March 30th, 2013

Large Scale Acceptance of the Three Gifted Source Interventions

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Did you know that almost 100% of the human population has accepted the three Gifted Source Interventions that I describe in the article: The Source Plan for Preparing for the Upcoming Vibrational Shifts?  In most cases this acceptance has been from semi-conscious levels of their consciousness. 


The three Gifted Source Interventions are:


  • The Integrated Way of Life Intervention that lifts someone out of the pathway of the Fragmented Way of Life into the Spiritual Pathway of an Integrated Way of Life.  
  • The Communion Intervention which puts them in the Traceways of Communion that enable them to begin learning how to Commune with the Source.
  • The Living the Love Intervention which enables them begin Celebrating Life which enables them to enter The Dance of Life, and become a part of Life as Heaven that the Source is sustaining.


As a result of accepting these Intervention, they are beginning to prepare themselves for the Vibrational Shifts by taking the first steps toward Building an Integrated Way of Life.

The Next Step

Even if you are one of the ones who has accepted the Gifted Source Interventions in your Extended Range, you will benefit more from these Interventions if you read about them and understand how to work with them in your Conscious Range.  


I also give more power to the Interventions as they work in your life if you request them online and this exchange of energy enables me to send additional support. An online request signals me that you are working in your Conscious Range with these Interventions. I then provide you with more support for this aspect of your work with the Interventions.


To read about them and request them online you can go to:


The Source Plan for Preparing for the Upcoming Vibrational Shifts


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