What Is a Correct Exchange

For those who are new to working with the Source, the key concept in connecting to a Source-Created Miracle is providing the Material Energy that is required to bring the miracle to the level of Spiritual Materiality where it is needed.  


No Material Energy is needed to create the miracle which is freely given by the Source.  The Material Energy is needed to ground the miracle so that it can come into your life or into the life of a loved one.


The amount of Material Energy needed to ground a miracle varies according to the type of miracle that is to be grounded.  The Design Aspect of the Source, who creates the miracles, determines the amount of Material Energy that will be needed for any particular miracle to be delivered to the being for whom it is intended.


Beings were created to generate the Material Energy that is needed to ground all of the miracles that they need from the Source.  Because beings have forgotten how to generate this Material Energy and have sustained Suit Damage that impairs their ability to produce Material Energy, the Source has created a miracle that enables them to provide Material Energy through a Financial Exchange.  The Financial Exchange carries the Material Energy from the work that was done to earn the funds for the exchange. While a Financial Exchange provides only a low level of Material Energy, it is a blessing to those who have not yet learned how to generate the Material Energy for an Energy Exchange.


A financial equivalent of the amount of Material Energy that is needed is provided here for those who lack the skill to generate the right amount of Material Energy for an Energy Exchange.




Giving the gift of a Source Sound Intervention to yourself and others is how you help to manifest The Miracle of Total Abundance on the Earth. 



How to Make the Request


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy that is required to ground the miracle of a Source Sound Intervention varies according to the purpose of the Intervention.  

There are two ways to access information about the Correct Exchange.

  • You can reference Interventions for which a Correct Exchange has been determined in the list of Interventions below.  For a description of these Interventions, you can go to The Source Sound Intervention Directory above.
  • For information on possible Source Sound Interventions that are not listed in The Source Sound Intervention Directory, you can request a Gifted Source Sound Assessment. Source Sound Interventions can be created for every aspect of life.  They are essential for Ultimate Spiritual Healing which leads to Perfect Health.



Directory Interventions

The Awakening Intelligence Source Sound Intervention

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of this Intervention is US $1600.


How to Request a Source Sound Intervention for Yourself or Someone You Know

If you would like a Source Sound Intervention for yourself or someone you know and you have received a gifted Assessment and know the Correct Exchange, then you can access the link provided below to your Life that Works Fund.  You can enter into the Fund the amount of the Intervention.


If you would like a Source Sound Intervention but need an interest free Payment Plan, you can contact me with information on the amount per month that you can provide, and I can check with The World that Works Fund to see if there is enough Material Energy in the Fund for me to deliver a Source Sound Intervention to you now and enable you to reimburse the Fund by your payments over time.  (The World that Works Fund contains stored Material Energy donated by Source-Directed Activists. As you reimburse the fund, you free up funds to help other Source-Directed Activists.)


If you would like to gift a Source Sound Intervention to someone you know, you can enter their name, age, and relationship to you in the Comments Box when you process your Financial Exchange.


There is no need to talk to the person to whom you are gifting this form of Source Support. If the Suit of the person accepts the gift in an Inner Plane discussion with the Source, then the gift can be given. It can not be given if the Suit does not accept it.  

If you provide a Correct Exchange for someone who refuses this gift of Source Support, then I will contact you and you can either re-direct it to someone else who will accept it or your Financial Exchange will be refunded to you.

Links to Complete the Financial Exchange

For requests for Source Sound Interventions for which you have requested a Gifted Assessment, you can enter your Financial Exchange in your Life that Works Fund by accessing the link provided below.


Contribute to Your Life that Works Fund

I would like to contribute $.00 to my Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a Life that Works.




If you are exchanging for an Intervention in The Source Sound Intervention Directory for which there is a specified Correct Exchange, you can access the link for that Intervention below.



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The Source Sound Intervention Campaign


Contribute to
The Source Sound Intervention Campaign

The Source Sound Intervention Campaign was created to enable you to ground the miracle of The Source Sound Intervention to rehabilitate those most in need of Source Sound. These are beings – humans, animals, plants, and other forms of life –  that are being subjected to Hell Sound generated by cruelty, exploitation, and deprivation. These beings are not only being deprived of what is most basic to life but surrounded by Hell Sound that is breaking down their Suits and leading to Spiritual Fragmentation as well as to serious diseases of the mind, body, and spirit.  


Examples are abused children, sex slaves, war victims, those being tortured in prison, those suffering from extreme deprivation, and those being economically exploited and socially oppressed. Animals being hunted and poached, tortured in labs, suffering from environmental disasters, or subjected to human cruelty are also in need of Source Sound Interventions. The disruption in nature created by clear cutting, pollution, forest fires, and natural disasters affects all aspects of the delicate network of life that connects all life forms on the planet. Source Sound heals the devastation caused by the eruption of Hell Sound which triggers tragic events that result in the Hell of suffering.


Only Source Sound can restore life that has been mutated by Hell Sound.  


Every being must honor the correct Working Relationship with the Source by generating the Material Energy needed for the healing that can only be accomplished by Source Sound.  It is the responsibility of all beings to contribute to the well-being of other beings as well as to the well-being of themselves and their loved ones.


While providing Material Energy through an Energy Exchange is important, a Financial Exchange also provides the funds that are needed to mobilize people in The Global Community to work together to provide the Material Energy for Source Sound Interventions.


To learn how you can contribute through a Financial Exchange, you can reference the information provided below.



How to Contribute

To contribute to The World that Works Fund, you can enter the amount of your contribution in the form provided below. If the amount you wish to contribute is greater than US $4500, you can contact me for instructions on how to proceed. 



Contribute to The World that Works Fund

I would like to contribute $.00 to The Source Sound Intervention Campaign for The Total Abundance Movement.




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