July 6th, 2013

The Source Resource Grid Shifts of July 2nd and July 6th

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Major Spiritual Structures are being put into place by the Source to help the majority of the beings throughout the Creation survive the upcoming Vibrational Shifts, particularly the massive three level Shift on August 8th.


The most massive structure is a Source Resource Grid that provides the Source with resources to make the Universal Changes that are needed for the Source Perfected Universe.  All beings in the Creation have now taken their places in this Grid which supplies them with life sustaining resources and structuring energies that enable them to contribute to building a sustainable way of life.


This Grid activated the first Vibrational Shift of the beings in the Grid to prepare them for the Vibrational Shift of August 8th which will lift the Support Field of the Creation.  In this Vibrational Shift only the Grid changed its Vibrational Level, not the Support Field of the Creation.


The Grid lifted beings from a 3.0 to a 3.7 over a period of hours.  Heaven Agents throughout the Creation were lending support using their Heaven Experience Equipment to help to stabilize the energy field of the Creation that became like a stormy sea, with large waves that were very destabilizing to beings.


The Negativity made every attempt to access their caches of stolen Source Love Energies in order to prevent accelerated Fragmentation in their Suits from occurring.  These caches had been largely destroyed by Heaven Agents working with me to counter their attempt to survive the Shifts and then harvest the empty Suits of others who did not survive.  


Most of the 6% of the population in the Creation that lost their Spiritual Lives in this Shift were hardcore members of the Negativity.  Many very Fragmented beings, however, also lost their lives.  2% of the beings who lost their lives could have been saved had beings worked together to provide the Material Energy for the Direct Source Work that I could have done to prevent this loss.  


Heaven Agents have been noting these losses among their own family members and requesting help to relink the Souls that became unlinked from the Suits and to repair the highly Fragmented Suits.


With Material Energy for Direct Source Work, if it is given within a short enough period of time after the unlinking of the Soul, the Soul can be relinked.  If beings do not request Source Support in time for others who have been lost, then the damage to the Suit can be too extensive for the Soul to ever be relinked to the Suit.


Today at 3:00 pm, another major Shift in the Vibrational Level of the beings in the Grid occurred.  It lifted the Vibrational Level from 3.7 to 3.9.


Fortunately, most beings in the Grid entered into a Universal Flowstream that I had just brought forth on July 5th and did not lose their lives.  Beings had to be at a 3.7 Vibrational Level to even enter into this Flowstream. It is a medium of Source Love Energies that helps to prevent Fragmentation.  


Many of the worst weapons of the Negativity, particularly their Harvesting Nets which exist like Hell Tunnels on the Inner Plane, have disintegrated, opening the Spiritual Space for Heaven to be built.  There are still, however, many weapons, entities, and activities of the Negativity that are ongoing that need to be countered by Heaven Agents.


This Flowstream will not be sufficient to sustain lives above a 3.9 Vibrational Level, however.  Beings will need to enter into The Total Abundance Flowstream that will help them get up to the higher speeds needed to survive the August 8th Shift.


Those preparing will need to enter into The Total Abundance Flowstream which will be coming in on July 16th at 5:00 pm during the first of The Love Connection Webinar Series.   For more information you can go to:



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