July 6th, 2013

The Implications of Current Preparation Statistics

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Humans haven’t improved in their preparations for the Vibrational Shifts since June 27th when I recorded the most recent Next Step Communications from the Source video on the Vibrational Shifts.  At that time:


3% were prepared


1% was trying but needed additional support


17% were aware of danger but were not bringing the picture into focus


79% were continuing on in a Fragmented Way of Life without concern for the warnings of the Source


Outside of the Earth Plane, particularly after the most recent rise in Vibrational Level in the Source Resource Grid which now houses all beings in the Creation, beings are making much better progress in their preparations.  This is partly because they live in less material level of the Creation where what is happening on the Spiritual Level of Reality is in their picture at all times along with what is happening in the Physical Level of Reality.  When 6% of the population died during the recent Grid Shift of July 2nd, they were alarmed. They were also rocked by the choppy waters of this Shift that churned up the Energy Medium in which they live.  Many Heaven Agents were reporting in high levels of fear and requests for Source Support to deal with the aftermath of this Shift.


Meanwhile, humans were still largely unaware of what was happening even though of the 6% loss in lives that occurred, 21% occurred on the Earth – a very disproportionately high loss for one small location in the Creation.  This is due to the very materialized Suits of beings in the Earth Plane which are rigid and fragment more readily in Vibrational Shifts and also the tendency of humans to screen out what is happening on the Inner Plane.  


Human Spiritual Cultural Stories tend to control the population through demanding that individuals not attune to what is really happening on the Spiritual Level of Reality but instead only relate to those aspects of the Inner Plane that are considered culturally acceptable to notice.  Generally the spiritual leadership is given the privilege of inquiring deeper but they often don’t share their information with the public and have limits set on their inquiry.  Anything that doesn’t challenge the Cultural Story is generally allowed.  Anything outside of that Story is censored.


Rather than watching the equivalent of the Evening News of what is happening on the Inner Plane, most humans relegate tracking the Inner Plane to their chosen spiritual leaders and continue on without much awareness of what is happening.  Even in Third World countries that often allow a wider range of Inner Plane phenomenon to be noted in daily life, there is no real tracking of what is happening on the Inner Plane.  


In this case, ignorance is not bliss since what is happening on the Inner Plane is putting every life at risk.


Those living outside of the Earth Plane in less material environments do share news about what is happening on the Inner Plane and do talk openly about the news amongst themselves, seeking solutions to problems that they see arising on the Inner Plane that they know will impact them on the Outer Plane.


The statistics for those preparing outside the Earth Plane are:


80% are now prepared for the Shifts - up from 49% on June 27th


1% are trying and needing more Source Support – down from 12% because their efforts have succeeded in getting them adquately prepared


18.5% are scared but ineffectual in their preparations.  This is down from 38% who were aware of danger but not bringing it into focus as of June 27th.  Now all of this group has the picture into focus but many are reacting with fear rather than with understanding of what to do to achieve the levels of Spiritual Integration needed to survive the Shifts.


.5% are still working the angles to try to Harvest the empty Suits and survive to perpetuate a Fragmented Way of Life at the expense of all of life.  These Hell Agents have stored energy in their own Suits and in caches that have yet to be confiscated by the Heaven Agents working to deter this War against Life that these Hell Agents are waging.


What lack of preparation for the Shifts means for beings on the Earth, is that Spiritual Death Energies on the Earth could rise to astronomical proportions, fragmenting those who survive the Shifts.


While discerning Heaven Agents have noted the loss of at-risk family members and are working with me to provide the Material Energy that is needed to relink the Souls and rehabilitate the Fragmented Suits, many humans have not noted what is happening.  They are so used to seeing the Story Character as the person, that they have not noticed the absence of the Soul.  They are, therefore, doing nothing to provide the Material Energy for the Direct Source Work that could rehabilitate the Suit.  Neither are they providing any Material Energy for the protection of the empty Suit so it won’t be countermanned by the Negativity.


The Earth as a being is appalled at the apathy of humans and is calling a Summit of all Earth Beings of all species on July 27th to generate the Material Energy for the awakening of the human species so that this species will not destroy life on the planet for all species and also put her life at risk.  In heavy levels of Spiritual Death Energy, she could also lose her Spiritual Life. This Summit will occur at 8:00 am PDT on the Inner Plane.  I will assist her in her appeal to all of life to prevent any further loss of life on this plane of existence.

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