March 22nd, 2013

The Source Perfected World

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Instead of waiting until the current universe evolves to a perfected state, my Source Function has created a Source Perfected World on the Outer Plane that is two million times bigger than the Creation previously was. The former Creation is like the size of a pea compared to the new Source Perfected World. Together the Original Creation and the Source Perfected World constitute the now greatly expanded Creation.


The Source Perfected World exists as a Source Love Medium at present.  Some members of the Prototype Communities and The Other World have qualified to enter into it. At first they experience only the complete bliss of Communion with the Source.  As they have worked with this they have generated enough Material Energy to provide me with what I need to do the Direct Source Work that has built the infrastructure for the parts of this World that they will inhabit.  They are now joining in and using their Miracle-Based Abilities to build a second level to the Heaven Structure that I have built.  They are ecstatic about their lives here and the beauty and perfection of everything that is being built.  


These pioneers have left their Communities to build a life here in this totally perfected world so that others in their Communities can follow.


To enter into this World you have to be completely free of any Self-Centeredness and be completely Source-Centered and in a high level of Communion with the Source.  Once in the Source Love Medium of this World, you can evolve to a state of Perfect Communion and to The Ultimate Heaven Experience.


People outside of this World can enter into this World in their Inner Plane Suits – their Spiritual Energy Bodies and Physical Energy Bodies – while retaining their Physical Bodies on the Earth or wherever they currently reside.  The Heaven they build in the Source Perfected World will then manifest in the world they live in currently.  But because perfection is too difficult to manifest fully in the multi-layered mutations of the Original Creation, life will eventually be sustained only in the Source Perfected World.  All beings will have to prepare themselves to transition into the Source Perfected World if they are to retain their lives.


The Universal Vibrational Shifts in the Original Creation are helping beings to become more Integrated so they can prepare for this transition.  They will have to achieve a near-perfect level of Spiritual Integration in order to enter into the Source Perfected World.  In the Source Love Medium of The Source Perfected World, they will have the opportunity to achieve the state of Perfect Integration through Perfect Communion. 

The Next Step

It is important to begin preparing to Transition into the Source Perfected World which will be, in the time ahead, the only material environment that the Source will sustain.


You begin this process by working to achieve Ultimate Spiritual Healing so your Suit is healed enough to give up its Self-Centered Way of Life and achieve the levels of  Source-Centeredness that enable it to enter into The Source Perfected World.


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